Chelsea Houska DeBoer wedding photos and videos

Chelsea Houska DeBoer wedding photos

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska DeDoer and husband Cole DeBoer officially tied the knot last October, but one year and one week later they celebrated their marriage with a wedding event attended by lots of family and friends. Those same family and friends posted LOTS of photos from Saturday’s DeBoerpalooza and it looked AMAZING!

Chelsea Houska wedding photo

“Yesterday was absolutely incredible?” Chelsea wrote with the photo above. “We got to celebrate our marriage with all the people we love and had a fricken BLAST. I love this man @coledeboer.” A week prior, Cole shared a photo from their “first” wedding and wrote “1 year ago on this beautiful day I married my amazing perfect wife. Happy anniversary @chelseahouska I love you.”

Chelsea wore a similar white lace dress to the one she wore last year, but this time around she wasn’t five months pregnant, so it’s a little more revealing with no sleeves and a plunging neckline:

Chelsea Houska DeBoer wedding 2017 Chelsea Houska DeBoer wedding friend Brittnee kiss

Meanwhile, hubby Cole kept it L.L.Beanishly formal with a blue checkered dress shirt, tie, suspenders and brown dress pants. Also, it appears that his groom’s cake was a deer head, compete with antlers:

Cole DeBoer groom's cake deer

Aubree was princesstastic in her dress, but was quick to eschew formality as she hugged it out with sister Paislee:

Chelsea Houska DeBoer wedding Aubree and Paislee

Speaking of siblings, Chelsea’s sisters were in town for the event, and posed together with their mom and Watson:

Chelsea’s dad Dr. Randy Houska posted a black-and-white photo with two of his daughters (and son-in-laws):

Near the end of a great night. Flanked by the DeBoer brothers LOL

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Why am I even writing stuff? you guys can figure it out! Let me just say that the “wedding” (and Chelsea) looked absolutely beautiful and joyful. Actually, I think we kind of nailed it with our prediction more than a year ago:

Congratulations to Chelsea and Cole and everyone else involved in their happily ever after! I’m going to guess that MTV wasn’t filming, and that’s perfectly alright with me. 🙂 Actually, I feel very confident that they weren’t filming because they were all there celebrating! The best gallery of photos I ran across was from Chelsea’s producer Mandi. Check out these wonderful images (and you can scroll down for a video clip of Mandi and Aubree cuttin’ a rug):

OK, enjoy the rest of the photos (plus a couple tweets from Dr. Randy) — and thanks to everyone that posted them:

And one from the beginning of a great night

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Beautiful Bride! It has been a great weekend, back to Florida tomorrow.

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End of the night picture! It was a good night! South Dakota, I have missed you!

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marriage is FUN

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My dance moves!!

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UPDATE – We’ve got more professional photos from Chelsea’s wedding, and they’re worth the click!

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  • Me

    I don’t like her hair or her dress..but she did lose all her baby weight! She looks so happy! Good for her! Now eat a cheeseburger girl! ?

    • Cait Sith

      Ugh. She’s fine the way she is and worked her ass off to get there.

      That shit is so annoying

      • Joan of Arc

        Thank you. The one thing I hate about this site is people making fun of the way women look. It happens on almost every single comment thread. We don’t have to like them, but let’s not keep taking cheap shots at physical appearances.

        • Juliana

          We can thank the Kardashian’s for all the body image bs…. they created that monster and the irony is they are all fake with exception to Kendall (who did a unfortunate lip injection) and Kourtney both appear to be keeping it a natural beauty…

      • Raine Bridges

        Shes a landwhale… wth are you talking about? Her candid photos are edited like no other… have you not seen the show? Girl needs to eat the correct # of hamburgers.

  • Alice

    Must be nice being rich enough to have two weddings.

    • joaniepoo

      she had a quiet ceremony when she was pregnant and said they would have the reception after she gave birth. and from the pictures, it doesnt look like a very fancy affair, so your comment is stupid

      • JenellesEyebrows

        Nothing they do is fancy. They live in that ramshackle mess of a house in bumblefuck, and she always dresses like a hobo with the cut off shorts, and badddd extensions.

        Where is this $300,000 going???

    • Cait

      Her first wedding was basically just a small ceremony and this one was outside in a park wth a tent.. the “venue” literally cost them like $300 so I’m pretty sure it didn’t exactly break the bank..

    • Aussie cathie

      Snarky piece of work are you not ?

  • Victoria

    Watch jenelle release the rest of her pictures soon

    • Shanaynay

      I was just gonna say something about Jenelle. She cant be outdone. Lol #jealous

      • Patricia J. Chatham

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    • QT Hush

      I was just thinking how much Jenhell copied Chelsea even to the choice in dress. Too bad she didn’t find someone like COLE instead of UBT. Big difference between the men they chose.

      • shayvoe

        Big difference is in who the men chose. Janelle will never be able to get better than the David’s, the Nathan’s and the Kiefer’s of the world. No decent guy will ever want or stay with Janelle.

        • QT Hush

          I have no doubt Jenelle sleeps with every man on the first date. There’s no getting to know you or building a friendship before she’s pregnant. It’s her MO and it hasn’t worked once. Time to switch up the game plan if she lives through the current marriage.

          • sysmjp

            Lol @ “if she lives through”… yea, there is some doubt there!

          • Chanette Willeford

            Chelsea was kinda known for being loose as well… shes just trying to clear that up because shes in a relationship. A quick google search will show you her skanky ways … all of them are horrid… cmon

            • QT Hush

              Will do. I guess she’s just not called out for her behavior as much as Jenhell.

      • tanya

        Cole isnt a prize by any stretch of the imagination… he’s just the best a teen mom could hope for. Hes very weathered looking, and is very odd with her daughter (he thinks it’s appropriate to sit her in his lap.)

        • QT Hush

          I do not see Cole as “hot”by any standards. He does have a job though?

    • Aussie cathie

      Complete with banjos playing in the background…,

  • Kate

    Seeing Chelsea and her family makes me so happy – especially for her children.

  • shayvoe

    She looked beautiful, but I hate those damned nose rings! WHy would you leave those in at your wedding? In 20 years she is going to look at those pictures, and ask herself why.

    • Josh

      The “eat p*ss* “ noserings is what they’re called, and if you search her partying days you’ll see she’s definitely into chicks lol

      • shayvoe

        Never saw anything to indicate that, You must have her confused with Kail.

  • Regina

    She looks beautiful! Love the hair and the dress! Looks like a great night.

  • Juliana

    Chelsea and Cole are a beautiful couple. The “wedding gown” is very very pretty and Chelsea’s hair is toned down a couple of notches. I’m happy for them and wish them all the best…

    Adorbs of Aubree and Pailsee, so cute!!!!!
    ETA: so happy that Aubree has a real father (figure) in her life, she deserves it…

  • jameka

    Chelsea looks BEAUTIFUL!

  • Aussie cathie

    What a wonderful little family

  • B

    She wont film her wedding but she’ll film her children. Lovely. This storyline is getting tired. Its just her twirling her crappy extensions, and talking baby talk to a very suspect pedo guy dressed in Americana wear.

  • Candis

    her breasts are why you shouldn’t breastfeed… eggs nailed to wall 🙁