Jenelle Evans to quit Teen Mom 2, shares texts with MTV producers

Jenelle Evans quits Teen Mom 2

Jenelle Evans has announced plans to quit Teen Mom 2 after watching Monday night’s episode. “Yes, me and David have our ups and downs but yesterday’s episode was uncalled for,” Jenelle posted on Instagram. She expressed her anger over two particular scenes, and shared text message conversations with producers over whether or not to subtitle her son Kaiser, who is in speech therapy.

Early in the episode, Co-Executive Producer Kristen and photographer Erin arrive at Jenelle’s house to film, but Jenelle has been texting them both letting them know that she and David have been arguing and do not wish to film. Jenelle then texts that David has given the crew five minutes to get off the property before he calls the police. Kristen and Erin seem surprised and frustrated, but they leave.

The camera crew return the next day and Jenelle and David are essentially acting like nothing happened the day before. Erin asks them about their argument, and David gets a bit frustrated. He insists that the crew should focus on the positives and not the negatives before announcing he needs to go to the hardware store and then leaving.

“Because David didn’t feel like explaining another argument or drama on camera they make it look as if David is hiding some weird ass sh!t from the public as if he was hurting me in some way?!” Jenelle wrote in response to the scene. “They treat all of us as if we are in a freak show and in cages. WE aren’t human beings to @mtv what-so-ever,” she added.

Jenelle’s frustration over David’s portrayal was amplified by a photo circulating online that allegedly shows marks on Jenelle’s arm during a scene from a previous episode. Jenelle shared the photo as well as additional screen caps from the same episode in which there are no marks on her arm:

A post shared by Jenelle Eason (@j_evans1219) on

“The first screenshot of the custody episode someone posted photoshopping a hand mark on my arm,” Jenelle explains in the caption. “The other screenshots are pictures I’ve taken myself from the same episode… and there aren’t any hand marks.”

The other scene from Monday night’s episode that upset Jenelle was one in which she and David were working on their “Save the Date” photo. As the couple posed for photos, Kaiser was throwing a huge tantrum while playing with his brother Jace. At one point he is shown screaming something that is hard to make out, but MTV provided the subtitles: “Feed me!”

Jenelle posted what she says are text messages between her and Teen Mom 2 producers about Kaiser’s speech issues, and she included a photo of the document stating he has received speech therapy and it is recommended that he continue:

Jenelle Evans MTV texts with producers Jenelle Evans Kaiser speech therapy

Jenelle’s caption:

MTV has done a great job this time. I watched last nights episode at 2pm yesterday afternoon and have been very upset ever since. I deactivated my accounts mainly because I don’t want to even begin to read the comments. Here are texts of me explaining that subtitling my son when he has speech therapy isn’t right at all, but MTV feels the need to keep it in their story and put the subtitle in “feed me”. I’ve blocked all my producers numbers. I will not stand for the negative sh!t anymore. I’ll be off social media for a while to be focusing on solely my family. @mtv

Not helping things at all is the fact that the @TeenMom Twitter account posted a gif of the scene with Kaiser screaming “Feed me!” during last night’s episode and laughed it off with the caption “Literally me” with a pizza slice emoji. Chelsea Houska’s dad Dr. Randy Houska took exception to the tweet and called @TeenMom out over it:

Teen Mom Kaiser Feed Me tweet Randy Houska

The tweet was later deleted.

As mentioned above, the most recent episode was potentially the last straw for Jenelle. “I have decided after this season I’m probably calling it quits for filming this show,” Jenelle says. She does leave the door open, though, if producers are willing to address her grievances over editing. “Once they treat me with respect I’ll be back, if they don’t I’ll be happy with the life I’ve got. I told them this last night. #MarriedLife #MIA ?✌?”

Jenelle’s Instagram account remains viewable, but her Twitter account has been deleted.

