Briana DeJesus attacks Kail and Javi after their podcast together in tweet ‘n’ delete marathon

Kail Lowry Briana DeJesus Javi Marroquin Twitter feud

When Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus officially started dating her co-star Kaily Lowry’s ex Javi Marroquin back in October, I assumed there would be ALL SORTS of fireworks — whether it was for real, or just for the MTV cameras. But, the #Javiana experiment came and went with very little drama or trash talking…until now!

Javi just appeared with Kail on her “Coffee Convos” podcast, and the two amicably chatted it up about numerous topics — including Briana. Well, Briana caught wind that the two were talking about her and she LIT UP her Twitter account with one of her infamous tweet-and-delete tirades calling out both Kail and Javi!

Thankfully, we managed to preserve most all of the tweets for posterity. But before we get to all the screen cap receipts, I will start with some bullet point highlights:

• Briana suggests she confronted Kail at the last Teen Mom 2 Reunion and Kail went crying to her dressing room. Briana also suggests she will do it again at the next Reunion.

• Briana accuses either Kail or Javi (or both) of using their kids as pawns.

• Javi apparently sent Briana messages saying he wanted to marry her.

• Javi reacted on Twitter by pleading with Briana: “come on, you’re better than this. I know a different bri so i’ll never turn my back on you like I promised. you don’t do fake sh** but you’re on here…you have my number, we’ve always talked about everything”

• Briana did not seem open to “talk about everything” at this point. “Dont send me emails and voicemails saying sorry cause I don’t care for that f**k sh*t” she tweeted.

• Jenelle Eason chimed in on Briana’s side, tweeting at her: “I’ll be right behind u. 🙌🏻 #BestBelieve”

And here we go…..

Briana DeJesus Kail and Javi deleted tweets
Briana DeJesus Kail Lowry and Javi Marroquin deleted tweets part 2
Teen Mom 2 Briana DeJesus Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin deleted tweets part 3
Kail Lowry Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus tweets

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  • Lol

    These people are supposed to be adults yet they’re acting like immature idiots and lol @ Duhnelle putting her 2 cents in. I wish all of them would go away.

  • How did I know this was going to happen? Just a big dramatic triangle for publicity.

  • Vee356

    Why is Briana saying Kail can’t be single? Briana is the one that had a new baby and boyfriend like 3 months later so maybe It’s her that needs to be single. Javi needs to quit playing captain save a hoe

    • cali

      Kail can’t be single too though. They’re both the same. Kailyn irks me more though.

      • YourMom

        Agreed!! Kail is a total B! I don’t care for Brianan, but I can tolerate her a little more.

  • ann

    You can’t spell ghetto without Briana!

  • Delaine

    I hope he wrapped it otherwise he’s a few months away from being her third baby daddy.

  • cookie

    Their poor children

  • NoDramaLlama

    Bri, her mom and sister can’t even keep men around because all they do is bash them. Bri gets knocked up by POS men and then wonders why things don’t work out. Kail may be a lot of things but at least she can stand on her own two feet. She may have extra hands around to help with her kids but let’s face it – she’s far better off than that Hocus Pocus bunch. And Jenelle has your back? Girl can’t even put her wedding veil on the right way but ok!

    • cali

      But then again Kailyn has been on teen mom much longer and therefore has been able to stack her coins for a while now. If it weren’t for teen mom Kailyn wouldn’t have squat either.

      • AwkwardGawker

        Bri is ghetto trash and will never amount to a hill of beans.

        • cali

          No denying that but Kail is no better

    • bree7702

      I don’t know how happy I’d be to have Jenelle of all people backing me up.

    • Renee L

      I agree. Kail at least got a degree and has future plans for that degree. Bri is a professional couch sitting, leg spreading, social media posting, man hater.

  • Guest

    She’s trash, but I like that she doesn’t take sh*t from any man.

    • Renee L

      No she just takes their d!ck, then sits complaining that they treat her bad.

  • plez

    I’m confused did they say something negative about Briana on the podcast?

  • Caty P. :)

    Somewhat OT but Kail’s sleeve tattoo in the top picture… I just can’t with her many full tats, they just don’t work on her :/

  • bree7702

    So Kail isn’t allowed to discuss Javi and Briana’s issues but Briana WAS allowed to post a private text message exchange between Javi and Kail?

  • FYO


  • Mama lee lee

    What is Kailyn really mad about? That the guy she cheated with didn’t actually want more than 2 minutes with her or that the guy she cheated on moved on ?