90 DAY FIANCE Mohamed returns to soshull meedya, explains his departure

Mohamed Jbali returns to Instagram main

Jbali-olly oxen free!

After nearly four months of being virtually MIA, the biggest US reality television star to ever come out of Tunisia is back on soshull meedya! 90 Day Fiance‘s Mohamed Jbali made his triumphant return to Instagram earlier today in a series of photos, videos, and text graphic life mantras that are nothing short of Mohamazing!

Let me start by saying that I am a huge fan of everything about Dinyell and Mohamed. But a large part of my love of Mohamed was how he always seemed to be in a little over his head — with everything. He had an innocent overconfidence that made for some great (albeit often head-shake-inducing) television and off-screen drama.

Well, I don’t know what happened over the last four months, but Mohamed seems COMPLETELY different now! His overconfidence has been upgraded to what can only be described as swagger — from his appearance (just look at that badass jaw broom!) to the tone of his voice in the clips.

I wanted to embed his return announcement videos; unfortunately, Mohamed has set his Instagram account to private, so you’re going to have to get approved to watch them for yourself. Mohamed also talks about making his Instagram private in one of the videos, which I’ve transcribed below.

OK, I have to calm down — my heart is racing! LOL. I think the best thing to do is just share Mohamed’s posts in the order that he posted them. The videos are last — and I will transcribe every bit of what he had to say in those, which includes his explanation for disappearing:

Mohamed Jbali returns to social media

“I’m still alive lol” Mohamed captioned his first photo above, in which he is rocking his new facial hair with panache.

***WARNING*** If you are attracted to Mr. Jbali and have a heart condition, this next photo may lead to a Mohamedical emergency…

Mohamed Jbali sexy photo

Mohamed captioned this blurry chested Tinder trap snap with some of his new exclamatory life philosophies:

Your happiness is not my responsibility!

Pleasing everybody is not possible!

When im done loving myself i will have time to love someone else!

Your opinion about me is not gonna change how I feel Because I know how to control my feelings !

Next up…

Mohamed Jbali art

I don’t even know where to begin. I guess there is some sort of Mohamodification Instagram filter that will flip your hat, then create a drawing of your face, which it mirrors before superimposing both of them over a Naugahyde jacket. Then, a final dual tone grunge effect layer is applied. The end result? Perfection. (I would SOOO buy this t-shirt! Especially if it had the words “When im done loving myself i will have time to love someone else!” printed on it!)

In the caption for this masterpiece, Mohamed reveals that he is not back on soshul meedya to talk about 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After or any of the show’s other “fake couples.” Here’s what he wrote:

Yes I’m back to Instagram but not to talk about the show bcz im not watching it and im not going to!

I have no respect for some fake couples in it plus it’s not the best place to tell a real story

thats why I’m out!

The next picture needs no caption because it is a caption — aka a text graphic — aka visual poetry:

Mohamed Jbali text graphic I do respect women

I do respect women but I am not a” Yes mom ” a type of guy! Mo

I don’t feel I need to offer any commentary. Just read, reflect, reread, reflect, repeat…

Mohamed then shared another text graphic, and I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest he didn’t write this one. It just doesn’t seem to have that special Mohamed flair:

Mohamed Jbali Instagram mantra

After all the visual verbiage, Mohamed eschewed the text graphics and donned his baller blue bargain bin shades for a life-affirming selfie that will surely be one of the images used when he finally releases his Mohamoji app:

Mohamed Jbali selfie 2017

“My life got so much better since I stopped thinking about What others think about me!” Mohamed wrote.

Next up are the two videos. Here are the still images for each followed by full transcripts of what Mohamed had to say:

Mohamed Jbali Instagram return video

Hello, hello, hello my friends. So, I’m back to Instagram, and I’m making this video to tell some people that my Instagram is private, OK? And you cannot be on my Instagram unless you send me a request and I do accept you. So, by you being here in this Instagram, means that you are the one who wanted to be here, and you are the one who wanted to see what I do post, OK? So, if you did that, I think you have no right to complain about what I do, or what I post, or whatever I put on my Instagram, because it’s mine, and I am free to do whatever I want here. If you don’t like it, just very, very, very simple trick I’m going to teach you: If you don’t know, just click on “Block” or click on “Delete” and you will never see anything from me any more. So, let’s keep it simple. I’m not here to talk about the show. Thank you.

