What Gary and Kristina said that upset Amber Portwood so much, plus Kristina responds on Twitter

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Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood lashed out at her ex Gary Shirley and his wife Kristina on Twitter yesterday after getting a preview of last night’s episode of the show. We posted about the blow up, including Gary’s response, but at the time we still didn’t know exactly what it was that Gary and Kristina said that got Amber so irate. Now we do! Plus, Kristina took to Twitter to defend herself against Amber’s accusations and clarify the custody situation with her child from a previous marriage.

First up, we will provide a full transcript of the scene that (I assume) is what set Amber off. Since MTV teased the new episode with a preview clip of Amber taking a pregnancy test while on vacation with her new boyfriend Andrew in Hawaii, I assumed that the clip would be Gary and Kristina’s reaction to the pregnancy news. But, the scene is prior to Gary and Kristina finding out about the pregnancy, and is more about Amber entering a new relationship so quickly after breaking things off with Matt Baier.

The scene begins with Gary reading an online article about Andrew Glennon’s “shady past” on his phone. The article mentions that Andrew struggled with alcohol and depression that “nearly cost cost him his life.”

KRISTINA: Do you think that’s still an issue?

GARY: I don’t know. There’s more. There is a little more. There was a restraining order against him…that’s what it says. I don’t know what skeletons he has in his closet, but honestly, she should have waited. She should have taken more time with Leah and focused on her responsibility as being a mother than jumping into a relationship. Well, she was, like, “I was mourning.” I know that you’re sad after breaking up with someone — I get it.

KRISTINA: But your daughter can bring you just as much happiness.

GARY: Yeah…I’m sorry, but yeah. From day one I’ve been a parent! From day one my issues never came in and stopped me from being a dad, you know? I don’t have the option to not be a parent, but you can go off and do what you want to do. I mean, that would be f**king awesome! You know? And you’re OK with it because you’re used to it. But you know, there’s one person that’s not OK with it, and that’s Leah.

KRISTINA: It’s just like she told me, you know? “Matt was in the picture. Mommy broke up with Matt. Mommy don’t come around then because she’s too depressed.” But then, all of a sudden, she brings over Andrew and she says: “Well Kristina, if she was too depressed to see me, she wasn’t too depressed to find a new man?” And, you know, what do I say to that?

GARY: I was with her at one point and time and all she frickin’ did was sleep. She didn’t get up and do nothing. She’d wake up and Leah would still be in her crib, crying in a messy diaper and stuff, and no one’s taking care of her. I don’t know. It’s just — I just want my baby to be OK, to be happy, and to not have to worry.

KRISTINA: Let’s adopt Leah.

GARY: I’m with you.

As we reported yesterday, Amber not only went after Gary on Twitter, she also had some really bad things to say about Kristina — which Kristina has since responded to herself. Here are those tweets, including an intervention from Farrah Abraham’s dad Michael Abraham:

AMBER: Make sure to watch Gary and Kristina tonight talking sh!t about me! It must be hard making money off of me! Being such a bad mom and all. Where would they be? Wait..in a 1 bedroom shack in the ghetto of Anderson where he was before I got out and the show came back on!! Ignorant!

AMBER: You have no f**king clue what your talking about in any way!! [Kristina] broke up her family for money and tv! Her husband got a restraining order on her cheating @ss with multiple people and then cheated with Gary! What about her daughter? Straight out of Gary’s mouth!!

KRISTINA: Restraining order to keep my child from filming. I am an active mother to my children so quit hating. I’ve never stepped on your toes as a mother nor will I ever. I care for Leah when she is in our care. Love don’t hate ❤️

MICHAEL ABRAHAM: Kristina stay strong. DO NOT LET ANYONE BULLY you. You’r the real proven mother figure here. Gary has always been the rock solid father protecting his children with you in full support and I’m thankful to God for both of you – the world knows the truth and that’s pure FACT.

TWEETER: Kristina stay strong? Kristina go look for your own kid ! Yeah the one YOU ABANDONE for your boyfriend let’s try and give that advise instead

KRISTINA: I share custody of my oldest with her father, thank you for being so concerned! Know your facts!

TWEETER: Kristina didn’t abandon her kid… she has 50/50 of her child… but she is NOT allowed to be filmed.

TWEETER: Thats an outright lie gary claims to make them look better. Court docs are public. She has every other weekend only if mtv isn’t around. She isn’t just not allowed to film she can’t be present if mtv is there. So during filming she doesn’t really see her at all

KRISTINA: Check your info again, honey! I have my daughter daily and her father and I alternate weekends. Sorry to burst your bubble!

AMBER: Kristina shut up! You guys live off of me and my success! Sit back and enjoy the paycheck.