I assume that Jenelle and MTV will be able to reach some sort of compromise, as they always seem to do. I simply cannot imagine Jenelle actually walking away from such a lucrative deal, and no matter what your opinion of Jenelle may be, you have to admit that the show would not be the huge success that it is without her — so MTV is equally motivated to make things work. (I do think that adding Briana gives producers a little flexibility as far as negotiating contracts and potentially letting a cast member go, but it simply cannot be Jenelle. Right?)

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  • Truth

    Jenelle needs to stfu. She can’t quit. She has no other steady income and neither does her abuser husband. Maybe if she didn’t behave the way she did there would be nothing to show. But she continues to act like a POS so that’s what gets shown.

  • TA

    Well, Jenelle. Maybe they incorrectly “quoted” poor Kaiser as he screamed while you and David did your announcement photos. But there’s no doubt he was being abusive when he yanked Kaiser by the arm over to the swing set, and angrily stopped Jace on the swing.
    And don’t make us all laugh while you threaten to quit the show again. You think you can afford that lifestyle being a medical assistant? While David doesn’t work either? You’re going to need the income from this show to pay for therapy for your kids.

  • Che

    She said probably … so most likely not

    • Chewy

      Ha! That’s exactly my thought “probably.”

    • sysmjp

      Yep, she was already backing off of the idea in her own statement. She is crazy and evil but knows where the money is coming from.

  • Whatevss

    Coming from an abusive relationship, Jenelle is definitely being abused in some way, whether it’s physically or mentally. I see a lot ALOT of red flags. Poor children. They are also victims in this ordeal. She’s in denial.

    • TA

      Jenelle has been abused her entire life, sadly. All the signs are there. So has Barbara. But neither of them know how to break the cycle, or care enough to for all those babies.
      It’s so, so sad.
      Kaiser and Jace are going to be monsters.

      • MarieK

        Janelle and David are both abusive to each other and others. Janelle is still with David because he is desperate and dumb enough to stick around. Everyone else has been smart enough to run.

  • bambiglanville

    She is a POS as a human. Yet this website loves to glorify her. Her husband is borderline crazy and abusive (also a POS) the clip I saw of the most recent episode made me cringe and feel sick. But the money? She won’t quit.

    • FR

      why do all her children have problems speaking? Jace was severely speech delayed and has an impediment. Not really surprising that Kaiser has an impediment because Nathan does as well and both of Kaiser’s parents are half wit drug users.
      By the way, the only person making her marriage look like a joke is Jenelle. Didn’t she move in with David after a week, just like all the others?

      • LL

        Children need to be spoken to and interacted with in order to develop a strong vocabulary. Hard to do when every other word they use is “dude” and being screamed at.

        • bambiglanville

          Absolutely true

        • Kiya Moore


      • Lauren

        She’s never spent the time developing their vocabulary, reading to them, etc. She likes the idea of children but doesn’t want the everyday tasks of having them.

      • barbinop

        Like Amber too. She barely has time to put clean sheets on her bed before the next man hops in

    • Ann

      There are a number of reasons that a child’s speech can be delayed. The reasons can stem from both development due to a delay from an underlying nuero-psychological problem or exposure/lack of exposure (neglect) at a young age. I am a Special Education teacher and my son was globally delayed (later diagnosed with Autism.) I do applaud her for taking him for some early intervention services. Early intervention can be a life saver as it was for my son.

      • Lacy

        Except that she isn’t getting him services or she would totally say he is in therapy. The note is a screening test that his school probably did saying he needs speech therapy.

      • R.

        Couldn’t have said that better! My oldest son has autism, and my daughter is speech delayed/phonological speech disorder and our three year old is also speech delayed possibly on the spectrum. That’s 3 for 3 of my children all having speech problems and it was beyond my control or there father, but again like you said early intervention and being proactive on helping your children is key!


        I would never defend jenelle or her parenting skills, but it is not fair to say that someone’s kid is delayed because of neglect purely. My son (had) and my daughter is (currently doing an assessment for) speech therapy. My son was in speech for two years, and graduated out (going in 3rd-4th grade) with no longer an issue.
        I read to them daily. I am hoping my daughter will grow out of it faster since we are noticing it beforehand. I had begged her drs office for help and they wanted to wait until she was in school. Now that she is in school, her teacher backs me 100%. So now I know to push for it.

