BEFORE THE 90 DAYS Is Cortney’s boyfriend Antonio a catfish? Here’s all the info we could find!

Before the 90 Days Cortney and Antonio

On Sunday night’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, viewers were introduced to 26-year-old Cortney from Orlando, Florida. Cortney has all but given up on finding romance stateside, and has taken up the hobby of backpacking around the globe looking for adventure — and love. While in Madrid, Spain she connected with a muy guapo chico named Antonio via a dating app. The two never managed to meet in person while she was in Spain, but they continued their virtual conversations, which developed into a virtual relationship.

Cortney, who admits she has been catfished before, sends up a huge red flag when she reveals that she and Antonio have never talked via skype, FaceTime, or any other video messaging service. Her parents become really concerned when Cortney announces that she plans on flying to Spain to meet Antonio for the first time.

So is Antonio for real? The answer to that question is at least a partial yes. The photos Cortney has received are of Antonio Millón, a 31-year-old Spanish model who lives in Málaga, Spain. Antonio has several online modeling profiles which include all of the photos used on the show. Here are some examples:

Before the 90 Days Cortney Antonio model Spain 90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days Cortney's catfish Antonio Before the 90 Days Antonio model from Spain

So is this the same person that Cortney has been talking with? We have no smoking gun in the form of a photo of the two of them together or anything, but we do have recent evidence that indicates Cortney at least wants us to think it was really Antonio.

Before the 90 Days Cortney and Antonio on Facebook

That evidence comes in the form of interactions on Facebook as recent as last week. On a photo recently posted by Antonio (above), Cortney commented on August 13: “Love this photo. Love seeing you happy.” She added a ? kissy emoji. Cortney has also been actively liking other recent photos posted by Antonio.

Of course, this could all just be a ruse keeping up appearances and avoiding spoilers. That may seem a bit silly, but it fits my working theory. Bear with me here…

This is just personal opinion, but Cortney’s story line has seemed really forced and heavy handed (aka scripted) to me. My personal thoughts are that Cortney and Antonio did strike up a virtual conversation while she was abroad, and she then saw an opportunity to use that to get on the show and score a trip to Spain. From that point, producers decided to play up the catfish angle (and I mean REALLY play up the catfish angle) so we would all be surprised when it turned out to actually be him. I mean, if it really is a catfish, it would be a huge let down at this point, am I right?

Something else that makes me think Cortney’s story is a bit forced is that producers were seemingly desperate to find American women for the show. Casting calls issued for Before the 90 Days began late last year, and they were still looking as recently as July — but the most recent casting calls were for women only. And those started to get a little more lax on the requirements lol. Here’s one from July:

Looking for Ladies who want to be on TV! 🙂

I’m casting or a new docu-series and looking for young women who are online dating (TINDER, BUMBLE, MATCH?)… in search for someone maybe overseas?
EMAIL ME FOR MORE DETAILS – **********@********.com


The previous casting calls were far more specific about the restrictions. (Hmmm, perhaps I am a little too obsessed with this show?)

ANNNNYWAYS…. If it turns out I’m right, then I give mad props to Cortney and Antonio for their hustle! She got a European vacation on TLC’s dime, and Antonio gets international exposure for his modeling career! If I’m wrong, then perhaps they have both found true love AND got a free trip and exposure. 🙂

Speaking of Antonio and exposure, if you’re looking for that nude photo featured on the show, you can CLICK HERE to see it. (PG-13 at worst)

Just in case still images aren’t enough, I found some video footage of Antonio “at work” that will have you thinking about taking a trip abroad:

And here’s a little slideshow sizzle reel:

Regardless of what I think (or have speculated) about Cortney’s story line, the premiere season of Before the 90 Days is one of my favorite seasons of any reality show ever! It’s SOOOO great! (And that’s from someone who has been watching reality show for a living for 10 years lol) If you haven’t seen the show yet, or if you are just as hooked as I am, be sure to tune in for new episodes of Before the 90 Days airing Sunday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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  • barbinop

    I smell fish as in catfish

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    This girl is as dumb as Danielle if ahe thinks this is a real relationship.

  • BS

    They haven’t Skype? hmm not good. Something strange.

  • Abby

    Either Courtney is very naive/desperate or the show’s producers feel the viewers would believe (in dangerous times 2017) someone would go to a foreign country to meet a person she never met, proved to exist, etc. I suspend my believe most of the time, but sometimes it’s impossible.

  • FYO

    This story should be on Catfish, not Before the 90 Days.

  • MIndy O

    The theory that Courtney contacted the show for the opportunity and not for honest reasons would be more plausible with another female unless she is one heck of an actress along with her parents and friends. Still, it’s hard to believe that someone would so stupid. If it is phony, it’s great editing.

  • Christine Patterson

    Omg Courtney! Shut up already!!! Stop calling the man out on everything he does. It obvious that you don’t like his “sexy photos” your such a child! I see nothing wrong with anything he does! Even looking at another girls ass!! You are insecure. He is a man!!! That is what they do. For gods sake you need to realize that this isn’t the man for you and that you totally see things differently than he does! Just exit stage left!!! Go home and get a life and a dentist. Your gums are huge! Are you sure that you don’t have some kind of gum disease? Only because when you open your mouth all I am invision is a horrible smell coming out where there should be words.
    Thanks honey, you tried.

  • Barbara Cronin-Chanda

    I’m so tired of her. She’s the biggest nag and seems to be a spoiled brat. She’s not really that pretty either with her big horse gums. Go find an American man who you can spy on. She has mad stalking tendencies.