Mohamed Jbali Instagram video

So, I just want to apologize for my friends that I used to talk to before because I just disappeared for almost four months. I changed all of my contact information — like, everything! Even my emails, my number, my everything. So, I apologize for doing that, but I know you’re going to forgive me. You know that I was going through a lot of bad stuff because of the TV show and some people that they are giving me a hard time. So, all I did is I just moved from the place that I used to live before, now I am in a different place. I was trying to find myself, and I DID because I took some tough decisions in my life. And in four months, I made my life much better, and more happier. And I met some new friends. And I did not forget about my old friends, and I’m going to try to contact all of you. And I apologize again.

Mohamed doesn’t ever reveal where he is living now, though it definitely appears to still be in Florida because one of his videos is geo-tagged as such. Actually, one commenter posted that Mohamed is now her neighbor! “Are you sure??” Mohamed asked. “Yes,” the woman replied before adding, “the apartments in Port Richey.”

Well there you go! I’m pretty sure I just did a recap of Mohamed Jbali’s return to Instagram. Yes, sometimes I love my job! 🙂

Be sure to catch Mohamed and Dinyell on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airing Sunday nights at 8/7c on TLC. Just don’t ask Mohamed about it!

UPDATE – I’m beginning to think my previous theory about Mohamed violating his TLC contract with a series of Facebook Live videos (in which producers talked about reshooting certain scenes) is the real reason he virtually disappeared. Here’s what I suggested at the time:

It makes sense to me that Mohamed’s videos were a potential violation of his contract, and TLC threatened to withhold his earnings unless he stepped away from social media entirely. This is the third go-round for Mohamed and TLC, and usually reality show stars are actually making pretty good money by then — so that would be ample motivation for Mohamed to quit. (He sure seemed to love making those videos!)

It makes TOTAL sense that any sort of network ban on social media activity would be lifted on the day of the season finale. What do you think?

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  • cyndyt

    He was kicked off the show for live streaming the divorce hearings in the courthouse. He is 100 % a looser.

    • melinehclassy

      Oh wow really? Makes sense now.

    • Tuco Ramirez

      *loser not looser

      • cyndyt

        Thank you for the correction.

    • gojobuddy

      No more of a loser then Danielle.

    • Jeffery Coleman

      Looser than what?

    • pmo

      dont think the bailiff, etc would have allowed his phone on during the court proceedings.

  • barbinop

    He looks good with facial hair

    • des

      He looks like he’s going to ram his car into a crowd of people.

      • Linda Parrott

        Him and his facial hair

      • lonidean

        Good point Des

  • Treasured Lights

    You’re desperate girl. You’re and women like Danielle are the only ones who find him attractive.

    • Intelligence?Game?Stupid

      The author may very well be Danielle. She founds awfully fat and ugly from the article so that part is down….

  • Tms

    I think that BOTH Loser Mohamed and Bitch Anfisa should go DIRECTLY back to where they came from. BOTH are USERS and if no one seen that then you’re blind. Just had to get this off my chest. Mohamed should have been DEPORTED by the judge a pin as court was over…annulment NOT divorce!!!!

    • 90Daaaaaays


      • jayanna


    • Douglas Varley

      I agree both are users but both will get away with it since their partners who brought them here are even bigger liars and phonies and basically commited fraud with their own series of lies. Jorge told Anfisa he was a millionare when he is in massive debt and thus technically has a net worth of sub zero, LOL!

    • Jasen Robert Walsh

      I also agree with tms, I also believe she could have deported Moho, but chose not to because she had an excuse, the money. She was hoping he would throw in the flag and not fight it and come back to her. Very obvious she cant let go. Any excuse to not go threw with it she would have taken.

  • #Respect USA ??

    He looks like Jim Carrey in The Mask movie. This man knew exactly what he was just doing when he baited Danielle. He is a fraud. His Muslim religion wouldn’t allow him to kiss her but it was OK to cheat and lie? He should’ve gotten deported. We don’t need anymore of his type in America. She’s not angel and is at fault, too. I wish women would stop being stupid. They act so desperate sometimes. Love yourself!!!

    • Tuco Ramirez

      Mohamed is gay, fyi.

      • Jasen Robert Walsh

        Agreed definetly a mud poller

      • Lavern Mccabe

        Hahhahahhha ?

      • Cara

        That’s a flat out lie. He admitted he wanted to come to this country to see what kind of women we have here.

        • Tuco Ramirez

          Sure he did. Sure he did. And straight men go home with older gay men they meet at Walmart all the time, right? lol

          • Zadie Summer-Day

            I found that to be a curious relationship. I figured he was naive about stuff like that, but that is a funny thought.

          • Zadie Summer-Day

            I figured Walmart Guy was getting used like Danielle.

