Amber Portwood is pregnant with her 2nd child with boyfriend Andrew Glennon

Amber Portwood pregnant with boyfriend Andrew Glennon's baby

What a huge couple of days in Teen Mom OG news! Less than 48 hours after Farrah Abraham revealed that MTV had fired her from the show, it is being confirmed that Amber Portwood is currently pregnant with her second child!

People first broke the story earlier today with basically one sentence: “A source confirms to People she is telling family she is pregnant with baby no 2.” The Ashley’s Reality Roundup later re-confirmed Amber’s pregnancy, explaining that it was the reason Amber was M.I.A. from the recent Teen Mom OG tapings in Los Angeles.

“The official word told to everyone was that she didn’t come because she was sick,” a source tells The Ashley, “but basically everyone knew it was morning sickness. She’s been having a hard time so far, but Amber is totally thrilled about the pregnancy.”

The Ashley says that the show’s production crew knew about the pregnancy as early as late September, when Amber and dad-to-be Andrew Glennon took a trip to Hawaii:

Speaking of the dad-to-be, this will be Andrew Glennon’s first child. You can find out ALL BOUT HIM in our profile post.

Congratulations to Amber and Andrew! I’m sure it will be cuh-razy watching the pregnancy announcement this season! (Which premieres November 27 by the way.)

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  • FrontDoorMom

    Oh wowwwwwwwww.

  • Kir

    That was quick. I’m kinda glad it’s not Matt’s, though.
    Although I’m not sure this guy’s much better. Guess we’ll have to wait and see…

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    At least it wasn’t with Matt.

    • Bruja

      He’s a kid and debt free version of Matt.

      • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

        Yeah but at least with this guy she’ll be able to get child support. That is of she doesn’t just give him the kid.

        • Bruja

          Hell, this guy may end up taking the kid and suing her for child support.

          She’s too lazy to be a mother. Her menagerie of pets are too much for her and she just locks them in the basement most of time.

          Mess. She’s a mess.

          • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

            Can you imagine a baby learning to crawl on that piss soaked floor???? I think I just threw up.

            • Bruja

              Nope. That is a disturbing thought.

              They chew up window sills, furniture, walls. I don’t wanna say they’d be vicious around a baby, but clearly, none of them have any training and what is a fear/warning nip for an adult can be devastating for a child/baby.

              This whole scenario is phucked up. Ambien literally makes the worst decisions and sadly, could care less about the repercussions they have on Leah. It’s all about Ambien. Always has been, always will be.

              • FR

                Are you kidding? Those dogs will be much better “mothers” than she would ever be

                • Bruja


                  They’ll certainly be awake more than her, lol.

          • Aussie cathie

            Well she is always on the couch so all she had to do was assume the position…. Now I want to vomit

            • Bruja


              During TMOG season we should all keep vomit receptacles close and Pepto Bismol on hand!

    • barbinop


    • FR

      Pregnancy and psych drugs don’t mix.
      Not to mention all the alcohol and whatever else she uses

      • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

        Depends on what your on. I’ve got the same diagnosis she does and mine are classified in the least tisk category for pregnancy. Anything has risks including taking Tylenol during pregnancy.

  • Lauren

    ? Do these girls even consider their older kids when they get pregnant as fast as they do? What happened to all those plans she had after getting out of prison? Or pursuing 50/50 custody of Leah? Geez. At least one bright side is that it’s not with el creepo Matt.

  • Bruja

    So, this guy pulled a Matt and came to visit her July… and then.. just never left. Check.

    Guy has a mile long rap sheet. Check.

    They’ve been together less than 6 months. Check.

    Sounds like another great decision, Ambien!

  • pmo

    portwood went the longest w/o having a second kid.

    • Bob Evans

      Not quite. Farrah still hasn’t had a second kid and hopefully never will.

  • Just me

    What an idiot! Good luck! You’ll need it!

  • Kaitlyn Salv

    Glad for her sake its not with Matt, but she JUST MET this guy!

  • Kel2707

    I thought at one time she was nervous about getting pregnant again due to her mental illness and medication

  • Bob Evans

    At least it wasn’t with Matt. He would have taken his MTV check and skedaddled right about now.

  • Liz

    That was quick

  • Alisson Leech

    This should be a mess. Babies take work and Amber is super lazy. Sh

  • TA

    I cringe at the thought of her being pregnant on ALL THAT MEDICATION. Poor baby is going to be born so doped up, it will make Jenelle look like a saint.


    I’m concerned about that poor couch. Now the couch is going to have to put in overtime ?