Jenelle Eason sends cease and desist letters to Teen Mom 2 co-stars, they respond

Jenelle Eason Teen Mom 2 cease and desist letters

It seems that Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason is not only upset about how she is portrayed by show producers, but also how she is portrayed by her Teen Mom 2 co-stars. Kailyn Lowry, Chelsea DeBoer, and Dr. Randy Houska all took to social media today to respond to the fact that they received cease and desist letters from Jenelle and her husband David Eason. As you might imagine, the responses were a collective shaking of the damn heads.

We will start with the usually drama-restrained Chelsea:

A Twitter user commended Chelsea on her animated gif selection and an appreciative Chelsea wrote “Thank you lol it matches my exact face when I saw it.” Another follower responded with “Imfao what?!” to which Chelsea replied: “I have no idea haha.”

A “hatter” account pointed out that Jenelle and her verified social media accounts say more negative things about Chelsea than the other way around, and Chelsea agreed:

Chelsea is asked what exactly Jenelle demanded that she cease and desist from doing, and she says “Making false and defamatory statements. But….? I never did? So? ? who knows”

Chelsea’s dad, Dr. Randy houska, also got in on the incredulous responses. “Apparently it is libelous to say that people should not fight in front of their children. Not specific people, just people,” he tweeted, referencing his comments from last month that ignited Jenelle online. “Actually libel is written, slander is spoken so . . . #nofighting” someone responded, and Randy asked in response: “What about tweeting?”

Randy concluded his responses with one of his trademark zingers:

Of course, Randy is referring to Jenelle’s now famous attorney, Dustin Sullivan.

Jenelle’s co-star Kail Lowry also received a cease and desist letter from the Easons, and she was just as befuddled as Chelsea:

Kail Lowry Jenelle cease and desist letter response

So far, Leah Messer has yet to reveal whether she got a cease and desist letter from Jenelle and David. Also, new cast member Briana DeJesus hasn’t mentioned anything either, but that makes sense because she and Jenelle have become close — plus, Briana has apparently quit Twitter for now.

UPDATE – I didn’t even think about Jenelle’s mom Barbara Evans, but apparently she got a cease and desist letter too! Barbara made the announcement on Instagram along with a photo of herself:

Well Girls I'm joining the group!!!!!! I also got my Cease and.Desist Papers today. From Mr and Mrs Eason

A post shared by Barbara Evans (@barbara0230) on

“It comes to our attention that false statements of accusations of drug abuse and child abuse disparaging Mr. and Mrs. Eason’s characters have been made by you,” the letter shared with Radar Online reads.

Barbara was as befuddled as Jenelle’s co-stars. “I don’t say anything that isn’t true,” she tells Radar. She tells the site that she passed the letter along to her attorney and garnered a similar response. “My lawyer said ‘What is this? Oh my God. They are crazy.’”

She told Radar she had given the letter to her own attorney. “I think it is comical myself. My lawyer said ‘What is this? Oh my God. They are crazy.”

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  • TA

    How precious.
    David and Jenelle learned how to use Legal Zoom.

  • I want someone to love me

    Let take a guess… David was the one with the idea. Jenelle is like a dumb puppet who has no thoughts or decisions of her own and let’s David control her person. “All I want someone to love me and care about me ?”

  • Aussie cathie

    Lol, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle… Shut your trap and cross your legs you dirty skank !

  • Murphy

    Way to waste a bunch of cash on lawyers fees Jenelle!
    The only one that makes you look like trash is yourself!

  • Katie


  • Terri Hunter

    I would love to say all kinds of shi! About jenelle an stupid david! I wish they could see this lmao! I dont own nothing im on disability so she couldnt sue shit!!! An u cant go to jail for speaking ur piece either!! Jenelle an david u too r crazy! Ur both bad parents an drug addicts cps should drug test u next time they come to r house if they r smart! Nathen was right when he said ur trailer park trash that hit the lottery! Fact!!

  • PerfectingPaula

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this were MTV’s idea. Good way to stay in the spotlight. Got to have high drama among as many girls as possible to create higher ratings for another season. I’m sure MTV is encouraging Briana and Javi’s relationship. Perhaps even to the point of suggesting a baby. And provably encouraging Kailyn’s new relationship with a woman. Wonder what they have in mind for Chealse and Leah?

  • Ohrly

    This has got to be all David. After seeing the stuff on TM2 where they turn up to shoot and Jenelle is texting them like “david says you have five minutes to leave or i’m calling the police” and the next day is all “hey guys!” and acts like nothing happened at all. He’s scary.

  • Ohrly

    This has to be David. The bloke is clearly deranged.

  • Bob Evans

    Am I the only one who thinks this was totally scripted?

  • FYO

    This is just scripted nonsense to generate hits, and it’s working. This is about selling advertising time, not silly C&D letters.