Jenelle Eason pal Tori Rhyne in jail for heroin charge

Tori Rhyne arrest 2016 2017

Jenelle Evans Eason’s self-described “life long best friend” Tori Rhyne was once again in front of the infamous Brunswick County Detention Center booking camera this week as she found herself back in jail on heroin and drug paraphernalia charges.

Tori’s latest mug shot photos were snapped on October 10 when the 24-year-old turned herself in just before 2PM. The most recent booking photos are a bit more glamorous than her previous modeling session at the BCDC, when she was arrested in April of 2016. And speaking of that arrest, it is those charges that are the reason she is currently back behind bars.

Tori Rhyne mug shot 2017

“She has to serve 10 days in jail set by the probation officer,” a New Hanover County Court clerk tells Radar Online. “It’s a deferred prosecution. They might reduce the conviction level if she works out an agreement with the judge.”

Tori will reportedly be released on Saturday, October 14.

Just after her arrest last year, Tori defended herself on social media. “Yes I got charged but no it wasn’t mine and yes it’s getting dismissed. Get ur facts straight first.” She emphasized that she does not do dope by tweeting: “If Virgin Mary had a bleached a**hole that’s how clean my arms and nose would be. #SayNoToDope.”

Tori emphatically denied using drugs again and explained: “I just got caught up with the wrong place at the wrong time. And yes my hair in my mugshot looked awful. Lol but that’s not a daily thing.”

Jenelle Evans Eason best friend Tori Rhyne mugshot 2017 profile

I want to emphasize that there really is no evidence that Tori has been using drugs over the last couple of years. I can’t vouch for the company that she keeps, but it’s important that folks don’t jump to that conclusion merely because she is sitting in jail right now on a heroin possession charge. I know that sounds weird, but it does sound entirely plausible that Tori was in a situation where the drug evidence was found and “no one claimed it so therefore we all got charged,” as Tori stated.

I imagine we wil be hearing more from Tori herself on social media after her release on Saturday.


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  • Liz


    • Thoughts

      Jenelles nanny

      • Liz

        I don’t remember her, at all..

        • Thoughts

          Really only going to be memorable for people that keep up “off screen”


    I GOT COUCHESSSS! -Tori before epic drum stick fight with jenelle

    • AYAYAy

      Lmao!!!!!!! I totally remember that!!! Dudeeee dudeeee dudeee give me clothes! Hahahahaha that was one of the best teen mom moments

    • Oscar Moto

      Leeeeave meeee aloooonnnee duuuude!!!

  • Kat

    Ahhhhh trashbag Tori… I had a friend from long ago who went to jail and served years in prison for drugs that weren’t his. He got pulled over, and one of the three passengers had a sizable amount of cocaine. This passenger tossed the bag of drugs on the floor when police ordered everyone out. Obviously they found it, and obviously the scumbag didn’t claim it, so my friend got arrested because it was his car and registered to him. Shit happens..

    That being said, I don’t believe her. Company you keep…if you are with people that are holding heroin you are A) just as much at risk for getting busted and B) using the heroin.

    Her history doesnt help her all. One thing you can be sure of with an addict….if they are talking, they are lying.

    • TinaBelchersGroan

      Eeh, under normal circumstances, I don’t usually use “guilty by association” and try to give them the benefit of the doubt with naivety (I personally always had this problem myself ?) BUT this is Tori we’re taking about so I’d have to agree with you.

  • FR

    The bags under her eyes say she’s using drugs. They aren’t normal for a healthy 24 year old. She looks like a typical addict and as if she’s about to turn 40 (not 25).

  • Chewy

    “Jenelle Eason.” What a stupid name.

  • Oscar Moto

    BS, the dope is hers. If she’s not using, than she’s selling, if not both.

    • Kat

      Exactly. 100% agree.

  • Mark Mckayhan

    Damn she is going to have terrible needle chills in jail

  • Juliana

    Lindsay Lohan claimed the cocaine in her pant’s weren’t hers too!!! Makes you wonder, NOT!!!!! lol

  • Regina


  • Lauren

    What I would like to know is how they’re getting relatively mild punishments for some pretty hefty drug charges. I can understand maybe the first or second time but Tori (along with Jenelle) have multiple charges that they haven’t or aren’t being held accountable for. Which is probably part of the reason on why they keep offending. And Tori, you’re using. We can all tell by your picture. ?