    • Victoria Jackson

      Yes Indeed!!!

    • Jasen Robert Walsh

      The real victim is us, the tax payers. We loose having to pay for Moho, but possibly gain for no longer having to pay for Manyell. But this is just 1 out of 100k people who scam u.s. tax payers on a daily basis. Clearly we need change. If everyone was subjected to a lie detector test to prove they are not scamming America or posing a terroristic threat this would be a non- issue. That being said, thus guy clearly scammed her. They don’t come any weaker than Manly Smell. Anyone who pays attention to this women will get they’re return investment 100 fold. He was clearly disgusted by the thought of her and used any excuse to get out of Dodge. Same with the Russian girl. I base this on the fact that the minute the green card was in hand they took off and had nothing to do with their true love / sole mates. #greencardinhandspeedygonzalesed

      • jayanna

        The theme of the Dansmell/Mo show – “Don’t touch me.” ~Mohammed

  • Kathy Law

    Best thing Mohamed got rid of his ex all she did was scream and cry cry cry acts crazy realy . And she got a new man

  • Michael

    DanYell is such a miserable soul. She can’t be happy that she is divorced, she has to whine because she couldn’t have Mohamed deported.

    • Bridget C. Christopher-Oti

      I never thought of them hookin up. But jorge is too superficial. He wants the baddest biiitch. He’s just like rob K. They dont like good women. They grown men, let them live lol

  • Tuco Ramirez

    Mohamed is gayer than a stack of strawberry pancakes. Walmart Tom would be heartbroken if he left the Country.

    • Jeff Mcleroy


    • gojobuddy

      I’d be gay too if I had to live with Daniel. lol

      • Brooke Lopez

        I think it was her smelly vagina that turned him gay

    • Ms. Pooks

      Wal-mart Tom is nasty…

    • Cara

      Sounds like the voice of experience Tuco. Why don’t you tell your own gay secrets.

      • Tuco Ramirez

        “sounds like the voice of experience”? Hilarious that you’re comment makes you sound like the voice of experience. lol

  • MinnyLori

    He is a TRUE LOSER!

  • Susan dickerman

    If you are reading this. Good luck to you. You can do better.

  • Lol


    • gojobuddy

      Congratulations to Mohamed

      Hasn’t Danielle blown enough money? Danielle makes me sick! She had agreed to a divorce the first time. Then instead of making that happen and they’d remain friends. She starts harassing him. Gets a bug up her big arse thinking it was a good idea to fly to Miami and try to get him back. Get some self respect Danielle.

  • gojobuddy

    I think Danielle was the fraud. She obviously lied to him in every aspect of her life. Probably also lied on the papers to get him here. Remember the other young girl on 90 day FiancĂ© that wanted her parents to sign for her boyfriend to come to the United States? They wouldn’t allow him to come here on her earnings alone.

    You’re supposed to be financially secure. She had to put all the utilities in his name or they were being cut off. What mother with 3 daughters living paycheck to paycheck, whose 42 years old, goes on some dating site and brings a 28 year old to the United States? They had absolutely nothing in common. For real? You can’t tell me she wasn’t collecting some kind of state benefits. What kind of money was she using her child support? I don’t blame Mohamed at all. What did she expect? As Mohamed said during last season. People are tired of her whining and crying. What did she expect? Date someone you have something in common with and more age appropriate. To Mohamed, I hope he finds a good life here in the United States. Congratulations on your divorce!!!!

    • des

      Are you in love with Mo? Are you his new boyfriend?

      • Cait Sith

        That person is right, though.

        I don’t watch this show, but even -I- can see that danielle was using him as much as he was using her.

        They’re both at fault.

        • Nancy OBrien

          I really don’t think Danielle was intelligent enough to use him. That poor thing couldn’t see the train wreck if she were standing on the tracks.

          • Douglas Varley

            Oh please. Danielle has a long history of credit card fraud, scheming people, having products she couldnt pay for and gets to keep on a technicality even while she cant afford basic needs, just check her police records which are available online. She is dumb as hammers, but she is saavy in other ways.

            • Nancy OBrien

              I have zero sympathy for her! Every time she turns on the tears it makes me want to scream!!!

          • Cait Sith

            Eh. She could be a lot smarter than you think, I wouldn’t underestimate her too much.

            It’s like this crackhead dude’s uncle. He’s legit mentally retarded, but I’m positive he’s a good deal smarter than he lets on -just based on the times I was forced to be around him (he’s phucking terrible). Both of those idiots are.

