LHHMIAMI Khia accuses Trina of lying about being a prostitute, stripper: ‘You got to say you is a paid ho’

Did Trina used to be a prostitute 2

There’s never been any love lost between Trina and Khia, but the latter decide to reignite their feud by claiming that Trina used to be a prostitute (and a stripper) and alleging that Trina now lies about that part of her past. Thanks to Trina’s new album coming out next month and her starring role on Love & Hip Hop Miami next year, she’s about to be introduced to a whole new generation of fans. Unfortunately for her, the long-simmering feud with Khia and the pair’s huge social media presence all but insure that the new generation will now be asking each other: “Did Trina used to be a prostitute?”

Khia’s remarks came during a lengthy Q-and-A session that her friend (and occasional straight man) TS Madison recently shared on YouTube. If you’re not familiar with Khia, you’ll probably want to check out a long stretch of the video (embedded below), as her energetic, drunken ramblings veer from topic to topic with little warning and make for a pretty entertaining time. There’s a whole drama about Khia’s alleged food stamp fraud in there, along with the 39-year-old’s hot takes on literally dozens of her fellow entertainers.

Here’s the full, unedited, 84-minute “Was Trina a prostitute” video, featuring Khia and TS Madison. (The Trina rant begins at the 28:50 mark; a transcript of Khia’s comments on Trina follows the clip.)

Cardi B was a stripper; Cardi B was a ho, Cardi B got her money, and she was proud to say it: “And b!tch, I aint got to do that no more.” With Trina, it was like, “I wasn’t no stripper, I wasn’t no ho, I aint never sold no p*ssy, I was born a diamond princess with a gold spoon and diamonds in my mouth.” And you wasn’t! You got to say you is a paid ho! You got to say that! You can’t be actin’ like–I can’t respect you, ’cause Cardi B came out and said ‘This is who I am, yes I was a stripper, yes I was a ho, yes I sold p*ssy.” Trina act like she ain’t never did none of that! She act like she just a diamond princess! You can’t do that, girl! You got to keep it one-thousand, and she’s not keepin’ it one-thousand! Girl! [bangs gavel]

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    dont know who these two even r but both could use a stomach staple and a breAST REDUCTION.