Farrah Abraham says she is not fired from Teen Mom, says ‘fake firing’ was a ‘hate crime’

Farrah Abraham MTV firing was a hate crime quote

The Teen Momiverse is still in shock over the firing of Farrah Abraham, but moments ago the 26-year-old (former?) reality star posted a video explaining that the legal department for MTV’s parent company, Viacom, says she has not been fired at all. That did nothing to assuage Farrah’s outrage, however, as she lashed out at Teen Mom OG producers over the “fake firing” that she describes as a “hate crime.”

Here is the clip from Farrah:

Farrah says in the video that she “hasn’t been the strongest” over the years, admitting that she has been in therapy and has been depressed. She talks about the death of Sophia’s father Derek Underwood, who Farrah says she “didn’t get to speak to beforehand” because of Teen Mom co-creator Dia Sokol. She adds that her parents have been “mind manipulated” and “mind f**ked” by show Executive Producer Morgan J. Freeman. The video cuts off abruptly and Farrah says that there is a longer video on her Snapchat, but I can’t find it. (Perhaps she has my account blocked?)

In addition to the video, Farrah posted a VERY lengthy caption in which she UNLEASHES on MTV, Morgan Freeman, and more:

Viacom Legal Confirms I have not been fired, I have not breached my contract”. Why has filming stopped?! Morgan J Freeman of 11th St productions is unprofessional, fake, women hater, press hungry,Sex Shaming, Hate Crimes, Poor Business Practices , unsafe working environment & accomplists Dia Sokal anxious 11 production , Viacom associate pill popping Larry Musnik , & Executive promoted alcohol binger producer Kirsten Malone, taking advantage and acting as a friend to spread jealous , hate crimes to the other teen moms & influence a toxic unsafe working culture, that’s why I don’t share a stage, I have security, I’ve gone to therapy! Do not beat up, instigate physical fights, ruin and break a women’s self esteem, degrade women, this hate this criminal behavior bad business practices end today! My daughter , my family,my self have all suffered for the contrived, malicious hate crime against me. God is great as I have rose above and am success beyond all of these set backs! I look forward to sharing more in my first #BussinessBook ? Thank you for making this world a better place with me! #BossMom #Ethics #viacom #mtv #teenmom #mtv #hatecrimes #farrahabraham #children #moms #fake #hate #crime #feministhate #feminist #womenempowerment (SEE MORE ON #snapchat )

Farrah also posted a clip alongside daughter Sophia. “Sophia would like to share how she’s been affected by all of this,” Farrah says.

“I’m proud of my mom for standing up for other…” says Sophia before the video cuts off.

It is still unclear exactly what all of this means as far as Farrah’s future (if any) on Teen Mom OG.

We are working on getting some more details, including information on exactly what happened on Monday, so stay tuned!

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  • Michael

    If anything, I believe that Farrah made up the lie.

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    She yells at and belittles the MTV crew in her own home. She makes them use a port o potty in her driveway. She should be fired for that alone. She is going to die alone and penniless because she’s so ugly on the inside. No one can stand her unless they get a kickback of money or airtime. Even her enabling parents are guilty of that. She should just go back to doing club promos and selling her vagina molds and butt plugs.

    • She’s ugly on the outside too. No matter how much plastic surgery she’s had to change herself into non-animated Princess Jasmine from Disney. I’m convinced that is exactly what she is going for, and it’s sad. Focusing on her child should be the number 1 priority. She also needs to learn basic vocabulary because “accomplists” is not a word. “Accomplices” is, however, and the singular version is “accomplice” not “accomplist”, and even my auto-correct wouldn’t let me type that! How this bitch hasn’t swallowed her own tongue and died yet is just unfathomable.

  • Alisson Leech

    Farrah is so drugged up.

  • truckproductions

    how can any site post her garbage statements. This woman is the worst human piece of trash on earth

    • Regina

      I think that title goes to Jenelle actually!

  • LA79

    I personally do think it’s pretty incredible how successful she is in business when she can barely string a coherent sentence together. It’s like reading one of those word jumbles where you guess the word even though the letters in the middle are jumbled up, but instead of just a word, it’s everything Farrah says. Like the words don’t make sense at all in the order they’re in, but if you read all the words, you will eventually start to understand the overall point she’s trying to make.

    Also, she needs to learn what a hate crime is because this is certainly not that.

    • Shanaynay

      ??? yes, spot on!