Kristina has a daughter.
She shares custody with her ex husband.
Ex didn’t want her on mtv (good choice probably).
Judge restrained filming on daughter.
The end.
Not a big deal. Pretty normal divorce agreement for custody.
💕💕 #TeenMomOG

TWEETER: Didn’t she cheat with Gary and leave her husband for him?

TWEETER: Yes she did. And she doesn’t have split custody. Her court documents are public. Dad has primary custody she has weekend visitation only if MTV crews aren’t around.

Teen Mom OG Gary Shirley's wife Kristina shares custody arrangement with her ex husband

KRISTINA: When both parents are active in a child’s life why not share 50/50. Let’s just say it’s much easier on the child to see BOTH parents equally.

TWEETER: I was extremely disappointed when I heard the rumours you were not on your daughters life much, especially after seeing you be such a great parent on the show. Thanks for setting the record straight

KRISTINA: I normally stay reserved about my personal business, however when people decide to put false statements out because they live my life apparently…. I’ll stand my ground because I’m NOT a dead beat mom.

TWEETER (to Amber): Your child should be your #1 priority. You don’t need permission to be a parent and you sure in the hell don’t get a time out from being one. A man shouldn’t give you a reason to live, your daughter should be the breath inside you. Good thing she has a wonderful stepmom.

AMBER: I went to prison just to get clean for my daughter..I literally opted out of drug court because it wasn’t helping! I begged and begged to bring my daughter to school and pick her up constantly and was always told No! I tried repeatedly and fought for her!! Stfu!

I am guessing that Gary and Kristina will find out that Amber is pregnant again in next week’s episode, so we can expect more fireworks on Monday. Stay tuned.

UPDATE – The fireworks came a little early courtesy of more angry tweets from Amber:

TWEETER: This drives me nuts like why does he have to drop you off and pick you up? You can’t drive yourself you’ve known this guy for like 5 minutes and he’s driving your car and hanging at your house while your gone? Wtf

AMBER: Because we had errands to run right after you idiot stfu! Get a life! Why are you on Twitter talking crap weirdo? I shouldn’t even have to explain that lol

AMBER: I’m 27 years old explaining my life to a bunch of ignorant people who assume the dumbest things? It’s mind boggling 😕

TWEETER: Christina made the remark let’s adopt Leah that was so wrong so wrong

AMBER: Over my dead body!!!!!!!!!

TWEETER: No it wasn’t. Amber isn’t a mother to her.

AMBER: How am I not a mother? Because I did a show during her summer break and was in LA for 3 weeks making f**king money to take care of my child while they sat on there a** doing nothing? I wasn’t even home I was filming Boot camp! I was right there for Leah.

AMBER: Ugly ugly disgusting person you are! You have a baby as your picture! You want them to put people down like You! Horrible person! Assuming like an idiot!

AMBER: You guys are f**king gross! Pray you never meet me! Focus on your life!

AMBER: Some of you are absolutely horrible people! I was in boot camp for 3 weeks during leahs summer break making more money than some of you sh!t talkers dream of!! My kid has college funds because of me! F**k off lol

TWEETER: Wow. Taking the high route I see.

AMBER: No that doesn’t seem to work sweetheart. It’s not the real world!

TWEETER: Hold your head high and don’t ever let anyone bring you down. 💕💕

TWEETER: After all the old saying is: Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. No bones were broken only your heart and image you are alive so this is a learning curve. Learn from it and move on. 🙂

AMBER: But you cannot just let people get away with saying whatever they want. I have to use a my internal filter constantly! I’m 27 years old defending myself for being gone and making a living. It’s truly disturbing anymore!

TWEETER: @AmberLPortwood i’m so shocked at all the abusive comments you get about your depression. You and cate inspire me so much! I deal with depression & anxiety too it must be so hard dealing with it in the public eye. Be proud of yourself though. You’re amazing ❤

AMBER: If I would have done what Cate did then I would have been praised for it. But if you do it alone your just a horrible person. It is wrong to do that to women and mothers!

AMBER: Taking a long needed break from social media and focusing more time on positive energy and low stress for me and my baby🤗 Sending all my love💖🤰

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  • cookie

    Amber is a train wreck, thank God Leah has Gary.

    • It’s me

      And Kristina
      I don’t know Kristinas past or her custody all I know is she is more of a mother to Leah than Amber is

  • FrontDoorMom

    Trash bag amber. Man I can’t stand her. Thank god for Gary and Kristina for sure!! Amber needs to just be pushed away to go chase men for a living.

  • Allie T

    Amber assaulted her baby daddy in front of their child, and did hard drugs instead of parenting. Meanwhile Kristina’s biggest crime is that she’s the weekend parent in her custody arrangement. I don’t see how there is even a debate over who’s the worse mother.

