Danielle Jbali addresses 2005 arrest, stays focused on college, kids & grandkids

90 Day Fiance Danielle Jbali arrest details

90 Day Fiance star Danielle Jbali has come under a great deal of scrutiny since her TLC debut alongside her Tunisian ex-husband Mohamed Jbali, and one of the things that keeps getting brought up are court records indicating she was arrested and charged with felony counts of theft and forgery in 2005. Danielle has responded to questions about her arrest numerous times on social media, and she insists that she was never convicted of any felonies.

As an example, Danielle revealed earlier this year that she is currently taking college classes in hopes of becoming a nurse, but someone on Twitter tagged her and pointed out that “You can’t get a nursing license with criminal past.” Danielle responded by revealing “My criminal charges don’t count because they are misdemeanors not felonies.”

We reached out to Danielle to clarify what happened, and we’ve combined her responses with online court records to come up with a timeline for you that should clarify things once and for all. (Please note that all of this happened MORE THAN TEN YEARS AGO.)

In April of 2004, Danielle was found guilty of writing a bad check. She was ordered to pay restitution of $610.00 in addition to court fees. Court records also indicate that she received two years of probation. Danielle explains what happened: “I stopped payment on a check, and when that expired, the person tried to cash it and then took me to court for passing a bad check.”

90 Day Fiance Danielle Jbali mug shot from 2005 arrest

In the following year, Danielle was charged with felony theft and felony fraud. (That’s Danielle’s mug shot photo from 2005 above.) The charges were filed on August 4, and on August 11, the felony charges were dropped as Danielle was found guilty of misdemeanor theft. Danielle says of her sentence: “I was on intensive probation for two years, did counseling and paid restitution.” (Danielle did not reveal any specifics about the arrest.)

Interestingly, the court website indicates that there was a motion in April of 2016 to seal the court records from the bad check charge, but that motion was denied because “the court finds that defendant is not a first offender and is therefore not eligible for sealing of record.”

As I mentioned above, Danielle’s actions that got her into legal trouble happened more than a decade ago, and she is leaving those (and Mohamed) behind to focus on her children, her grandchildren, and her career. “People make mistakes and regret it,” Danielle admits, “but it does not mean they are a bad person.” She adds: “There are circumstances that explain why people do stuff, and it isn’t right to keeping bringing it up after so many years have passed.”

Danielle is currently enrolled in her second semester of college classes in pursuit of a nursing degree. She tells us that her current course load includes Biology, Statistics, Medical Terminology, and Psychology. Last month she posted her previous semester’s report card on Twitter, revealing an “A” in Intermediate Algebra and a “B” in Academic Writing. It’s been while since I had a math class, but I think that equates to a 3.5 GPA! 😉

Congratulations to Danielle! Say what you will about her, but she has come a loooooong way since viewers first met her way back in October of 2014. We’re hoping she continues making positive changes on her way to living up to her spin-off’s Happily Ever After title.

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  • Monross

    give me a break, she will never be hired as an RN with her work record, her record and she will need to be fingerprinted by the FBI, never gonna happen

    • Lora Brusacoram Banks

      Don’t be so damn negative. I hope the best for her. ?

      • Monross

        whose negative, wake up to reality she has a poor track record, I would like to see her succeed too but will it ever happen?

        • Lora Brusacoram Banks

          Your comment sounded negative, sorry. I want her to succeed too.

          • Monross

            I guess it did when I read it back.

      • TheTruth

        Well when you do bad things they are something one has to live with forever. If one doesn’t want negative things following them they should have thought about the consequences beforehand. Alot of people make criminally poor choices in life but they should probably keep a low profile and avoid reality TV I’d they don’t want their past coming up. That’s life!

        • Lora Brusacoram Banks

          It’s called being human. Everybody messes up at one time or another. Let It Go. Also, regarding her College, at least she’s doing something to try to better her life. Try saying something positive everybody. She may fail at nursing and then she may succeed and surprise everyone. You never know.

          • jayanna

            I am not concerned with anything criminal she may have done over 10 years ago. I am concerned that she seems to be intellectually and emotionally compromised. I doubt very much that she has the capacity to become an LPN, much less an RN. Becoming an RN requires a body of knowledge that she seems incapable of comprehending. I would be very frightened if she was taking care of my medical needs.

            • Lora Brusacoram Banks

              You may very well be right. But I do give her kudos for at least trying. I do hope the best for her.

          • TheTruth

            Yes, but it wasn’t one or even two times it was several. After the first she should have learned her lesson. Continuing to engage in criminal behavior makes her a criminal not just someone who made a mistake. There’s not too much positive to say about a criminal who also doesn’t take responsibility for her own mental health. Certainly not someone who should be taking care of others the nursing profession.
            Fortunately, she will likely never get hired as nurse due to her record and her mental instability.

    • FR

      Her classes appear to be remedial. She would have a REALLY long way to go before she gets into nursing school. She’s not even in a major at this point.

    • FYO

      Not only is her criminal record going to get in the way, her public behavior and lack of mental capacity are going to get in the way as well. To be honest, I seriously doubt she could even become an LPN, much less an RN.

      Too bad she can get paid stalking and harassing Mahammit.

    • tina

      also she is taking remedial classes probably she will never ever be able to pass the nursing program or get in i. t never mind her criminal past which you don’t know nuttin it was years ago everyone scams i mean makes mistakes

  • FR

    She needs to find another pursuit. No one would want to have their life/health etc dependent on her. She really is out of her depth and no one else should pay with their life because she wants to prove she’s not a failure. Surely there’s something else she can do. The idea of her being a nurse is terrifying.

  • Stacey J

    Why does she still have the name “Jbali”?

    • jayanna

      She refuses to change it citing it is too expensive. I very much doubt it is anything other than she wants to stay connected to “Mohammit.”

      • Lora Brusacoram Banks

        Well we all know that that’s never going to happen because he’s going to be as far away from her as he can. By the way does anyone know if he is being deported or if he gets to stay in the United States? I truly hope he has to go back to his country.

  • Aussie cathie

    Good luck with that…..

  • Mike

    I see nothing wrong with her being a CNA. Society is in need of people for this position and will take anyone they can get. Not many people are willing to do that job.

  • HorseLover

    Not sure why people go on these funky reality shows where nothing (e.g., talent) is required then they expect to be celebrities. She had a entertainment agent until a recent falling out. Honey Boo was an anomaly. God forbid I were to ever get her as an RN – maybe as a nurses aid. While I don’t wish anyone ill, she needs to go back to real life, take back her last name (not use her ex’s name – why keep it if she hates him?) and get a regular life.