Scott Disick sad watch: ‘Ignored’ and ‘exploited’ by the Kardashians, he continues Sexual Revenge tour against Kourtney (REPORT)

Scott Disick

It was already a hard year for Scott Disick when news of his August psych hold broke; since then, it seems like things have gotten exponentially worse for the 34-year-old. For starters, a new Page Six item notes that “everyone is ignoring Scott Disick” from the Kardashians on down these days. The proof? At the black-tie party Harper’s Bazaar threw for New York Fashion Week last Friday, Scott arrived with Kim Kardashian, but was quickly ditched and “was later seen alone at the bash flanked by two security guards.”

Said one of the guests, “No one is talking to him! It’s sort of sad.”

Page Six’s take did not note whether the guests were weirded out by Scott’s presence, given that he’s only a few weeks removed from being involuntarily institutionalized due to a mental breakdown reportedly related to his failure to take medication for his worsening liver disease.

One person who’s allegedly still willing to see and be seen with Scott is Kris Jenner–but a separate report claims that she has a selfish (if predictable) reason. Hollywood Gossip writes that Kris is working on “exploiting [Scott’s struggle] and turning it into a dramatic reality TV storyline.” According to their insider, Kris “wants to stage an intervention for Scott, and wants to do it on-camera to be used in the upcoming season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

At the same time, though, Hollywood Gossip’s insider paints perhaps the darkest picture of Disick’s downward spiral so far. Yes, Kris wants the intervention to be captured on camera–but her motives aren’t entirely selfish. “She is also trying everything she can to get him into rehab,” the insider said. “She wants Scott to be there for her grandchildren….Kris knows that if he keeps going, he will die. His drinking has ruined his life, his relationship with Kourtney and his friendship with Khloe.”

Devotées were quick to point out that Kris was the first of the Kardashians to publicly welcome Scott back into the family after he completed his fourth stint in rehab back in the fall of 2015. And, as People pointed out, Kris “walk[ed] arm-in-arm” with Scott at the Fashion Icon Awards last weekend, to “support Kendall [Jenner]” as she received the award for Fashion Icon of the Decade. Kris wasn’t at the Harper’s party later that night, so she was at least willing to treat Scott as she always has while in a very public setting. (It’s worth pointing out that People reports Kim Kardashian was also with Scott at the FIA ceremony, before apparently abandoning him just hours later.)

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But, if the latest Daily Mail dispatch is any indication, Scott might also still be crying out for help the only way he knows how: by sleeping with a different woman every night for as long as possible. The tabloid writes that Disick has been spotted alongside Audreyana Michelle, Sofia Richie, Madison Beer, and a unidentified “blonde…female companion” on consecutive days starting with the New York Fashion Week festivities a few days ago. Of course, the “sleeping with” part is only ever implied, but Scott has been laying that particular implication on especially heavy ever since his Sexual Revenge tour against Kourtney kicked off at Cannes this past spring.

(Photo credit: Scott Disick via Instagram)

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  • Thoughts

    He was in Kim Ks snaps like two days ago? This article is literally fluff who is allowing this? So annoying I miss when starcasm was enjoyable and they would post where are they nows and crazy Florida news

  • cali

    Am I the only one that doesn’t care about this guy at all?!! If he were to die tomorrow I wouldn’t blink an eye, that’s how much I don’t care about him. I just can’t take the image out of my head of him forcing money into a waiters mouth, that was despicable.

    • Mike

      Cared enough to read the article and waste your obviously precious seconds to come and whine in the comments section. Smdh. A human life is still a life and if he died tomorrow his three young kids would care. You’re nobody.

      • cali

        Actually Mike I didn’t even bother reading the article just the title. Guess what? I still don’t care if he died tomorrow he’s a crappy human and I’m sure his kids would be better off without him. You must be a deadbeat just like him.

        • FYO

          No, his kids wouldn’t be better off without him. They adore him and he’s a good father to them. What would be best for his kids is if he stops drinking so it doesn’t kill him. Hopefully for his kids sake he’ll figure it out.

          • cali

            Still stand by what I said. He’s a crappy partner and human and of course they adore him, kids provide unconditional love until they grow up and realize what type of parents they really have.

            • FYO

              Kids don’t provide unconditional love. Kids aren’t born automatically loving their parents. Love is not pre-programmed in DNA. His kids love him because he treats them well. But, your opinion of him is just as valid as anyone elses so I’ll at least give you that.

              • Karen Röhl

                Some people don’t get it …. Hurt people hurt people! either way, one applies!

      • FYO

        Compassion in society is declining, being replaced by selfishness and arrogance. It shouldn’t take any effort to look at a person struggling and sincerely wish them well in fixing/recovering/healing.

        There are people I truly loathe but I can’t proclaim the world, much less their family, would be better off without them.

    • Karen Röhl

      As a long time Vegas resident, I can assure you that tipping is part of the culture here. That’s why Scott can come here, without cameras and nothing gets out! A waiter refusing a TIP is INSANE …. that was some drama from the petulant waiter!!!
      $100.00 would have kept a certain singer from getting a coke charge in the bathrooms of a hotel he was performing at. $100.00 snatched out of the hands of a dealer by an angry wife because her husband was playing on a winning streak ensured that none of their secrets would be kept! $100.00 is the price for an “oopsie” …. an OH MY is much higher! To get PREMIUM is more than you could imagine!!!

  • It’s me

    I dont like the Kardashians but why should they care about him? Why should anyone care, he obviously doesnt care about himself.
    Kourtney doesnt want to party & he obviously does. So why should she be with him?
    How many times did they try to get him help?
    And as for using him on the show, isnt he getting paid? All he has to do is say No i dont want to film & kiss his paycheck goodbye

    • FYO

      He is family, that’s why. Not by blood but that doesn’t matter.

      • Karen Röhl

        The duration of his relationship with Kourtney removed him from his parents, when they died Kourt was interested in selling off the estate, he gave her beautiful babies and he has been nagged from day ONE. Give a person a chance to succeed, they may actually do it …. put a person down constantly and they may do that too! I feel bad for Scott!

  • FR

    He has large bruises on his legs in this photo (a sign of liver disease). He’s probably covered in massive ones under his shirt. He will die soon if he doesn’t make massive changes. Even then, he might die anyway. It’s the sort of thing that causes mental breakdown. Kourtney was so irresponsible to keep bringing more children into that situation with a drunk/absent/dying father and complete familial dysfunction. He’s an alcoholic. She’s sober and has no excuse.