Amber Portwood’s ex Matt Baier is married again

Matt Baier wedding

In what may be the most shocking bit of completely expected news ever, it appears that Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood’s ex Matt Baier is already married again! Online records indicate that Matt cemented his upteenth marriage in Nevada on Monday, marrying a 35-year-old waitress from Las Vegas named Jennifer.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup broke the news earlier today, and we checked court records to see it for ourselves. Sure enough, Matt and Jennifer have a marriage certificate indicating they tied the knot on November 27. (Perhaps Matt wanted to make sure they walked down the aisle before the Teen Mom OG premiere Monday night? PLEASE tell me she doesn’t know who he is!)

We sleuthed out the new Mrs. Baier online, and it appears that she is a single mother of two young girls. I could find no mention of the wedding by Jennifer or any of her family members. I also didn’t see Jennifer mentioning anything about being pregnant, so hopefully this wasn’t a shotgun wedding with Matt adding to an exceedingly long list of children all over the country.

The wedding comes at the same time that Matt announced he would be deleting his Snapchat account. He had recently returned to social media after a bit of a hiatus following his split from Amber, but it appears that return was a limited engagement.

In case you missed it, after his televised split (on two shows) from Amber, Matt relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada where he paid $10,000 to enter the 2017 World Series of Poker. (He was knocked out in the second round, which means he did not get any of his entry fee back.) Matt, who has been an aspiring professional poker player since before he met Amber, stayed in Vegas and shared numerous posts in casinos, giving the impression that he is living his dream.

Matt Baier paddling through BS

The marriage puts Matt back in the race with Amber for the fastest serious rebound — a race that she appeared to be winning hands down after she revealed earlier this month that she is currently pregnant with her second child by her new boyfriend Andrew Glennon.

Normally I would be reluctant to throw shade at anyone’s wedding, but given Matt’s serial dating history with a string of exes that pretty much all consider him to be deceitful and a chronic liar (Amber included), I can only shake my damn head and hope this Jennifer person gets woke fast.

The Ashley promises more details soon, so we will certainly keep an eye on her site — and you should too!

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  • Just me!

    Well..he one up’d Jenelle today!! ??? ?

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    He’s so gross! What a scam artist! He’s nothing but a conman who targets single moms….cleans them out and then scampers out of town like the little cockroach that he is. Amber’s pretty lucky that she didn’t have a baby with that fool. Talk about dodging a bullet. No wonder he has kids in about 20 states.

  • TA

    I’m completely shocked.
    Not because he was married so soon after the breakup. But because he actually found another woman to marry him.

  • Nicole

    So glad amber got away from him

    • TA

      Oh, yeah. She’s in a much better situation now, right? Pregnant by someone she’s known for 10 minutes. Because that isn’t a lifetime commitment to someone at all.

      • Nicole

        Wow. Who pissed in your cheerios???

        • TA

          Simmer down. Was simply pointing out that, while Amber “got away” from Matt, she isn’t in any better of a situation now. She may be worse off, only time will tell.
          No need to take comments about someone on reality TV personally. ?

  • Jessica

    Are we sure he isn’t a child predator?! Another single mom? Hmm

    • sysmjp

      Like a single woman with no kids would want his ass tho.

  • sysmjp

    Wow, there are some thirsty b*#s out there.

  • Bob Evans

    Who ever Jennifer is she probably has horrific self-esteem and needs a relationship to feel important. Those are the sort of women Matt preys on.

  • ameliaBedelia76

    this just shows that Amber & mAtt never loved eachother

  • Peyton

    YUCK!!! He is so gross, not to mention a mooch, compulsive lier and just a complete POS!!! I am SO so so glad that Amber got away from him!! She can do so much better and deserves so much better!! I can’t believe that any woman could be attracted to him, let alone, even want a relationship with him!! GROSS!!