90 DAY FIANCE Cassia Tavares on divorcing Jason Hitch: ‘He has destroyed everything I felt for him’

90 Day Fiance Cassia Tavares 2017

As we reported earlier this month, 90 Day Fiance Season 2 couple Jason Hitch and Cassia Tavares are officially headed for divorce. We spoke with Jason about the split earlier this month, and since then we have spoken with Cassia — who provided us with a lengthy statement addressing Jason’s comments, why their relationship ended, and what’s next for her.

From Cassia:

I don’t really like to expose my personal life more than it was already exposed, but I need to clarify some things. For the time I was with Jason he was a good man sometimes, but I found him to be violent with his words, a controller and (as many of you know) an abuser. I never got an apology for his arrest, until today he blames me for calling the police and he does not take responsibility for his violent act (which was not the first). I dropped the charges because I felt sorry for him and it was hurtful to see him being arrested, I didn’t want him in jail, but I didn’t know that in Florida they need to arrest people committing DV. Plus, I depended on him for everything.

I thought he would change his behavior after the arrest but he wanted to exploit it. He even made jokes online about his mugshot. And this is very hurtful, and domestic violence is not a joke. I cannot see him with other eyes. You need to understand that even if with all my heart I wanted to give him a chance, I couldn’t. I can’t. Because all I see now is a mean man. He has destroyed everything I felt for him. I wish I could give you more details on it, there are so many other factors that lead me to want a divorce, but I rather not badmouth him as he has done to me every chance he gets.

I know who I am and if you follow me, you have an idea of what kind of person I am. He is playing the victim saying he was this wonderful husband who took me to travel with me, but he won’t show you the bad side of his apple. All the sexist jokes I had to hear. All the disrespect and disdain he has for women. All the rules I had to follow just to speak to him. I couldn’t have any opinion. He even fought with me inside the car one day because I was not cutting an orange the way he wanted me to. It was hell. I left everything I knew to be here with this man and I have built my life here, so if you criticize my choice of staying here, you don’t really know much about life and you have not suffered enough to judge me.

90 Dya Fiance Cassia Tavares and her mom

My close friends know every detail about my life and one day my best friend said “I don’t know how you can keep your head high after all the bulls*** you went through.” I just keep living one day at a time. Right now, I am focused on getting my degree and moving on. I write a lot, so I hope I get the chance to work with that. I’d also like to make music. I am a senior at USF and I am very happy with everything they offer here. As for Jason, I am not sure what to say. “I wish him the best?” I don’t know. I wish him what is fair. Let the Universe decide what is fair. I just want to move on and not be associated with him anymore.

Cassia recently returned from a trip home to Brazil, and she is currently back in Florida where she will soon graduate with her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of South Florida. This is obviously a crazy time for her, and I wanted to thank her for taking the time to put together a statement for us. She is clearly ready to move on and put her relationship with Jason (and her connection to the show) behind her — and we wish her the best.

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  • CoD

    Bullshit. It was obvious throughout their season that all she was in for was that green card.
    If it wasn’t, she’d be heading back to Brazil.
    ICE needs to start cracking down on K1 fraud, and that includes at least 90% of the 90DF foreigners.

    • Guest

      Honestly, I think if she was in it for the green card she would have left sooner. She had been with Jason for several years now and it’s not like he was Mr. Moneybags that she’d need him for money.

      I think she was probably just young and naive thinking there was this man who could take her from Brazil to America. It was clear on the show she wasn’t impressed with his lifestyle, but if she didn’t have any feelings at all for him it wouldn’t have lasted this long.

    • MIndy O

      There are people in countries where opportunities for a decent life are sparse and also they haven’t met life partners. There is nothing wrong with trying to meet a partner who you care about and trust and moving to a new country where life will be better. I don’t see Cassia as one of those who should be accused of fraud. I think she was hopeful and gave marriage a try, but her partner was abusive. I think perhaps Mohamed and Louis (different seasons) are here for the wrong reasons and Mohamed got away with it because Danielle misrepresented herself.

      • motherall

        I agree and for her to come here from Brazil and do so well in college is a real coup. I admire and respect her and will welcome her as a citizen when she has time for that. We need more like her.

  • MrBeano

    All the rules I had to follow just to speak to him – what does that mean?

  • barbinop

    Until you’ve been in her shoes people don’t judge. He drug her down.

  • tina

    way to go Cassia some of us know the hell you went thru. This pig goes on fb groups accuse women of harassing him for sexual favors thru messaging and when you ask for proof he blocks you he is scum. He treated her like crap and did way more then others know. He lies about everything

    • Caramel_CarlaBelle

      He doesn’t play with a full deck. She looked miserable the entire time she was with him. I’m surprised they got married. They have absolutely no chemistry. Plus, he’s a famewhore…trying to get on Dr. Phil, only to have TLC intervene and cancel that check which is why Melanie and Devar ended up in their place. Not to mention his cheesy YouTube 90 fiancé recaps.

      Cheers to Cassia for having the strength and sense to leave. Let’s hope Nikki follows suit and ditches Mark 🙄

  • boomdeyay

    He seems like a ad man. Manipulative, sneaky and allergic to hard work.

  • MIndy O

    I’m impressed that she is so far along in college. I think she gave her marriage a good try, but she doesn’t need to stay in an abusive relationship. I don’t judge her for wanting to stay here and she’ll be able to work and be a contributing member of the country so good luck to her. Maybe she will learn how to choose better men, but many women, 90 day fiances or just regular Americans have picked awful men.

  • sysmjp

    Her mom looks amazing in the photo