Scott Disick and Sofia Richie officially an item: She ‘looks up to him’ & he’s ‘trying to get better’ for her

Scott Disick and Sophia Richie out and about

They’ve been seen together for months, and rumors linked the two romantically as far back as early June–but are Scott Disick and Sofia Richie dating now? According to a spate of new reports, the two lovebirds are “inseparable” and are taking care of each other in increasingly vulnerable ways.

Most prominent in the latest roundup of Scott Disick dating gossip is People’s new report, which is where the “inseparable” quote comes from. The magazine’s insider claimed the 34-year-old Disick and Richie–who turned nineteen just two weeks after Disick’s chum Kylie Jenner celebrated her 20th–”are spending every day together” since both returned from New York Fashion Week.

“Sofia seems smitten,” the insider added. Finally, in a somewhat confusing juxtaposition, People’s source further explained “It’s obvious that [Sofia] looks up to Scott. She constantly giggles around him.” (Extra’s report took things a step further, writing that Scott is “trying to get better,” ostensibly for Sofia’s sake.)

Scott and Sofia drew further attention to each other while out shopping in Beverly Hills yesterday afternoon (the photo at the top of the article is from that outing). Their shopping spree comes just a few days after Scott reportedly “piss[ed] off” estranged partner Kourtney Kardashian by dropping $10,000 on jewelry for himself, Sofia, and 18-year-old Madison Beer, another member of the all-female crew with whom Scott’s been dipping daily since the spring.

UK tabloid The Sun was the first to report the newest alleged breach in the Disick–Kardashian alliance, claiming Kourtney was “mortified” and “embarrassed” when she found out about the spending.

Kourtney, said their source, is “just furious–not just for how [Scott] acts but also with him for spending so much cash too–he’s blowing it….She doesn’t just give it away like Scott’s doing!”

Blowing $10,000 on jewelry in a single setting–and between three people–doesn’t seem that out of the ordinary for Scott, though. It’s not even that much money: probably one mid-level designer promise ring for Scott and Sofia, complete with matching Hogwarts House engravings (if Sofia says they’re Ravenclaw, then Ravenclaw they shall be), and a trinket for Madison. In fact, if you’ve been following Scott Disick’s Sexual Revenge tour at all this year, you’ll know that buying jewelry for barely-legal teens is one of the least embarrassing things he’s done. The next time he disappears for a six-day weekend after being last seen driving a boat with no captain on board–that’s when we’ll know something’s up.

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  • Alisson Leech

    Lionel, get Sofia away from Scott!! Scott is still on Kristen Jenner’s payroll.

  • sahali735

    Dis-ICK about says it.

    • ImOpining

      Douchick is just trying to make the Dullard jealous.

  • twelfthnight

    “Drug-addicted, deadbeat dad manchild tells actual child he will change for her; naive child believes him, as 19 year olds do. Experts speculate that he will likely not change and the ‘getting better for you, baby’ spiel is just an act.”

    Men who date young barely-women almost half their age are doing it for one reason and one reason alone; the power imbalance. He can control her easily. He couldn’t control Kourtney because she’s on even footing.

    Even if he isn’t ‘dating’ or sleeping with these girls, he is hanging around them because of the power he has over them. They would never dare cross him and that’s what he wants.

    • Staxy

      I can’t applaud this enough.

    • ImOpining

      I said earlier, he’ll be dead from Cirrhosis in a year or two.

    • FR

      same power imbalance the K family and Kourt has with him, but hers is with money and fame

  • Aussie cathie

    I find this a tad disturbing……

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    Lionel is going to be pissed that his daughter is hooking up with a guy who will forever be stuck in a mid life crisis. He’s with a new chick every 3-4 days, I wonder if his kids know who he is at this point. I honestly think it’s pretty sad to have a father who is more involved with his social life than seeing his them. You NEVER see pictures of him with any of them.

  • Charla

    What 19 year old would want to get with an alcoholic with three kids? Tf is wrong with this girl? Does she have daddy issues?

  • jay

    I guess women his own age see through Scott too easily, he has to cruise for little girls who don’t know any better.

  • Jess

    Honestly, Sofia could have any man she wants, and she had to choose an alcoholic deadbeat dad, seriously how does this guy get anyone. Scott even tried to get with his ex girlfriend younger sister.sicko

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    Maybe he should focus on getting better for HIS children not Lionel Richies CHILD.