VIDEO Kathy Griffin claims Andy Cohen offered her cocaine and gives out Harvey Levin’s phone number

Kathy Griffin Calls Out Andy Cohen and Harvey Levin

Kathy Griffin is following up her Trump photoshoot controversy by yet again causing waves within the entertainment industry. This time, her focus isn’t on the President but against Bravo and TMZ head honchos Andy Cohen and Harvey Levin.

Before we get into it, let’s back up 24 hours to give you a little background…

On Friday, Andy Cohen was interviewed by paparazzi. Throughout the impromptu interview, Andy was agreeable and conversational but began playing dumb when questioned about Kathy Griffin. Cohen pretended he didn’t know Kathy saying, “I’ve never heard of her.”

Andy Cohen Kathy Griffin Interview

Andy was a producer on Kathy’s Bravo reality show My Life of the D-List so there’s no question he absolutely knows Kathy. While we aren’t sure exactly what happened to cause the bad blood, it’s clear the two aren’t on good terms.

Andy’s paparazzi interview appeared on TMZ and was re-tweeted by Harvey Levin on his personal Twitter.

A day after the video was released, Kathy made her own video in which she discusses both Andy Cohen and Harvey Levin in great detail. In the 17-minute-long YouTube video, Kathy reveals personal information about Andy and Harvey as well as stating defamatory facts against them.

The video begins with Kathy playing a voicemail from Harvey. In the message Harvey says, “If you have a minute, could you give me a call? I’m at 818-972-xxxx. Hope all is well.”

Kathy’s response? “So that’s his number, and I don’t have a minute to call him. Maybe you do.”

Kathy says the reason she revealed Harvey’s phone number is in retaliation to the backlash she received after the now infamous Trump photo. She claims the phone numbers of her mother and sister were released resulting in harassment and death threats against them.

“So that’s why I’m putting that out there,” Kathy explains.

Throughout the next several minutes, Kathy goes on to air her grievances against Andy and Harvey. The video is too long to write out verbatim but the points she makes are summarized below.

Kathy’s claims against Andy Cohen:
– He was a “miserable” boss
– He offered her cocaine before her appearances on Watch What Happens Live
– He “lives to take women down”

Kathy’s claims against Harvey Levin:
– He speaks to Donald Trump multiple times a week and TMZ is “very much in bed with this administration”
– He’s ageist against women and “lives to take women down”
– TMZ is a “deeply misogynistic website”

Kathy also calls out various industry folks including a network president, executive producers, agents, publicists, and managers claiming she had “no support” and they didn’t “protect” her.

You can check out the full video below. Keep in mind, it’s definitely NSFW.

The big question is why would Kathy retaliate by making this lengthy video?

According to Kathy, it all relates back to her Trump photo. Her verbatim answer is below with the main points in bold.

The reason I am doing this tape, because of the Trump photo, because of the faux outrage, that was pushed by Anderson’s tweet and TMZ and obviously, literally, the Federal Government- I’m the first person to be put under a federal investigation by the Department of Justice for two months at the tax payer dollar’s expense- I’m putting this tape out because I’m now on my world tour and it’s selling out and so far every night the audience have stood at the end of every show and that is a fact. So when the bots go on your timeline and say that it didn’t happen, they are bots and that’s their game. But I just want you guys to know that tonight I have a show in Melbourne. I’m very excited. And I have a show in Perth, Australia after that and then I have a show in Singapore. And the reason I’m making this tape is everyone has scared the hell out of me that I’m going to be detained because I’m on the INTERPOL list so look up what the INTERPOL list is. I’ve also been told I’m on something called the Five Eyes list. I was on the No Fly list for two months. So I’ve been detained, alone, at every single airport I’ve gone to. So when I go to Singapore if I just don’t return, I just want you guys to know, that’s why. Because I took a picture of a mask with ketchup on it. It was not illegal. You may have hated it, but if any one of your kids took that picture and put it on Twitter, they shouldn’t have to be on the Interpol list or be detained or be under federal investigation.

After the video was released, Andy tweeted, “I am completely stunned by this story. It is 100% false and totally made up.”

What do you think about Kathy’s rant and accusations against Andy and Harvey?


  • Michael

    Kathy is so dumb. Andy knows she doesn’t drink so he offered her Coke…as in Coca-Cola ?

  • jeff

    I never had anything against Kathy Griffin until now. You don’t fvck with Andy! I hope that b!tch gets what’s coming to her, what a sleeze.

    • Tabitha


  • disqus_LQmjCZP25F

    It sounds Paranoid, Kathy! You are a piece of work. Sad that you are such a bitter person.

  • pmo

    her abortive attempt to be topical and outrageous is landing her in the unemployment line. lala land is a huge clique, the movers and shakers stick together, thicker than theives.

  • DeeDeDee

    Wait… “faux outrage?!” That picture was f*cking disgusting and you knew it. Even people who loathed Trump were like… no. Not to mention, you’re upset with Anderson so you go after an “innocent” party? What’s that accomplish? You’re just mad that Andy Cohen is now taking your place at the NYE celebration because of your piss poor actions.

    • Jen


  • Jennifer Jameson

    She is an un-funny hack that is jealous of Andy taking over her gig for the CNN New Years with Anderson Cooper. She’s clutching at straws and making herself look like more of an idiot.

  • It’s me

    She wabts everyone to move on from her Trump photo….why doesnt she?

    If someone doesnt like her she labels them as someone who wants to take down women?

  • Bebe

    She sounds nuts! Whatever backlash she experienced was well deserved and at no fault of anyone but her. I’m no Trump fan, but that was beyond inappropriate.

  • Che

    I always thought Andy liked coke , he has that look and he tweaks with his nose too much.

  • Just me

    What a tattle taler !! I used to like her..but what an idiot! Idc How much you HATE our president. KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!! Damn I’m so sick of the trump bashing! Geezzz get over it!!! Hell he’s only in office for few more years!

  • ImOpining

    She’s as desperate for attention as Bethany Frankel.

  • Joe Anthony

    Kathy Griffin should do the world a favor and kill herself.

  • DIDI


  • bambiglanville

    Never liked her. I’ve always like Andy Cohen, but I do think he likely has dabbled in cocaine. Not really newsworthy.

  • Stacey J

    Not a Trump fan in the least but that was a joke that went way too far…it was distasteful and he has a young son nonetheless and instead of owning up that it was wrong and leaving it at that…you want to blame everyone else? It’s okay not to like Trump and even make jokes about it but there is a line of decency and this ran way past it.

  • truckproductions

    she’s pissed because of the trump pic fallout. anderson and his bestie andy didn’t stick up for her. she felt betrayed. so when went after them. simple.