RETURN TO AMISH Sabrina Burkholder arrested again, currently in prison

Sabrina Burkholder Return To Amish

The struggles of Breaking Amish and Return To Amish star Sabrina Burkholder (aka Sabrina High) continue as she is currently back in prison in Pennsylvania.

The 31-year-old mother of two is listed as an inmate at Lancaster County Prison after being booked on August 24. There is no indication what she was arrested for this time, but we are told that it was a parole violation from her previous drug conviction. She was previously arrested on May 11 and was released on May 22 after pleading guilty to the following charges:

• Possession of a Controlled Substance
• Driving an Unregistered Vehicle
• Use/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

It is our understanding that Sabrina had an arrest warrant issued for her a little over a month after being released, but she managed to avoid police for weeks. In addition to her criminal issues, Sabrina was also recently taken to court over unpaid rent. On August 3, a judge ruled in favor of her former landlord and ordered Sabrina to pay $1,800 in unpaid rent plus court fees.

We have multiple sources that tell us Sabrina is doing well, but it is hard to be optimistic given that Sabrina has seemingly done well after previous incarcerations too. As we’ve said many, many times — we wish Sabrina the best and hope that she is able to somehow get her life back on track and have her children back in her life. (Click here for an update on Sabrina’s custody status with her daughters Oakley and Arianna.)

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  • Meeee

    She was always crying and wanting people to feel sorry for her.. get real girl.. You Fake!

  • kristen

    She makes me sad. I feel like she’s a good person, she’s just damaged.

  • Laura Burkert

    This just makes me sad

  • Liz Spais

    I feel sad for her, she just can’t seem to find peace. I pray she can come to terms with her life and find Serenity.

    • Cara

      Pray she gets real and she will at least have a chance.

  • sw10397

    she’s a freakin HOT mess. wouldnt be surprised if the next article on her stated she o’d.

  • Trash TV

    It seems like she is stuck between two worlds. She wanted her daughter to be raised Mennonite cause the English world has brought her nothing but sorrow and trouble. She won’t be accepted by the Mennonites cause she is divorced.
    Is there not a place for her somewhere in between? A place where ex-Mennonites live who still live partly Mennonite without the super strict rules?
    She is a sweatheart, the drugs are the main problem.

    • Aa

      If you look at photos of her ten years or so ago this woman never had a
      strict upbringing. She’s posing in bikinis. She lies like a rug as
      most druggies. She loves being high more than she loves her kids. Dry
      up, clean up and grow up. She is 31 years old and already had fun now
      try to love the kids. She should also now get on birth control since
      she has no self-control..

      • Cara

        Aaaaaaaaah . Someone who is on to her. You can see clear through her. It’s amazing how many people fall for what ever she says. Even Sabrina is laughing at them.

    • Cara

      She’s a filthy talking pig. What you are seeing isn’t sweet it’s her simpleton stupidity. Can’t believe how you fall for her games

  • Alisson Leech


  • Cara

    She is expecting Jeremiah to make up to her everything that was ever done against her. No one should have those kind of expectations strapped on them. She needs to let go of the past. She can’t mature till she does.

  • Cathy