BEFORE THE 90 DAYS Paul throws Karine a unicorn themed birthday party in Brazil

Paul Karine birthday party

Before the 90 Days couple Paul Staehle and Karine Martins have had some issues in their relationship, but they are still together — both romantically and physically. Paul has been in Brazil since September, and he is currently with Karine in her hometown of Manaus where he threw his bride-to-be a unicorn-themed birthday bash to celebrate her 22nd birthday this week.

Karine shared photos of her birthday unicarnival on Instagram, including one in which Paul appears to be wearing a unicorn onesie:

Before the 90 Days Paul and Karine birthday party unicorn onesie

“Thank you for always being with me,” Karine captioned the photo (in Portuguese). “I love you,” she added, along with the heart-eyed emoji. In another photo, Karine can be seen in a colorful princess dress complete with unicorn slippers as she cuts a slice from her unicorn birthday cake:

Paul Staehle and Karine birthday party in Brazil

The room is filled with colorful balloons and unicorn decorations as well as “Feliz Aniversario Karine” spelled out on the wall.

Paul took to Facebook where he shared the message “Happy Birthday Karine” along with a birthday cake emoji.

As mentioned above, Paul has been in Brazil for four months, and it is unclear when (or if?) he plans to return to the US. TLC crews were confirmed to be filming the couple late last year, so it is assumed that viewers will be able to catch up soon as part of a second season of Before the 90 Days or else a new spin-off.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARINE! I’d like to dedicate a song to the birthday gal because it was the music I heard while looking at the pictures from her unicarnival:

* All those unicorns and not a single “horny” joke from me! I’m so proud!

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  • melinehclassy

    Wonder if he put a wad of his hair in her cake?

    • barbinop


  • BabiBlue84

    Ahh, that’s why she’s alone In the one cake photo, he’s not allowed to be around fire as a condition of his probation!! Lmao

  • Alisson Leech

    Karine is so cute!

  • Henry

    WTF this is almost as weird as her having all those stuffed animals at the hotel. Paul is on weird guy…..

    • Shawna

      Weird she’s a grown woman with a child themed party

  • Thelma

    Super creepy that this guy with a history of dating minors is infantilizing his current way younger girlfriend. Grosssssss.

    • pmo

      thought the exact same thing.

  • Jenny Flo

    What’s Karine’s Instagram?

  • PrincessKK

    Unicorns are really popular right now with younger people, so I totally see nothing wrong with it. It’s pretty sweet.

  • barbinop

    How old is she? 10? That’s a theme for a young girls birthday party not a young lady her age. Odd.

  • boomdeyay

    He infantilizes her to a Woody Allenesque level.

    • Shaina Destine

      I was thinking this and how creepy it is.

  • asgaard

    Careful lighting them candles. He’s a firebug.