90 DAY FIANCE SPOILER Are Elizabeth and Andrei married? EXCLUSIVE

90 Day Fiance Elizabeth and Andrei still together

For those wondering if 90 Day Fiance stars Elizabeth and Andrei got married, or if their wedding plans fell through — we have found a definitive answer! And just in case it needs to be said: SPOILER ALERT!

Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet filed for a marriage license in Florida on October 2, and received it three days later. According to online records, Elizabeth and Andrei officially got married on the same day that the license took effect: October 5!

Here is their marriage license:

90 Day Fiance Elizabeth Potthast marriage license, wedding with Andri was Ovtober 5 2017

Elizabeth and Andrei opted for a courthouse wedding, and Deputy Clerk Michael Kehoe is listed as the person who performed the ceremony. It’s unknown if the couple plans to have a separate wedding ceremony later — whether it be for family members or TLC cameras or both. (You might recall that fellow 90 Day Fiance Floridians Jason Hitch and Cassia Tavarez also officially got married before having a ceremony later that was filmed for the show.)

It’s unclear at this time if Elizabeth Potthast is now Elizabeth Castravet, or if she opted to keep her maiden name.

Congratulations to Elizabeth and Andrei!

In addition to the marriage confirmation, I ran across some other random details while researching Elizabeth. For starters, it looks like Andrei proposed to Elizabeth in early August of 2016. (I forget if they were specific on the show.)

Soon after they became engaged, Elizabeth’s mother Pamela and her stepfather spent some time with Andrei in Ireland. There are photos of the three of them together looking quite happy.

And speaking of Elizabeth’s family and engagements, Elizabeth’s older sister Rebekah just got engaged! The surprise proposal was orchestrated by Rebekah’s fiance Thomas with the help of numerous family members, and looked to be quite the joyful shindig — including a professional photographer and a custom cake. Elizabeth was in attendance, but I could find no evidence of a TLC film crew being present.

Oh, and I also discovered that Elizabeth is an actress whose resume includes an appearance on Homeland. Click the link for all the details about her acting career, including her mom Pamela’s talent agency!

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  • Nina

    Is this season any good? I haven’t watched it yet.

    • Tallulah Mae Magpie

      they worked hard at finding crazy people and creeps to put on the show. it’s disturbing more than anything else. Elizabeth is a moron who thinks her “fiance” is “Maldivian” (from the Maldives when he is from Moldova) and I find it hard to believe her and her extra chin have an extensive acting resume. Her resume is clearly padded with BS. that comes through in her crappy personality. The girl is DUMB. otherwise the other couples are just stupid and clearly more are interested in the US citizenship than anything else. especially this creep in that Elizabeth was desperate enough to marry. He will start beating her any day now, all the warning signs of a wife abuser are blatantly obvious.

      • FrontDoorMom

        Hahahahahaha ? her chin! Been trying to figure out what it is about her that looks weird. Yeah shes dumb. Idk.

      • jen

        Totally agree, he comes across as arrogant,
        controlling and a bully. I too think he willbegin
        abusing her.

      • Crusader

        I was fine with your comment until you started to poke fun of her face. What makes you guys think you are not abusive either? Your bullying comments about her “extra chin” and everyone else pointing it out here is potentially emotionally abusive. This is the danger of reality tv: People (like you) stand in judgement of other people and make a point to put your thoughts in a public forum where you try to humiliate people you don’t know. This is the nature of internet bullying! You’re a hypocrite. And you actually make Andrei look like a mouse.

      • Carolyn Armstrong Woolverton

        It is her gross lipstick 💄💄💄💄💄

      • JoeDaniel

        I agree big time. This caveman is controlling and after couple weeks the squeeze of the throat, shove, will escalate. Dumb ass will be embarrassed to report it cuz she will hear”told you so”. She rather get beat down than to tell family. Makeup cover up gonna get expensive….

    • FrontDoorMom

      Its….aight. the only ones i care to watch is abbey and seans season.

      • cynt

        What ever happen to that couple!!

    • boomdeyay

      Its really good. My favorite is the 18 year old fundie folks singer.

  • kerrryz

    If they do a remake of Blazing Saddles, Andrei could play “Mongo”.

  • Juliana25

    Her lips are very off putting when she talks. He does have the eyes of an abuser

  • Marilyn p

    Elizabeth is insane to marry andrei, she will be a step ford wife from now on may Har sisters and other family realize signs of withdrawal with his temporary and him controlling where she goes, what she can and can’t wear, you said it yourself Elizabeth I wish the best but he wants to marry you and go live in another country something fishy, he spots a foolish American and feels like he is showing love, it’s called control

  • northandwells

    Looks like she inherited the double chin from her mother.

  • Nasty

    Elizabeth is the ugly duckling sister…Andrei could do better than fugly!

  • Todd Baker

    wth? Elizabeth is the best looking sister by far