  • sysmjp

    It looks like there might be another brawl on the reunion. For Amber to be so many crazy you’d think she would land better looking dudes.

    • Alisson Leech

      Looks don’t make a good person.

      • sysmjp

        Totally, but neither does ugly AF for example Matt. lol

        • Alisson Leech


  • Ambe

  • barbinop

    Gary’s right. Amber does not have the responsibility of being a full time parent and is free to hop in to bed with any man that comes along. She should thank Kristina and Gary for raising Leah to be an outstanding young girl.

  • LA79

    Jesus CHRIST, she is off her meds. This is exactly the type of mental breakdown she said would happen if she got pregnant again, which is why she claimed she wasn’t going to do it. Now she’s pregnant by random dude over here with multiple restraining orders and an extensive criminal history attacking the only people that have consistently been present in Leah’s life while she’s off ‘making money’ and ‘living her life.” Leah has Gary and Kristina so she’s got a good life. These second children I think don’t have it as good because there’s really no one to look out for them – like Kaiser. He just gets shuffled around here and there between soulmates and his deadbeat dad. I fear this new baby will be like that. What is Amber going to do when things get REAL and she has to take care of an infant, ‘make money,’ and deal with her varied mental issues? She needs to be looking for a skilled nanny. She definitely can’t handle it alone, and I’m sure new old dude will ride the gravy train as long as possible, but they tend to hit the bricks when real life and crying babies with real needs hit their hands.

  • TA

    Sadly, most of the medications Amber was (is) on are not safe for pregnancy, and she probably stopped taking them cold turkey, which is extremely dangerous. Women have to have a plan while on these medications before getting pregnant.
    But she wasn’t responsible enough to do that, and just went ahead and got knocked up, putting herself and the unborn baby at risk. And abandoning Leah in the process because she was “too depressed” to see her.
    So, keep talking, Amber, about how good of a mother you.


      Thanks doc for clearing that up. You must know the medications she’s been on lol

  • DramaLlama

    Who would’ve thought I’d ever say Leah is better off with Gary. Thank goodness she has Kristina around to step up and be a mom. Amber uses every issue she has as a crutch. Actions speak louder than words and all Amber has proven is that she’s all action between the sheets with POS men. Amber can’t even carry an adult conversation without using vulgar language. But hey let’s bring another kid into the world to ride on Amber’s Hot Mess Express!

  • How did someone with a criminal past like this guy have such a great job?

    • doiknowyou78

      his family probably has connections. i think they are in the entertainment business.

    • Alisson Leech

      Because in Hollywood criminal history doesn’t matter. Lol.


    Not debating Amber has some MAJOR issues she really needs to control somehow. (including bed jumping like Jenelle does) but Kristina really shouldn’t have said she wants to adopt leah. That was wrong and in that I understand the anger. She does attempt to be a mom even if it’s a wacky one. I’m hoping that was editing and Kristina didn’t say it the way it was aired

    • Alisson Leech

      Kristina said it in a jokingly manner. Did no one not her here chuckle and say “no” afterwards? You are not the only one who took it literally.

  • doiknowyou78

    Kristina made the point though—her new man give her motivation to live yet her own child cant? Amber, you are one f’d up piece of crap.

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    I used to have a lot of hope for Amber. That was flushed down the toilet when she hooked up with Matt and bounced right to baby daddy #2. She’s a pos mom from what we see and I really worry for her new baby. Can you imagine bringing a baby in to the filth she lives in? I have a lot of pets but keep a clean house and I’d flip if any used the bathroom in the house or chewed up door frames and window sills the way hers appear too.

    I’m sick of her using her mental illnesses as a excuse. We are both diagnosed with the same issues. Bipolar, bpd and generalized anxiety. There’s a huge difference between owning it and getting help and just using it as your excuse to be a $hitbag mom.

  • It’s me

    Amber please pick a lie & stick with it.
    Did you not see Leah because you had a case of the boohoos & was depressed, like you said on Teen mom
    Or did you not see Leah because you went to LA to make money (your new excuse)

  • Girly

    Amber’s lie doesn’t make sense. First she said she didn’t see Leah because she was depressed about her break up, and then because she was filming in LA. The problem with that is she met the new guy while she was filming in LA. So she was never “grieving” her breakup, she had started a new romance and didn’t want a kid getting in the way of that. She’s trash. Who’s going to take care of the new baby when she just can’t be bothered with being a mom?

  • Guest

    I find it laughable how the Teen Mom girls always claim that they “made” the show and act as if they’re changing lives by sharing their stories. LMAO.

  • cininne

    Amber is delusional and some of her statements are just ridiculous. She really focuses on money and how everyone needs to be grateful to her for their money, blah blah blah but yet she is over $9,000 behind in her child support. Go figure.