MAFS Sheila accuses husband Nate of cheating, says she’s ‘done’

Nate and Sheila MAFS Divorce

Nate and Sheila Duhon have been one of Married At First Sight’s all-star couples. Not only did they decide to stay married at the end of the show, they have remained together months after filming wrapped and seem blissfully happy! That is, until this weekend…

Sheila used her social media accounts to announce that her husband of just over a year has been cheating on her.

“Just got a call from the woman who’s been sleeping with my husband,” Sheila revealed. “The same woman who he called on the honeymoon. … He admitted it. … When you’re done, you’re done.”

Anyone who follows Sheila and Nate know they are deeply rooted in their faith — a faith that doesn’t encourage divorce. So, what does this mean for the couple moving forward?

“I honored my covenant with God,” she explained. “God said adultery is means for divorce.”

In addition to Twitter, Sheila took to Instagram to share her feelings about the end of her marriage and how it relates back God.

She also posted details about Nate’s infidelity on Facebook. She says the reason she’s blasting the news all over social media is simple: “Our marriage was public. I’m ending it publicly. There’s no turning back.”

MAFS Sheila Divorce

In August, the couple celebrated their one year anniversary. Sheila gushed over her husband, celebrated their life together, and looked forward to good things in their future:

Before I met you, God sent me word that you were coming (my cousin’s dream, the prophecy, and the constant reminders along the way). I believe that He did that because He knew that it wouldn’t always be easy and He was preparing me. So no, it won’t always be butterflies, lollipops, and puppies in the Duhon household; but there will always be love, God, and a desire for growth. As we celebrate our first year, know that I am committed to you, our marriage, and our future After all, you and I are just catching up to where God already is. I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU! Happy Anniversary @nateduey. Get ready, the BEST is yet to come! #onedown #forevertogo #anniversary #blacklove #journey #godsplan #biggerthanme #destiny #marriedlife #commitment #growth #love #marriage #realtalk #livelovelaugh #worthit #future #life #relationshipgoals #justthebeginning #duhondynasty

No word yet from Nate regarding the cheating allegations against him.


  • tina

    kind of sad I liked them

    • Diane Goodwin

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  • cali

    How pathetic and sad. Why get married if you know you’re not ready for it. Let alone to someone you don’t even know.

    • Pattipandi

      Umm exposure, a paycheck, possibly a reality spin off? You can’t possibly take this kind of show seriously

  • Shaina Destine

    He always seemed like the type. Sleazy. She deserves better.

  • Che

    Nate was immature . She needed a slightly older man that had his ish together

  • Media Blitzs

    I’m not shocked if he cheated. They were not a good fit. She was a nut job. She completely changed when she found out he didn’t have the finances she imagined. She found every excuse after that to be immature, rude and disrespectful. That side chick may be the one he had waiting in the wings when their marriage blew up. However, cheating is never ok.

    • therealevilqueen

      He had some woman’s shoes in his car trunk when Pepper made the visit and she laughed it off. He made comments during the bachelor party that were major red flags as well on him just being picked for “drama” factor since its all the show seems to want from the way they match. She was edited to look a certain way because she wasn’t willing to play along with the producers bs and had good reasons for getting upset each time. This guy was running around with another woman (maybe women?) from the get go. Sheila said he was talking to the girl on their honeymoon. Aside from all that there is NEVER a reason to cheat. If one doesn’t want to be in the relationship then end the one first. Yet it figure he was this way. He is another one doing this show in hopes of 15 mins of fame and selling shirts to “fans”.