Jenelle Eason launches JE Shop clothing line with hoodies, tanks & tees

Jenelle Eason launches clothing line in JE Shop with hoodies tanks and tees

Given Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason’s issues with show producers over the years, it makes sense that she seems to be working towards building financial stability for life post-reality TV. On the heels of publishing her first book, launching a line of cosmetics, getting her very own set of emoji, and offering a specially designed potty inspired by her son Kaiser, Jenelle has just launched a clothing line consisting of hoodies, tanks and tees with very Jenellian slogans.

Jenelle announced the launch on Instagram just in time for Black Friday:

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We are LIVE! Go follow @jeshopinc and check the link in the bio! We are kicking things off with a HUGE BLACK FRIDAY sale! From now through Sunday you can use code BLACK for 35% off!
This is just a small drop of what’s coming! I designed everything, and have so much more for you guys coming soon! Hope you guys enjoy!

Upon initial launch on the JE Shop, there are currently three slogans available. We will have a little fun and see if you can pick out what is for real and what is just a Starcasm Photoshop knock off:

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Eason clothing line

Want to see how you did? The real deal JE Shop items currently available are A, D, F and G. To see all of the styles be sure to head over to right now!

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  • Chewy

    Dumb Sh*t!

  • Yup, I said it

    Who would buy that shit?

    • Krispy Kreme McDonalds


  • Sponty eeekkkkk

    Is that Keeeeffffffhhhhaaaaas zip up hoodie??????? I seen you with Keeeeeffffffhhhaaa..

    • TheTruth

      Hahaha ….Classic!

  • Ayayyy

    Omg i cant wait Till’ I waste all my hard earned money on this heffas clothing line!! You know what I’m not not going to pay my rent next month, I will get everything on her website! NOT!!!

  • Aussie cathie

    Lol, I’d rather buy a Cate zebra hoodie… Not

  • Kel2707

    So after awhile all reality stars have to try and sell something right? Clothing line, shoes, cosmetics, cook books, etc.

    • Shanaynay

      Or they could, *gasp*, find a real 9-5 job like us normal people. Oh, wait. Nevermind. That’ll never happen!

  • DanaD

    “I designed these myself”! Presents the most basic tshirts with a “catchy” phrase on it. What happened to saving lives Jenelle?? ??

    • It’s me

      While Barbara is working in “Walmart” (and supporting Jace with no financial help, his teen mom pay checks go into a college fund)
      Jenelle will be “Saving Lives”
      Not sure how a Medical Assistant saves lives, not to mention an out of work Medical Assistant.
      I have more respect for a paperboy (anyone that works) than a Medical Assistant that refuses to work

  • I’d rather wear rotting meat as underwear than give one freaking penny to that stupid bitch and her abuser. Maybe I should have sympathy for her, but given the way she treats her children I have none. She is a monster of selfishness and I hope she goes broke soon.

  • cali

    So basic t-shirts w printing on them. I could make these from home.

    • TheTruth

      Exactly what I was thinking!

    • Scarlett

      I don’t think advertising one’s stupidity is such a good idea….wasn’t it Nathan that said “dramastic?” Regardless, she needs to take a seat.

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    Now I know what I want for Christmas!! Thanks Duhnelle!!!

  • It’s me

    Wow so original
    If only there was a site i can go on & and have a random, dumb phrase printed on a shirt or a sweatshirt with a hood.

    I’m more concerned that people will actually buy this crap.

  • Oh Rly

    G looks like Kieffer’s hoody. I could cry laughing.