        • Douglas Varley

          Yes, I doubt his intentions were ever 100% pure but please enough with anyone trying to make Danielle a victim. And as much as I think as he probably did use her just for a green card, I would have to side with him in a legal case unfortunately too as she did not provide basic needs, lied about her income and ability to provide a decent home before he got settled and was able to work himself, had a family member physically violent to him. Which all would be legit grounds for divorce without something like deportation in any case. And all far easier to prove than him never truly being there for marriage to her, as much I as strongly suspect he wasnt.

      • gojobuddy

        Absolutely not, I’m happily married and a realist. Personally, I don’t believe Mohamed was ever in a real relationship before. Daniel talks to him online when he was alone working in another country. She props him up to how great America is and he should come here. I wonder where she got the money to travel there? What does she do next? Goes and visits him there. Once again makes him think she’s stable with money and a good job. By the time he gets here she’s so broke her electric is getting shut off. What a bunch of nonsense. She’s now divorced with a new man. (yeah right) and still boohooing. Still trying to follow him on social media. She needs to move on, she should of never brought him here. Since she did. To bad MOVE ON ALREADY and leave him ALONE! Enough is enough. She’s the damn fraud. She put on those Visa papers she was able to support him for 10 years. lol Talk about a fraud!

    • Linda Parrott

      Seriously… Everyone could see they weren’t any kind of a match. He proved that by who he has dated since then… Do you think he didn’t kiss them because of his religion? Didn’t sleep with them? Gross.. This is the worst and the most obvious example of someone “using” someone to come here.. And YAY for us we put him on TV! And on spotlight for all the types of women he obviously wants to be with…a joke and painful that from the beginning ( hard to watch it was so obvious) Am so sorry Danielle.. And whatever to all of you that want to be with the Loser or want to protect him. This is fraud

    • MrBeano

      You’re making it sound like he actually came to make a life with her. He didn’t. So what she was and who she was hardly mattered. He would have come whether she was in a coma or an escaped mental patient. He was free not to marry her. He was free to leave at any time. He chose to stay because he wanted the green card. Zero pity here.

  • des

    He looks like a gay terrorist

  • April Long

    I think Mohamed need to be true to himself,be the best he can be and just put that running mouth where the money is…..he would probably make a good fluffer… he’s got a good look going on now maybe even some gay porn… might be the way to go… I am sure he has enough followers he would be making good money in no time…

  • Suzanne Parvin

    Can anyone explain Danielle to me? What’s with the goofy eye movements, the snorting, and her horrible grammar. Mohammed ain’t got no” and “Mohammed frauded me”, ignorant talk like this. And did anyone notice how FAT she is?? Huge!!!

    • Bridget C. Christopher-Oti

      Yes i want to know too! I thought she was slightly mental or had Tourette syndrome

      • Suzanne Parvin

        No. Just an idiot. A testament to our great school system lol! How many ppl believe there is a new boyfriend who doesn’t want to appear on TV?

        • Bridget C


  • Dawn Herron

    Mohamed is quite the POS. Didnt like him from first episode. Could slightly tell he was not into Danielle what so ever and when they got married and he refused to kiss her ect red flags were every where. Not that it matters if he is gay or not I do kind of think that it’s a possibility. That girl he first went to Florida with never really said what pissed her off or fully got in to what happened but even she seemed to think he was quite the douche bag. I hope he gets deported. Sadly and I dont know if it is true or not but i did read some where that Danielle and i dont know correct terms but is mentally disabled and if that is the case it’s very sad that nobody picked up on it in the beginning and stepped in. Anfisa is another POS scum bag. She is a spoiled, self centred brat that is abusive and only out for herself. I LOVE that her sister in law confronted her. Anfisa is no different then a prostitute puts out for money and gifts.

  • Who cares

    The biggest reality star?! ? That’s so ludicrous

  • None Ya

    This guy is so arrogant and self centered. And to use a woman, like Danielle (to get here, and what he wantis totally obvious, not mention, totally cruel! Stating that her vaginal oder smelled on TV and airing it, was in bad taste and flat out wrong airing it. Shame on the production for not editing that out. This douch will never find a decent woman to tolerate him. He’s a condescending, narcissist Pile of shit, imo! Karma police will come for him. Wait for it….

    • pmo

      bad taste, quite a play on words u did there.

    • Sunshine234

      Remember when the blonde from FL said to him “Do you want me to tell everyone what you really are?” when they met to talk in the restaurant? I was thinking she was going to say he was gay which would have proven he “frauded” Danielle lol

      • jayanna

        Don’t forget they only “constimated” the marriage once due to Danielle’s uh,……special personal fragrance. Mo is a major creep who has used “shoshal meedya” to his advantage but he is no good. He is an arrogant bastard. Poor Danielle is still obsessed with him. Her poor daughters.

