Jenelle Evans, Nathan Griffith react to news of Kaiser custody filing


Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith have responded to the news that Griffith’s mother has filed for emergency custody of their son Kaiser.

Doris Davidson filed the papers on September 1st claiming that Kaiser was abused while under the care of Evans and fiance David Eason.

Among the information shared in the court documents first obtained by Radar:

“Plantiff [Evans] does not currently have the ability to control her anger and to exercise good judgment as it relates to the minor child. Plantiff further appears to have no insight into how her actions have been detrimental to the minor children.”

“…good cause exists for ordering a psychological evaluation of Plaintiff [Evans] for the purpose of assisting the court in determining her fitness to have contact with the minor child.”

Davidson’s filing also revealed that Ensley, the daughter of Evans and Eason, tested positive for THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, after birth. DSS became involved and Evans and Eason each tested positive for THC during a prolonged investigation, according to Ashley’s Reality Roundup. A source with Ashley’s stated that Evans evaded trouble by flying to California and obtaining a medical marijuana card.

After the news broke, Evans made a statement, first posted to E!, in which she said that her mom Barbara had “a lot to do” with the filing and that Nathan was named too.

Griffith made sure to let his fans and followers hear his side of the story as he tweeted:


Evans went social media silent after sharing some motivational Kesha lyrics until responding Monday afternoon:


Evans quickly deleted the tweet about who has access to her child’s medical records.

Evans did put the word “lie” in quotations and, help me out here, wouldn’t Griffith have access to his son’s medical records?

Well, as Evans tweeted, the truth will come out eventually.

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  • SaveKaiserandEnsley

    Her fans are the most dumbest people on the planet.

    • It’s me

      She has come a long way…i am so proud of her…she changed so much
      Yeah instead of injecting Heroin she now smokes pot while pregnant…she did change now she is letti g innocent lives be affected by her drug use

      • Truth

        She’s letting her POS fiancé abuse her innocent son. How has she come a long way?

      • L

        Well hello Jenelle. Just be honest. And your mom have every rights to have a sip of wine at lunch or dinner with children. Just calm down. Don’t let all that fame go to you’re head.

      • savannah

        Don’t worry guys…it was probably for “morning sickness” which will be what she says when the proof comes out. That she consulted her doctor and it helped with her sickness. Something stupid like that. If you can’t give up weed for 9 months because you’re pregnant you shouldn’t have a child. Although we all know she needed another baby like she needed a hole in the head.

  • It’s me

    Why would Griffin have access to the medical records? (I assume she is talking about Ensley who was reportedly born with THC/marijuana in her system).

    • bree7702

      As much as I can’t stand Jenelle, I was wondering that too. Although if there was a CPS investigation are those private? I would think maybe they might investigate all kids living with her, and if that’s the case, maybe Nathan was made aware of it because Kaiser had to be checked out. Who knows!!

      • cass

        Nope it would only have access to kaiser’s.

  • It’s me

    It just makes me sick knowing that she will get away with this just like she gets away with everything else.

  • sysmjp

    Just when you think you’ve seen the worse this b* sinks to an all new low. So her and David had the nerve to accost her mother over taking a sip of wine next to Jace when they both blazed up during her pregnancy. Such trash.

    • Lauren

      And if the report is true leaving Kai AND Jace outside unattended & locked out in hot weather. But Barbara is evil for having a sip of wine.

  • sarah

    jenelle is more concerned who “leaked” ensleys medical record. if is wasn’t true why be concerned and just tell the truth/deny it? yeah bc nobody believes you anything that comes from your mouth after you’ve been caught in lies after lies.
    second if your child is born with something in her system that shouldn’t be there and it is just there bc of your drug addiction and your child’s wellbeeing is in question/danger, i would personally put safety for privacy. ensley’s medical record was used for custody filing not for gossip and entertainment. if it were a serius disease (thank god it’s not), where you can no one to blame for, i could understand that you would be mad, but you know jenelle would have sold it to the highest bidder in a second and would ride the pity train to poor me. sad but true.

  • Yup, I said it

    This skanks while be SOL when. The MTV checks stop. She’s made a boatload of enemy’s and is so deep in it legally that she has to buy the best lawyers money can buy to keep her to her out of prison. She will be screwed.

    • ??ℱїḓḓℓεÐεεÐεe??

      Good! She deserves nothing less and those kids need to be out from under her “care”.

  • Aussie cathie

    One cannot recycle that type of trash

  • Lauren

    If it was me being accused of all this I would be speaking out to clear my name contract be damned. And Jenelle always says “The truth will come out.” The truth is Jenelle is a neglectful mother. Not saying she doesn’t love her kids but she has them for the wrong reasons with loser dudes & then freaks out because she can’t handle the responsibility. I really hope Kaiser isn’t being abused. That would break my heart. I’m kinda hoping that Doris gets him because he deserves stability. And Nathan needs to step up & be a better father. It’s a little telling when your own mother files against you.

    • Meh..

      If I had to rate her maternal instincts, it would be a zero.

      • ??ℱїḓḓℓεÐεεÐεe??

        Less than zero

  • Ginny Lowder Wilkerson

    Quite frankly Kaiser ADORES David so I HIGHLY doubt he is ABUSING him!!!! And yes I know we only see so much so much on t.v but he wouldn’t adore him that much if so….so let’s believe EVERYTHING on the internet bc it MUST be true…NOT!!! Keep doing YOU Jenelle f the haterz

    • Meh..

      That’s just the sugar high.

    • Kail’s Fake Ass

      “Haterz” lol what are you 12? I was disturbed by the way Jenelle and David treated Kaiser, and I’ve only seen one episode over the past few years. I cringe when I watched jenelle’s scenes. It’s disturbing to see that someone thinks theiy’re good parents..or people in general ? Please find a better role model.

    • ??ℱїḓḓℓεÐεεÐεe??

      DELUSIONAL, just like Chinelle.

  • HLB

    OMG dude! She is so lame & David is downright scary.
    It’ll be a miracle if none of the kids drown in the pond at “The Land”. I hope they all get sent to a better home. F’ her & the 4 wheeler she drove up on….We have seen Kaiser get thrown around like a ragdoll in living color on TV