REPORT Kylie Jenner is pregnant with a baby girl

Kylie Jenner pregnant photo

We’ve certainly reported on more than our fair share of Kylie Jenner pregnancy rumors before, but this time, given the source, it seems the story might have a bit more credibility: according to a new report from none other than TMZ, Kylie Jenner is pregnant with a baby girl. Travis Scott, her boyfriend of just under six months, is the father.

Their chronology is as follows: Kylie apparently “began telling friends” about her pregnancy “earlier this month at the Day N Night Fest in Anaheim CA.” (The 2017 edition of the Day N Night Fest took place from September 8-10.) TMZ’s sources say that Travis “has also began telling his friends,” presumably around the same time, and that Travis has “told friends they’re having a girl.”

Although none of the sources in TMZ’s article are named, they all appear to be well-enough acquainted with both Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott to have been present at any one of an unspecified number of “recent event[s]” when Kylie and Travis brought up her pregnancy. Additionally, Travis is said to have been talking about “how his life is going to change.”

If Kylie Jenner is pregnant, it’s worth pointing out how far along she might be. Assuming that Kylie and Travis are following the time-honored advice of waiting at least a month after finding out about the pregnancy before telling other people, it seems safe to assume that Kylie got pregnant sometime in early August, and that she could be around two months pregnant. It’s therefore also worth pointing out that Kylie’s birthday is August 10th 😉

Either way, this story is sure to get juuust a little bit of attention from the greater gossip industry over the weekend, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

(Photo credits: Kylie Jenner is pregnant via Instagram)

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  • smithy jones

    Hey, why not? Nothing better to do, like go to college.

    • kate

      That’s so rude–you know she can’t get into college!

  • Ashley

    Most people usually wait 3 months to announce a pregnancy, as the risk of miscarriage drops pretty significantly after the first trimester.

  • Shanaynay

    Is that pic photoshopped? If not, then she’s def more than two months. Also, if they know the sex, she’s gotta be further along.

    • Tiquie

      Actually you can tell sex through a blood test at like 12 weeks. Most non rich people find out sex at their 20 week sonogram.

      And when you find out your preggers, the very earliest you can find out is about four weeks, just the way it works which I didn’t understand until I had a baby. So you are pregnant for 40 weeks (in theory) and that’s really like 10 months.

    • FrontDoorMom


  • Who me

    Barf !

  • AshleyBlack

    To know the sex she must be at least 18-20 weeks. At least that’s how far along you have to be here before they’ll do gender unltrasoubds.

    • Jenn

      There’s actually a blood test now that can tell much earlier.

      • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

        It can tell at 10 weeks.

      • AshleyBlack

        I wouldn’t trust that. I don’t even trust ultrasounds because they have been wrong. My friend was having a girl but he came out a boy.

        • Lacy

          The blood test is really accurate, and it’s really common to have done nowadays. The reason they give it is because it screens for genetic disorders. It can also tell the gender, but the reason doctors use it is for the screening.

  • Chewy

    Oh 🤢

  • FrontDoorMom

    I doubt she is. I call bull.

    • Kel2707

      I agree

  • cookie

    2 months is too soon to tell the gender of the baby and most people wait until they’re out of their first trimester to announce.

    • Jessica

      Nope not too early. Blood tests can indicate gender of baby that early.

  • cali

    Honestly it doesn’t surprise me. She was always fast, if you know what I mean. I remember when she was about 10 and was dancing around a stripper pole on kuwtk.

  • Cait

    Considering that this is coming out right around the 10th anniversary of KUWTK I’m gonna say I don’t believe this until she confirms it herself…

  • ImOpining

    Something PMK cooked up for the 10th anniversary show tomorrow. Next up is a fake miscarriage.

  • barbinop

    Wow! Never would have guessed that would happen…lmfao. All that money and can’t get birth control?
    Better call Maury.

  • Regina

    I thought it was 3 months??? (to wait to tell people…)