        • Jackie

          Agreed! A caring parent has to push for intervention for their child.

      • Jackie

        She didn’t take him to early intervention. The school that he went to saw delays and made a recommendation that he get testing. I would assume as a special ed teacher yoy would know the difference between the documents.

        I also have a degree in special education and elementary education. Kaiser seems to have delays from neglect. If his parents and teachers work with him her can easily get caught up.

    • MarieK

      I agree, I haven’t watched this show in more than 2 years and this couple is one of the reasons why. The abuse these children see and endure is just too much and the fact that MTV continues on with this BS is so aggravating.

  • Nicole

    She needs that money lol

    • TA

      Exactly. She’s already back on IG promoting some product. Oopsie, Jenelle. Did you forget about those contracts you nailed down because of being on the show?
      No MTV, no paid advertisements. No money.

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    Sure duhnelle, whatever you say.

  • Jenn

    So, is she going to start hooking for income because lord knows she has no marketable skills.

    • Regina

      But she’s going into the medical field dude.

      • Cait

        She’s gonna save people’s lives!

      • Jackie

        She can’t even pass the state exam to be a medical assistant.

  • Caty P. :)

    Ahhh, the sweet calm of absolute delusion…….

  • Lauren

    Here are my two cents. While the show is obviously heavily edited I do think there is some truth to it. It does look like an abusive relationship with how Jenelle acts but gets defensive & claims all the time it’s the best relationship ever yada yada. While I would hate to think that little boy is being abused/neglected I think there is some truth to it as well. As with Jace, I believe Jenelle holds resentment towards them because of who their dads are & David just seems like a controlling asswipe who would take it out on the kids. I just hate that Kaiser doesn’t have anyone going to bat for him. As will be the case with Ensley.

  • twelfthnight

    Quit then, Duhnelle. The only reason you get laxative tea sponsorships is because of your visibility on this show. This show made you. This show gave you everything you have. This show is why you aren’t in jail and your kids are (unfortunately) still around you.

    What are you going to do once you quit? Get a job? Highly doubt it.

  • Stacey J

    Whatever Jenelle….”the land” doesn’t pay for itself and neither her or David have jobs or are relevant enough to exist outside of this show. She’s not ready for the reality of what it really takes to make a six figure salary when you’re not on a reality TV show….please…she will be back.

  • Babs#1

    Doubt it, everybody knows she’s all about that teen mom money. Quit kidding yourself Jenelle! It’s been a few years she’s been on MTV you would think it’s time for her to wake up and smell the coffee. Ridiculous how producers are keeping her on the show, guess it’s all her drama/baggage that keeps it flowing.

  • NJJuls

    He insists that the crew should focus on the positives and not the negatives
    HAHAHAAHA! Yeah right! The crew would have nothing to film! They would be sitting around for days waiting for “only positive” stuff to film.

    • MarieK

      and…you hear crickets…

  • sysmjp

    Damn, even Leah could manage sugar packets and gas station food for her kids. Jenelle is officially the worst mom on the series.

    She doesn’t want MTV to film the relationship with David imploding. After alienating everyone else in their lives it only leaves them, and unfortunately their kids, to go in on with their shared psychosis.

    Good luck keeping Jim Jones around without the MTV money. It will be hard to buy him another house and truck with welfare checks. Yea, on second thought, you’re not going anywhere b*.

  • Yup, I said it

    Chinelle is just mad that she isn’t being portrayed as the happy young family like Chelsea. But Chinelle, editing can’t do magic, it can’t take two lifelong felons and sociopathic, abusive people and turn you into the DeBoers. I dont work like that.

  • Kiya Moore

    Jenelle’s not quitting because David is not working. Simple as that.

  • Liz

    Wonder how she is going to make money then.

