Addicted to Live Streaming? YouTube’s Truthfully Trisha on Dr. Phil

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Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil deals with the antics of “Truthfully” Trisha Kirley: a woman who live streams her entire life at the cost of almost everything else in a bid to become YouTube famous. Her streaming habits over the past year have led to her making quite a few enemies and stirred up turmoil in her family. She’s very open about having multiple mental and physical illnesses like fibromyalgia and bipolar disorder, and is adamant that her constant streaming helps shed an honest light on what’s its like to live with these disorders. Her detractors say her online behavior is putting herself and others in danger.

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Before her appearance on Dr. Phil Trisha had two incidents with her “haters.” During one incident she streamed herself receiving pizza from a hater after being doxxed. She paid for the pizza, ate some of it, and got into a fight with her dog over the rest. Suddenly she says she started feeling ill and wondered if there was black pepper in the pizza because she’s allergic to it. Paramedics were eventually called, but some wondered why she ate the pizza in the first place, especially if she’s allergic to something as ubiquitous as black pepper.

In the second incident, she went on vacation with her dog, and a local “hater” tracked her down at her hotel. The hater first approached Trisha as if she didn’t know who she was, but when it became known what was going on, there was a minor verbal confrontation. As the hater, who was also live streaming, was trying to leave the parking lot in her car Trisha is seen on video running up to the car and throwing herself on the hood.

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Trisha and her husband split this summer and she live streamed the entire time. After they reunited, her streaming continued to cause strife in her marriage and in Trisha’s relationship with her teenage daughter Becca culminating in Trisha letting the camera roll as the three of them engaged in an emotionally devastating fight.

After the Dr. Phil show taped, Trisha left her family and is now staying somewhere else. She continues to stream. In one of her latest streams she expresses excitement over how her audience is growing and believes that YouTube may be the career she’s been hoping for her whole life.

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  • amythyst2381

    This women is a liar and needs professional help. She stalks and torments other youtubers and plays the victim card. Their is not one Damn truthful thing about this women. She needs to stop trying to be the face of bipolar disorder. People like her are the reason their is such a stigma on being bipolar. I hate to admit I have it because of people like her. This women is bat shit crazy. She is not in recovery. She has all her little cosigner tell her how amazing she is. In the mean time she is stalking and harrasing this amazing women named Marla. If you want to know the truth about her. Look up Savage live, Mrs ATX and rednecksuperman on YouTube.


    I am REDNECK SUPERMAN on youtube I have had run ins with Trish 90 percent of her story is b.s. a skit put on for drama and views

    • Cheyanne Moore

      You are a bully.

      • You must be one of her lovely cosigners. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. This lady clearly needs help and yall enable this sick behavior. She is the real bully. She wouldn’t even have little minions like you had she not gotten a following for bullying people. Ask REDNECK SUPERMAN about how she told his friend to stick a loaded gun in her mouth and pull the trigger. Ask him about the woman who committed suicide from Trisha’s bullying behavior. So go inform yourself with the FACTS before you call someone a bully.


    James Carney the REDNECK SUPERMAN truthfully trish

  • sak

    Dr.Phil, I believe that there’s something very wrong with Trish! But I’m shocked how you bully her at points in the show! I have watched your show and your very kind to everyone who has a problem no matter what it is! Trish is crying out for help and you always have someone on your show that will be at your finger tips that’s your go to guy for help! But not this time! The whole show there wasn’t a once of compassion!You had to be blind not to see the women needs help! What happen Dr. Phil
    This one got away????

    • Cheyanne Moore

      I agree. He tone was nasty to her the entire time. She came on looking for help and he abused her.

      • Maria

        I respectfully disagree. I think she came on to get more people to follow her channel. That falling on the ground and no tears (dr Phil’s wife statement), Trisha and husband wouldn’t let the other woman complete her thought. Trisha is the hostile one when the truth is about to come out

        • loyalalways

          I agree! Trisha is a lying, narcissistic BULLY! She gets NO sympathy from me! She’s asking for every negative thing said to her by her haters! She loves it! She will do ANYTHING for attention!!! She’s EXTREMELY toxic and narcissistic! She is going to meet her match one day and she’ll REALLY pay for her actions!! She’s given up her family for this negative attention!! She deserves what she gets!! She ignored Dr. Phil’s generous offer to help her!! Like I said before, she’ll do ANYTHING for attention!! Going for his help would mean that she’d have to give up all these negative posts to her! In her eyes, negative attention is better than NO attention!!

      • Evelyn Miller

        I disagree. I firmly believe he was holding back. He knew the type of woman she was.

  • fresnochris2

    Dr. Phil was NOT a bully! He was trying to get “Trisha” to face reality….BTW, it IS his show..not Trisha’s! Obviously Trisha will do ANYTHING to get attention….she acts worse than any run-of-the-mill teenager with a new iPhone!

    • fresnochris2

      P.S. Crocodile Tears!!!!!

    • loyalalways

      Trisha is THE biggest PHONY that I’ve ever seen! That video where she claims that she was hit by the car is laughable!!! It is SO obvious that she threw herself on to the car! She’s a joke!! I just read that after the Dr. Phil show, she left her family and went back to live streaming. She thinks it’s the career that she’s been waiting for! She’s delusional AND narcissistic. She enjoys the attention. She also enjoys the attention she gets by whining about her haters! Falling to the floor with FAKE tears was the end for me! I can’t stand her! She’s nothing but a whining, LYING BULLY!!! She deserves to be alone with her haters! She’s asking for ALL of it!!

  • Christina Downes

    I wish she’d have gotten help. Her leaving her family and staying elsewhere is just dangerous for her emotional wellbeing. Her being on the show was probably the worst thing for her, because now she will get new followers who saw her on the show.

    • Evelyn Miller

      She’s getting it but still streams. She’s not going to listen to him. She’s already announced that.

  • Evelyn Miller

    I watched the show. Dr Phil knew exactly what kind of a woman she was. I believe he held back a lot. She’s a liar, a bully and craves attention. I’m not surprised when offered help, which Dr Phil took care of, that she continued streaming. She didn’t listen to him and she’s not going to get better because she thinks she’s ok. To even say that she knows that You Tube is going to be her career!!!! Omg!!! Her acting and constant yelling is beyond annoying! How can anyone watch her show for more than 3 minutes is a surprise to me!!!

  • She’s an attention seeker and horrible actress! The fake faint and tears was enough for Dr. Phil to shut her episode down. Her husband was an airhead just like her, he defended everything she did and basically made it so she didn’t have to take responsibility.