PHOTOS Farrah Abraham walks the runway at LA Fashion Week for Mister Triple X

Farrah Abraham Mister Triple x fashion show

Fresh off her Mediterranean vacay with the fam (and ex Simon Saran), Teen Momtrepreneur Farrah Abraham got right back to work Stateside — this time as a runway model for designer Mister Triple X during Los Angeles Fashion Week.

Farrah Abraham runway model Farrah Abraham icon

Farrah, still rocking her flaming red mane (albeit a bit frizzier than usual), wore a blue and silver reptilian animal print one piece with flowing full sleeves and very little coverage for the reality’s stars infamous backdoor:

Farrah Abraham booty - click for uncensored photo

(Click for the uncensored not SFW-ish badonkapic.)

In addition to strutting the catwalk, Farrah also posed with Mister Triple X designer and Art Hearts Fashion founder Erik Rosete on the red carpet:

Farrah Abraham with Mister Triple X Erik Rosete was in attendance and summarized the collection: “The showcase closed with an explosion of tropical prints by designer Mister Triple X. The collection titled ‘TropiX’ was a continuation of the brand’s swim/resort collection, providing lots of eye candy and stylish resort wear.”

Hmmm… Perhaps the next time Farrah is on a tropical vacation we will see her sporting her Mister Triple X look! It would most certainly turn a few resort guest heads. 🙂

Here’s a parting glimpse with Farrah showcasing her fantastically fierce face:

Farrah Abraham Mister Triple X

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  • Shanaynay

    Ewww!! I just lost my lunch!! She looks like shes put on a few pounds! And her a$$ is nasty! Why wouldnt they cover her tan lines? Guess you cant expect much from anyone who actually puts Farrah in their show.

    • FR

      All then years (and tears) of work I put in to lose my saddlebags and extra hip/butt area and now these girls are adding it with plastic surgery. Bizarre!!

      Her makeup looks halfway decent for once and the hair is kinda great — too bad it’s on her as she’s still dead inside

      • Patricia J. Chatham

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  • FrontDoorMom

    Where did those thighs come from?! Not body shaming but homegirl has always been a stick with major thigh gappage!

    • FYO

      Her thighs and back side are huge now. She has definitely packed on some pounds and I wouldn’t be surprised if she also got plastic surgery on her caboose. And I don’t really care if anyone thinks that’s body shaming or not. The truth is the truth.

      • Cait

        I believe she openly admitted to getting butt implants but it does look a little bigger now maybe she upgraded lol

        • FYO

          I can’t wait until this trend of women having rhinoceros @sses installed in their backsides is done & over with. It has got to be the stupidest trend yet.

          • FrontDoorMom

            Right?! I love my small sad ass. Idk why anyone would do this to their body.

  • Jojo

    Badly designed, poorly styled, cheap and talentless… designer, model, et al.

  • sysmjp

    She looks like Raggedy Ann on the corner. Why is the face make-up three shades lighter. Is this supposed to be a Halloween look?

  • twelfthnight

    Yeah I 110% thought that was a man in drag.

  • Mark Mckayhan

    She is looking more and more like a sex doll. Kind of fitting. Who finds this thing attractive in the first place?

  • Robin

    This crazy bish tries to sculpt her body after Kim Kardashian..EPIC FAIL! Many years ago she was actually attractive. Hard to believe she spent thousands to look like Bozo on steroids!

    • Juliana

      Kim’s work is a fail also so I’m not sure who you meant had failed Kim or this creature…

      • Robin

        I wouldn’t say Kim is a fail…she certainly isn’t successful by my definition but she is a very rich woman for nothing more than the way she LOOKS! Farrah? She took a God-given, pretty face and slender build and had plastic surgery to achieve over-sized lips and fake looking facial features and body parts that try to mimic Kim’s. In my opinion, Farrah looks like a textbook example of someone addicted to plastic surgery. I did a college paper on the Kardashians and their rise to fame by nothing more than savvy business tactics. I actually did a bit of research on Kim for that paper. Kim Kardashian has help…she gets facial peels and gets injections in parts of her face to eliminate lines, but her actual features are her own. Obviously, what worked for Kim has not worked for Farrah.

        • ToriMae

          Kim also had injections in her butt. She supposedly got a Brazilian butt, meaning she had fat liposuctioned from one part of her body and injected into her butt. All the Kardashians have plastic surgeons on speed dial. Bruce included lol

  • Alisson Leech

    Thunder thighs.

  • joaniepoo

    whats that old saying about putting lipstick on a pig…….its still a pig

  • Aussie cathie

    That thing she is wearing needs to be beaten with stick and killed after being up her poxy festy arse…, ewww?

  • Regina

    I mean I’d rather see her doing this than more porn so….

  • Juliana

    She is such a unfortunate creature. Can’t wait to see how Sophia turns out with such a wonderful (not) role model of a mother..

  • Scarlett

    I can’t believe anyone running a reputable business would invite Farrah to anything….BIG MISTAKE, dude.

  • COCO ?

    She’s mentally unwell and because she refuses to get help her illness will continue to increase

  • Dori

    I have to say her make-up artist did a very good job considering what he/she had to work with. Everything else is a no-go.