REPORT Ryan Edwards to file for divorce, not living with Mackenzie

Teen Mom OG Mackenzie and Ryan Edwards divorce?

It appears as though Farrah Abraham may have lost the title of Biggest Teen Mom OG Diva as Ryan Edwards’ (soon-to-be-ex?) wife Mackenzie is reportedly being quite the handful for crew and producers. Oh, and for Ryan as well, because he has reportedly moved out of the house and plans on filing for divorce!

In case you missed it, all of the recent Ryanzie drama comes after Ryan was caught going on a Tinder bender in which he solicited sex (and sent dicktures) to at least one young lady he met via the dating app. That Tinder conversation, plus the text message and scrotographs that came later, were published online. Those were soon followed by Mackenzie’s text messages with Ryan’s Tinder trap queen in which Mankenzie lays a guilt trip on the young lady before seemingly offering to pay her to keep quiet.

Speaking of being paid to keep quiet, that is apparently the opposite of what Mackenzie wants from her relationship with MTV. According to a source for The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Mackenzie has been quite the diva while filming over the last week or so. “She has not made it easy and at times she’s refused to talk about the Ryan drama on-camera,” the source reveals, “but has stated that she will talk if they pay her more.” (The source did not reveal whether or not Mackenzie was forcing producers to use a porta potty.)

Mackenzie also had another idea that might help her open up for the cameras: a paid vacay with her pals! “Mackenzie requested that MTV pay for her and her friends to go on vacation to ‘get away from it all’ and film, of course,” said the source. The Ashley says MTV was thinking over the proposition, but decided against it just yesterday.

Ryan Edwards Food City shirt

So what’s this about Ryan and Mackenzie getting a divorce? According to The Ashley’s source, Ryan has skedaddled from the couple’s home and blocked Mackenzie’s number. (I’m sure Mackenzie texting all his potential “Food City off 58” hook ups was getting quite frustrating!) Another source for The Ashley says Ryan is very serious about filing for divorce and has discussed it on several occasions with multiple crew members.

It’s unclear exactly where Ryan has been staying, but The Ashley says his parent Jen and Larry are open to him crashing with them — as long as he remains sober.

This whole situation sounds ugly, and I cannot imagine it won’t get uglier. Mackenzie is a bit of a Honey Boo Boo in that a dolla will make her holla, so if she and Ryan really are done, I’m guessing it is very likely she will be selling his dirty laundry to the highest bidder — hopefully not literally.

As far as Mackenzie acting as though she is the Mariah Carey of Teen Mom OG, I just don’t think she’s that valuable to the show. If she keeps it up, I’m afraid her appearances next season (if any) will look a little something like this:

Ryan Edwards Mackenzie wedding photo blur

Stay tuned!

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  • Chewy

    Wow! Didn’t see that one coming ?

    • Victoria

      Jenelle next oh nvm she&David at forever

  • Hahaha

    ‘dicktures’ lmao

  • Bruja

    Surprised if it’s legal anyways considering he was high as phuck while doing it.

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    Nope…no one can outdo that spawn of Satan Farrah.

  • LA79

    What a complete surprise. Their wedding seemed so legitimate.

    I guess Ryan actually sobered up? That girl is a d*mn menace.

  • Rice

    I’m sure she’s shocked, your stoned out boyfriend marries you at a parking lot how could it not be forever.. 2 divorces at 20… You’re going to beat the record..

  • Rice

    Just blame Maci…

  • Nanette Spencer

    Wow! She’s awfully smug for someone in her position…how humiliating…well ladies and gentlemen, I suppose now she can let her little boy out to ride his bicycle in the driveway without fear that her drug addicted, drunken husband? Boyfriend? won’t run him over while driving home with his eyes closed…this chick is a TRAINWRECK…how desperate must one be to marry some guy so loaded that he can’t even keep his eyes open, while his Momma cries over the whole thing in the corner of the parking lot…What comes around goes around, and she has a son so pull your head out of your ass hillbilly…He’s NEVER GOING TO GET OVER MACI!! HOW HUMILIATING…Ugh??

