AUDIO Jeremiah Raber releases rap song ‘Believe In Me’

Jeremiah Raber rapper

Return To Amish jack of all trades Jeremiah Raber has added rapper to a growing resume that already includes Amish donut maker, Amish themed vaping juice salesman, painter, movie actor, reality star and more. Jeremiah Rapper debuted his new inspirational rap song “Believe In Me” on Youtube earlier today.

“Here’s a song I did,” Jeremiah wrote on Facebook along with the Youtube link. “I’m not a rapper but I had to get this off my chest!!!!!!”

The song features Jeremiah spittin’ rhymes over an audio track from The lyrics are essentially Jeremiah talking about the hardships he has overcome and how he’s stronger now and won’t take any crap from anybody.

The middle verse takes a bit of a dark turn, though, as Jeremiah describes what will happen to anyone that starts a fight with him. “Pictures of your [inaudible] flashing in my head, pictures of you lying on the floor dead,” he raps. He continues:

Your darkened red blood
spills out on the street
Your cold red heart
stops dead in defeat
When I think back
to all the pain and the hurt
I’ll cover your body
and spit in the dirt

Don’t mess with the Jayber yo!

The video title points out that the song is explicit, and that comes to fruition in the third verse when Jeremiah starts tossing out F-bombs left and right as he addresses all the haters who just want to be him.

Being a singer and songwriter is nothing new for Jeremiah. You might recall that he previously posted a video singing karaoke with his Breaking Amish co-star Rebecca Schmucker, and also shared lyrics to a song he had written titled “Unstoppable.” At the time, Jeremiah stated he was working on recording an entire album’s worth of material and that it would be a country record.

In addition to singing and rapping, Jeremiah has also shared a poem he wrote titled “Life Isn’t Fair” set to piano music:

On a non-Jeremiahntrepreneurial note, we haven’t heard too much about how things are going between him and wife Carmela Raber over the past week. We broke the news that the duo reconciled last month and took a road trip across country together back to their Florida home. After that, things seemed to be going well between them as they even uploaded a video doing the Bean Boozled challenge together. Since then, all has been quiet. Of course, given the couple’s rather tumultuous relationship history, I am hoping that “quiet” is a good thing.

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  • Trash TV

    This guy is so two faced. He needs a proffesional to lign these two sides he has up.
    I personally like the real Jer that had a bike ride panic attack seeing some old people better. Not that I wish that for him to happen again, but that is closer to his real character. This guy is scared about many things and that’s why he acts so taugh and arrogant.

    • therealevilqueen

      LMAO That is not he real him. Give me a break. That was an act for the show. The real him is an woman abusing low life that will play up the role of “victim” to try to make it as if he isn’t. The guy is disturbed to say the least.
      The fact that all is “quiet” between him and Carmela could mean not good things. She shouldn’t have ran back to him at all and stayed away. I don’t see them ending on a very good note at some point.

  • Justmeee


  • discoatnine

    He’s just so nasty. I wish the internet was harder to post stuff on.

  • Alisson Leech

    I can’t stand this dude!

  • StLibertyLou

    Hey does anyone know where I can p/u this CD? I heard they were sold out at Walmart, Kmart and IGA. Damn, trying to get my hands on it, I’d pay good money if anyone wants to sell their copy. ……..Psych!