VIDEO Marriage Boot Camp cast & taglines revealed in new trailer

Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars Season 9 cast

Can you believe Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars is about to return for its NINTH season?! And that doesn’t even include its original two seasons as Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas or its successful Family Edition spin off!

Anyway, Dr. Ish Major and Dr. Venus Nicolino will be back to see if they can’t help five couples from five different reality shows: Teen Mom 2, Shahs of Sunset, Bad Girls Club, Love & Hip Hop NY, and The Bachelor/The Bachelorette/Bachelor In Paradise. Check out the first preview trailer introducing all the reality stars who will be living under one roof together this season:

Here are each of the couples with the taglines used to describe each:

Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars Kail Lowry Javi Marroquin
From Teen Mom 2: Kail Lowry and Javi Marroquin
“When you love your baby, just not your husband.”

Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars Peter Gunz Amina Buddafly
From Love & Hip Hop NY: Peter Gunz and Amina Buddafly
“When your one true love has more than one baby mama.”

Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars Bobby Panahi Asifa Mirza
From Shahs of Sunset: Bobby Panahi and Asifa Mirza
“When the infidelity’s over but the jealousy never ends.”

Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars Mehgan James and DeAndre Perry from Bad Girls Club
From Bad Girls Club: Mehgan James and DeAndre Perry
“When she thinks you’re perfect but wants you to change.”

Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars Juelia Kinney JJ Lane
From Bachelor In Paradise: Juelia Kinney and JJ Lane
“When your fiance is devoted to his ex.”

I’m always excited for a new season of Marriage Boot Camp (whichever franchise), but they have GOT TO speed up production! It seems like the couples I am most interested in have been having real issues and broke up years before the show premieres! LOL Kail Lowry is a mom again already! And staying on the Teen Mom train, who knows how long it will be before we see Amber Portwood and Matt Baier on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition. Teen Mom viewers are going to be, like, “Oh yeah! Matt! I remember him! I wonder whatever happened to him. And I wonder how many more kids he has now.”

But, I digress. We don’t have an actual premiere date yet for the new season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, all we know is that it will be returning some time in October.

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  • pmo

    kail lowery, please cover those thunder thighs.

    • doiknowyou78

      yes! her ass is ginormous too. good lawd!

    • Shanaynay

      And that face!!!!

  • doiknowyou78

    SO stupid that they are even going to air these since Amber and Matt and Kail and Javi are finished. Why bother? Oh, ratings….

  • Nicole

    So old