    • FR

      I don’t watch the show. Didn’t know she had a child. OMG! The horror.
      70% of 2nd (3rd,4th,etc) marriages with non-biological children end in divorce. They also suffer abuse and a death rate that is literally thousands of times higher than “normal” anytime they live with a person who is not their biological mother or father (especially father).
      Protect your babies!

      • Lucie

        What the f are you talking about.

      • Nanette Spencer

        Amen…shame folks don’t know what FACTS about societal issues look like…#EDUCATIONLOOKSWONDERFULONGIRLS,GETSOMELADIES,NICEWORKFR✌?

    • Kels2707

      I seriously don’t think he’s stuck on Maci? If he is, he hides it very well.

      • Nanette Spencer

        Ok little sister…I respect your right to see what you think you see…No worries✌?

        • Truth

          So delusional, he was never into Maci to begin with.. You did not watch the same reality show.. Get real..

    • HLB

      Prbly not stuck on Maci but definitely stuck on stupid.
      Has nothing to do w/mother coddling him & trying to smoothe over everything in his whole pitiful existence.
      Helipcopter parent. I didnt blame Larry a bit for getting fed up w/the BS called “Rhine”

  • Adelane

    Of course he wants a divorce. He probably doesn’t even remember getting married.

  • DIDI

    Didn’t take long for the true colors to show through. She prolly keep Rhine high so he would marry her. They deserve each other – unfortunately, Bentley deserves NONE of this.

  • It’s me

    She knows that with a divorce the teen mom money train is pulling in to the last stop. She is trying to get as much as she can before it ends.

    If the divorce is final by next season then there is no reason for her to be on

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      Unless she’s knocked up with a trap baby. Then she’ll habe guest appearances like the one Adam had a baby with. I can’t even remember her name.

  • Aussie cathie

    There are those damn banjos again….

  • Sherri Newton


  • jo

    There s something untrustworthy heartless and cold about this mackenzie why @20yrs old after one divorce already would u rush back into another marriage I wouldn’t trust her as far as u or i could kick her she didnt giv a shit when ryans mum was pretty much bawling hysterically at their wedding why would u marry someone off their head like ryan was hes been on drugs since 16&preg i think that is part of the reason him and maci broke up mackenzie didnt giv a shit as long as she was marrying him ,in the spotlight and getting paid hope they divorce

  • Bebe

    There’s something so vile about her. He was in such bad shape and she was more concerned about public humiliation than getting him help, or even speaking out about this. Girl, BYE.

  • Stacey J

    This is what happens when you are so desperate to get married you don’t even even care your husband is meth’d out on your wedding day.

  • Lisa l.

    We knew this chick was as vile as they come….Since she was hitting him with one hand and the other hand on the steering wheel as he was ” nodding off ” high on opioid. She was more concerned getting married as quickly as possible than the safety of other drivers on the road and the well being of Ryan…for all anyone knew – not knowing how much he took, could have ended in an overdose….while driving. So yes I stand by what I said earlier….She is the most vile chick. RUN RYAN RUN!!!!!

  • D Machmer

    Shes sooooo STUPID !!!!!

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    Color me shocked.

  • barbinop

    Wait a minute ! They just got married. I’m not even done reading about it in a magazine I had bought!! Ryan was not invested in this marriage in the first place. I think his parents pressured him in to a marriage that he clearly didn’t want.

  • sysmjp

    Where are the scrotographs posted?

  • sysmjp

    Another one bites the dust…

  • Cait

    When Mackenzie was first on the show I was so surprised Ryan was dating such a normal, mature seeming girl. Clearly I was wrong lol. I mean who goes through with a shot gun wedding when your new husband just drove your asses there high as a kite?! Not to mention the fact that Ryan’s mom was literally crying throughout the whole 3 minute ceremony lol.. like what a lovely bunch of memories for your wedding day. After that I lost respect for her and can’t say that I feel bad for her now because she clearly has seen the type of person Ryan is and chose to stick by him and go after Maci when all Maci did was point out something that was blatantly obvious rather than enabling it…

    • HLB

      Yes, Yes, & yes to all . I thought she “seemed” normal.
      Silly me

  • cininne

    Maci must be doing her happy dance