    • Journeys

      I believe she smelled!! Some times you can tell and he did try not to talk about that!

  • Kerri Mancino

    This is the best thread of commentary ever! You guys have me laughing my balls off. And Asa Hawks is amazeballs. Thank you for writing this article and making me laugh so early in the morning. I cant stop saying Dinyell. Lol. I love it.

    • Jasen Robert Walsh


  • Usher Raymond

    There’s a 99% chance that whoever wrote this article is both fatter and uglier than Danielle. I mean sure, Danielle and Mohammed were pretty annoying on the show… but whoever wrote this article is the WORST.

    Please, author, get a life. Get some hobbies. Lose some weight. Learn how to write.

    • Heberto Nunez

      you’re so right. i was cringing even trying to read this article.

    • igotplans2

      You’re the worst if you can’t decipher the fact that what you perceive as poor writing is simply a style choice, and intended to be light-hearted. And here you are reading it and replying, earning zero for your efforts, while the writer’s making bank. LOL

      • Usher Raymond

        If you read my comment a little slower you’ll see that it’s less about the “style of writing” and more about how the writing is a reflection of how sad the author’s life must be. Also, you don’t make “bank” writing for a blog.. that’s so 2011. AdBlock and the like takes much of the ad revenue away.

    • jayanna

      Danielle has made up her own language! We can now add “frauded” “constimated” and shoshal meedya” to our lexicon. Not to mention “nothin” & somethin” (just drop the “g”) Stay in school kids!

      • Cara

        Big deal, who cares? It’s who she is. Judge much?

        • jayanna

          If you don’t care why are you commenting? And yes, I do judge. She put her illiterate self out there. If it’s “who she is” it is sad. I feel badly for her young daughters. She should know better.

    • MrBeano

      I hope she was sitting on a super absorbent towel. All this ridiculously oversexed, libidinous hyperbole says a lot more about the the author’s engorged genitals than the subject of the article, who is a lazy, incurious, fraud who keeps getting fired, and would rather troll women online for money.

  • Lisa Pellow

    what a schmuck

  • pmo

    looks like he’s been hanging around the hood.

  • janon

    It’s amazing how many idiots are immune to sarcasm. This article was effing hilarious. And yeah sure Danielle is overweight and is also an idiot, but this guy is the poster boy for “in it for the green card”. It’s unbelievable his sorry a s s wasn’t thrown out of the country. Like we need more moron “social media stars”…

  • jlo lll

    Go back to your country mohmamma.

    • Cara

      They don’t want him either.

  • Mark

    What’s this low life piece of sh-t doing in our country anyway. Trumps right, this b’s way of getting into America has to go!! If he was to fall ill who would pay his Drs bill. That’s right us the American taxpayers. Get out and take your ugly bridzilla with you!!

  • Martine Caraballo

    Mohammed is so obviously a GREEN CARD SCAMMER. Why is he even still here? He has no reason to be here, go home you user scumbag. These deceptive sneaky lying scuzzbags will do ANYTHING to go to a better economic situation. Even pretend to love someone for the 2 years it takes to get a Green Card. Not much better than a prostitute. We need to change the requirement to 5 years at least , maybe it will make scammers think twice about having to give up 5 years of their life to game the system.

  • FYO

    Sadly Mohamed looks like a sophisticated intellect compared to a lot of Americans. It’s too bad we can’t just kick out all the dumbf..ks that are an embarrassment to share citizenship with.

  • Lavern Mccabe

    This ugly creep made himself looking like a victim of abuse. What has he’s done for this country except making himself look like a damn fool on TV. If it wasn’t for Danielle desperate and stupidity this rat wouldn’t have came to the US he should think Danielle for bringing him here!!!! Thank you for teaching me a lesson and never marry a foreigner.. and yes I believe Muhammad should move back to Tunisia and Muhammad is just another greasy spot a problem in the US..

  • Ms. Pooks

    He said he was leaving for good well that didn’t last long.

  • jayanna

    Who are you and what is wrong with you? The guy is a creep. Danielle is no prize but holy shit……what is WRONG with you?

  • Aussie cathie

    Vomit bucket please……..

  • susan charbonneau

    I’m pretty sure that whoever wrote this article was being sarcastic. I can’t imagine any woman alive would find this narrow shouldered little dweeb attractive in any way.