RETURN TO AMISH Jeremiah Raber starts GoFundMe to save Florida house, explains why he doesn’t get a job

Return To Amish Jeremiah Raber GoFundMe to save his Florida house

The last time we checked in with Return To Amish star Jeremiah Raber, his wife Carmela had run off with the $15,000 in cash the couple received from selling some property next to the lot on which they built their house. Carmela returned to Washington state with the cash (and Jeremiah’s clothes and camera), and she appears to be doing well as she focuses on being a single mom again. Meanwhile, Jeremiah is back in Florida after a trip to Ohio to visit family, and things do not appear to be going as well for him — at all.

In addition to his previous ex-wife suddenly denying him access to his children, Jeremiah is also having some financial problems and is at risk of losing the new home viewers saw him purchase with Carmela on the most recent season of Return To Amish. To try to keep up with the mortgage payments, Jeremiah launched a “Help save the property” GoFundMe campaign with a goal of $4,000. Here is the campaign description from Jeremiah:

I’m trying to get enough money together to help save my property and help me get through the next 3 months till I get back to work. Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

As is the case pretty much any time a reality star launches a GoFundMe account for something other than a medical emergency, Jeremiah received some criticism on social media. One of the most common things that detractors wanted to know is why Jeremiah is asking for money when he doesn’t have a job — outside of being on Return To Amish, which may have wrapped its final season in 2017.

Jeremiah tackled that question with a YouTube video titled “Time for the truth.”

From Jeremiah in the video:

Does Jeremiah Raber have a job? No, but he explains why

And speaking of the haters, Jeremiah returned to YouTube one day later to offer up an Eminem style freestyle rap calling out the haters for their bullying tactics–before coming to the conclusion that the only way to fight them is to join them and bully them right back:

In the clip explaining his financial woes, Jeremiah revealed that he has a new song he will be recording in an actual studio and that it will have a real deal music video to go with it! He also promised something big to come right around Christmas time. (It’s unclear if the “something big” is the music video.)

If you want to help Jeremiah out but do not wish to donate to his GoFundMe campaign, you can always purchase something from his line of clothing and accessories — which now includes a Christmas sweater and a pillow with photos of Jeremiah on it.

On a positive note, Jeremiah says that when he was in Ohio he had an “amazing” meeting with his parents and that they now have a much better relationship. Also, Jeremiah has a new dog named Fluffy that is currently serving as his YouTube sidekick. Jeremiah had better be careful, however, because Fluffy is a natural entertainer and the roles of “star” and “sidekick” may soon be reversed!

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  • Michael

    I went to the page to make a donation 😉 and it now says ” Campaign is complete and no longer active” Looks like he has a total of $50 in donations. I couldn’t live more than a couple days on that amount, let alone three months 🤣

  • Alisson Leech

    Such a loser

  • jeff

    You do what you have to do. That’s life. What a loser thinking that excuses him from having a job. You’ve gotten more of a helping hand than most people due to the D- reality show, it’s not our fault you squandered the money on bad decisions. And why should people help pay for his house when it’s apparently preventing him from getting a job? Sell it and put the money towards a mortgage on a house nearer to a city, THEN GET A JOB.

    What a bum. I’m glad his hand-out campaign is failing.

    • Renee L

      This. You have the nerve to ask people for money from strangers, but then accuse the same strangers of “maybe” calling your work and harassing you? This guy is LAZY.

  • sw10397

    can’t afford his mortgage but can afford a round trip to ohio and back and get a new pet? douchebag

    • VtheFashionista

      Why would he get a dog when he’s about to be homeless? Poor dog.

  • FYO

    Do what other bums do… Stand on a busy intersection with a sign outlining your plight, and hold your hand out.

  • discoatnine

    I don’t really buy his reasons for not being able to get a job. I feel like it’s more like he can’t pass a drug test probably to get a job.

  • herrmann1

    Get a drivers license, get a job, and a place to live!! Time to put you big boy pants on and GROW UP!!!

  • therealevilqueen

    Figures….all pathetic excuses that don’t fly. As others said he can travel to Ohio no problem and get a pet without issues. If you are that bad off why would you get a dog and how would you? No legit place would ever adopt a pet out to someone with no way to support it. I’m with those thinking he can’t get a job because of drugs. As well as his criminal record isn’t going to win him one either now is it? For all his whining and claims of his parents being so horrible, he now is ok with them. He is so full of crap on all he says and does. Plays victim as he feels the need to so when he wants something from strangers and anyone else that will listen and believe his bs. There is not a single reason to give these people money EVER! IF had been better with it he wouldn’t be broke. Which I’m not buying he is either. He just hopes to live off being on a low rent “reality” show and selling crap to “fans”. If his ex-wife isn’t letting him near those kids, then good for her. He shouldn’t have been all these years without supervision IMO with a history of abuse. Now he needs to go get a job like real people do and take care of his own crap instead of begging for others to do it for him.