MTV filming Debra Danielsen’s wedding for Teen Mom OG, will feature bagpipes and Debz OG music

Debra Danielsen Dr David Merz Scottish wedding

Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham and mom Debra Danielsen are reportedly not speaking to each other, and it was recently reported that Debra has yet to film at all for the upcoming season of Teen Mom OG. But, MTV isn’t about to miss out on Nebraska’s wedding of the year as Debra confirms cameras will be rolling — and bagpipes will be playing — when she and fiancé Dr. David Merz tie the knot on November 5!

“Yes! MTV will be there, we’re gonna be filming,” Debra tells In Touch.

The reality star, grandmantrepreneur, and rapper also shared some details about the ceremony, which she announced last month will be at the Suzanne and Walter Scott Aquarium at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo. “It’s gonna be very, very musical at our wedding since we both love music,” Debra said. “I have hired the Omaha Pipes and Drums to come and play — 11 members — so we’ll have six bagpipers and five drummers and they will help lead the procession. It’s going to be done very much like a real Scottish wedding.”

Debra says that once she and Dr. David are married, they will be led out as the bagpipes play before being announced as husband and wife. From there, things will shift a bit from the Scottish theme.

Teen Mom OG Farrah's mom Debra Danielsen Dr David hats

“We’re going to do our dance, and then we’ll have some beautiful classical music,” Debra reveals. “I’ve got one of my rappers coming, who is a DJ in Philadelphia, he’s gonna be the DJ and he’s gonna crank it up.”

While it’s good to have one of Debra’s rappers at the event, what about Debz OG herself? “We’re also gonna play my rap at the wedding,” Debra assures us. Even though she does not specify which of her raps, I assume it is her most recent single, “22 Times,” which is about the effects of her ex-husband Michael Abraham’s infidelity.

For those diehard Debz OG fans who simply cannot wait for the ceremony to be broadcast on MTV, Debra is taking names via social media and putting them in a hat for a drawing(s) to win invitations! “People who are genuinely interested are reaching out through social media,” Debra says, “and when they tell me they’re interested, their names go into a hat and I have an unbiased, third party that goes in there and starts drawing names. So that’s the way it’s handled. Nobody is playing favorites.” Well, nobody except the Debz OG fans — we know who their favorite is!

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  • Ameline

    I’m sure Farrah won’t miss a chance to make Debz wedding all about Farrah. And they should stuff Michael into that creepy coba costume and make him serve drinks at the reception, his only purpose in life is to be a humiliated repeatedly by his ex-wife and daughter.

    • Trash TV

      Farrah and Sophia will not attend. Therapist adviced Farrah some distance, official version.
      She also hates the Doctor’s guts cause he called her out on her shit, real version.

  • Bebe

    God, she’s so embarrassing.

  • melinehclassy

    Good for her. Who cares. Let her have fun and enjoy this chapter of life

  • Jenn

    She’s so tacky. Must be where Farrah gets it from.

  • Aussie cathie

    Any wonder her daughter is so fuuuucked up

  • Trash TV

    You have won an invitation to our beautiful wedding. We have decided to ask for a trip to the Bahamas instead of gifts, the pay per guest is $250, you will find our bank detalis below. Please pay before Oct 1, we will send out the invitations to the guests who have src.. rscp.. never mind, transferred the money.
    I’m looking forward to see you there. Love,

  • Kimmayyy

    I don’t care how much ppl hate her…im happy for her. And im glad she’s not talking to that trainwreck of a daughter.

    • barbinop

      The teen ho will show up with her demon spawn and try and ruin her mother’s wedding because she’s jealous and just plain evil. The ho won’t miss out on showing her big horse face on tv. My only hope is that David has security there and they remove her from purposely ruining the ceremony. She can’t run all over David like she does Debra and Michael

  • theStevieJBus

    This wedding should be hilarious. I bet Farrah ends up coming and tries to ruin the whole thing. I can just see Debs having a break down in her wedding dress after Farrah spews some hate her way.

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    Playing a song about your ex husband at your wedding, I could see Taylor Swift doing the same thing.