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    Is this bish for real right now? Hate crime???? Seriously.

    • Aussie cathie

      One would have to be pretty desperate…

  • Chewy

    I wish she’d take a basic English course. Her grammar and semantics (or lack there of) make me want to exit the planet.

    • Shanaynay

      Yaaaas!!!! ??? I have to brace myself before I try to read anything she tries to write. It’s pretty much unbearable. And laughable b/c its Farrah.

  • kate

    why does mtv even bother with her? she has no fans and gives the crew nothing but trouble.

  • Aussie cathie

    The fact that she involves her child in this and to speak for her is dispicable !!!

  • Kaia Elle Murray

    For someone who in the beginning when they bought back the original TMs kept saying she didn’t need MTV or the show she seems really upset. Haha

  • Renee L

    She didn’t have a problem with them when she was earning money and trying her best to be famous. She is the most self absorbed woman and has zero self awareness.

    • Shanaynay

      Or grammar & spelling skills. She can’t form a correct thought! It’s almost kinda sad. But it is Farrduh, so nevermind.

      • E.P.

        lmao @Farrduh

      • Renee L

        Exactly! I love Farrduh. Farrduh and Duhnelle. The Teen Moms who suck at winning!

        • Shanaynay

          Just gotta come up with a name for Kail. Lol

          • Renee L

            On one of my reality TV sites, people call her Karl (I guess because she’s big boned?) or Hulk. Kail! Smash!

            • Shanaynay

              Oooh, which sites? I love anything reality?

              • Renee L

                Giiiirl, go to Previously dot tv and go to the forums. Just know, you can’t sign up as ShaNaeNae, that’s already taken. 😉 haha. Hope to see you there!

                • Shanaynay

                  Thank you!! Oh, snap! Someone took my name 😮 the nerve!! 😉

                  • Renee L

                    Ha! You can still you the “y” version! I’m the ae, the ae!

  • bree7702

    She loves to hang on to the ‘my daughter’s father died before she was born and I’ve never gotten over it’ sympathy play everytime something happens with her. However I remember very clearly on her episode of 16 & Pregnant her treating him like utter and complete shit everytime he called her. She also has said MANY TIMES that she wasn’t in contact with him when he died, and hadn’t spoken to him in months. Yet now she blames the creator of the show, Dia Sokol, for not being able to talk to him before he died. Funny how this has never been mentioned before. She’s just trying to get sympathy so she’ll get hired back, and is also using her daughter to do it. Hopefully they don’t play into it because she is just a terrible person. I’ve know people who’ve gone through more trauma than Farrah ever has, (or what Farrah claims she was subjected to when she was younger even though no one corroborates her story) and they don’t treat people like garbage the way she does. How MTV kept her around after she has been outright racist on her Twitter, lied and said an Uber driver raped her, put her hands on a producer while filming, and both her and Simon slandering producers of the show claiming they hand out drugs to the cast on the regular is amazing in itself. If porn pays her bills and shes so proud of it, she should have no problem moving forward in that profession.

    • smithy jones

      She also claimed that her baby daddy physically abused her while she was pregnant.

      • And that “vivid entertainment” and AVN personnel had raped her. She also implied that her daughter may have been conceived in rape with her dead boyfriend who she just keeps leaning on as a trauma that she just can’t get over. (this was on couples therapy when she went on alone) I wonder if she even went to his funeral.

    • The problem with her isn’t the fact that she makes money with porn it’s the fact that she slut-shames others for doing the same thing she did. Saying that the video she made with Vivid Entertainment was a “sex tape” with a porn star who “was her boyfriend” has been with the same other porn star for years. Her lying about it not being a porn in itself is misogynistic and “sex-shaming”. Basically, she’s saying she doesn’t respect anyone else in the sex industry because she’s above that and it was purely a sex tape, and as someone who is a nude pinup and fetish model, I am offended by what she says about those of us in the industry (even if most of my work isn’t considered porn).
      She also has her own sex toy line and still denies being in “adult entertainment” on purpose. So those of us who even just do the smallest bit of anything people may consider sexual, are peons to her because we chose to do that, not actually just fell into it like she claims she did.
      She irks me so much.

  • Nicole

    Someone take that child

  • knsbbdoll

    Dumb bish. Go back to school and back to therapy. And take your big fake a$$ and your daughter off social media.

  • Shanaynay

    I don’t know whats worse. Her wig or her lack of correct grammar/spelling.