    Also wonder who they are going to bring back on the show.

  • Renee L

    Why can’t Starcasm write an article without errors? There’s never one correctly written. Erin didn’t ask them about their argument, Kristen did. But P.S. Jenelle is a total POS. So is UBT.

  • Meh..

    Ha, I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • barbinop

    Oh please! Jenelle and the other girls will never leave Teen Mom. The money and the perks are too good to pass up. And that would mean the girls and their boyfriends/husband’s would actually have to go out and get a real job. The only one I can ever see leaving is Chelsea. She’s the only one who is stable. Jenelle is crying “foul ” to get more attention on social media. The gravy train chugs along!

  • Rice

    She’s a crappy mom that will never change or take responsibility. She chooses loser guys because that’s what she broadcasts. She thinks a baby fixes things and when that doesn’t work it’s see you later kids. She was on drugs while pregnant,her child (or maybe all 3) were born addicted. Instead of change you go to CA to get a medical card for pot. I’m 99% sure you still are. David is going to end up killing someone. Makes you wonder what he does off camera!!! Get fixed Jenelle no child deserves that abuse.

  • Aussie cathie

    Dude you are not going anywhere unfortunately! Useless POS

  • Cait

    No way is she quitting. How else would they pay for their lazy asses to not have jobs?! Notice she only said “probably quitting” lmao.

    And MTV doesn’t have to edit to make her and her creepy ass husband look bad, they’ve got that down themselves. I really do think he’s abusive, if not physically, at the very least verbally/emotionally. You can see in his face how angry he gets when Jenelle doesn’t listen to him and it’s creepy how in that episode when he was saying “were we fighting yesterday?” Jenelle wouldn’t even look him in the eye and basically just said nothing.

    I also find the way he treats those kids to be horrible and that’s when he knows he’s being filmed.. imagine what he probably does when the cameras are gone..

  • Vee

    I’m sorry but I don’t watch the show because of Jenelle, she’s been on the same train ever since her first appearance on the TV. Like they say “same sh*t different day” in her case “same sh*t different d*ck”. Every season is the same thing, Jenelle acting like she wants Jace back, Jenelle acting like she has her sh*t together, Jenelle acting like she has change, jenelle acting like she’s completely off drugs, Jenelle…. you get the point.

  • Feisty

    JENELLE WILL NEVER LEAVE!! in her own words she says “she might not come back” MIGHT not…..This is her threat tactic so the producers will kiss her ass to stay. And I’m sure they will. Because they need her train wreck of a life to promote ratings!

  • FYO

    MTV will step up and pay if that’s what it takes to keep Jenelle on the show. Her and Kailyn are the most popular people on the show because their lives are the biggest train wrecks. They generate the most interest and the most response, be it negative (but that’s irrelevant).

    And before some dumbfuhk starts whining because I called them popular, let me point out that `most popular` does not mean `most liked`.

  • Kail’s Fake Ass

    Weird thing about toddlers, Jenelle..they usually get cranky when hungry or tired. She literally can’t handle any situation with her kids calmly and rationally. That’s not MTV editing either, that’s just how she is.

  • MarieK

    First of all their marriage is a joke…Jenelle must be a joke God is playing on the world or maybe hes trying to show the world what kind of person,parent,daughter,etc..not to be. I dont know what kind of speech impediment Kaiser has but I’m almost positive its due to her not talking to him or sitting down and reading to him. It’s kindof hard to learn to talk when all you hear is screaming and b*tch*ng all the time. WE WISH YOU WOULD QUIT THE SHOW …GO AHEAD ..I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU!!!

  • Jennifer Jackson-Torres

    Yeah sure she is going to leave the show. That would mean her and her loser husband would have to get real jobs. I bet she won’t be making fun of her mom for working at Walmart when she’s begging her for a reference. As far as her being a Medical Assistant, if I saw that idiot working at my doctor’s office I would be changing doctors quickly. Ca you imagine her telling a patient they need dramastically lower their blood pressure?