PHOTOS Farrah Abraham debuts red hair in VERY sheer outfit at Backdoor Key Vegas party

Farrah Abraham red hair

Last night Farrah Abraham served as the celebrity host of the Crazy Horse III Backdoor Key Party in Las Vegas, and the Teen Mom OG star surprised everyone by arriving with red hair! She was also wearing a super sheer see-through lace outfit that left little to the imagination, but that wasn’t as surprising as the hair. 😉

Here are a couple full-length looks at the new red headed Farrah — you’ll have to click the back view photo for the uncensored image:

Farrah Abraham Backdoor Key party Farrah Abraham butt - click for uncensored photo

Farrah teased her new ‘do on Instagram while she was at Hottie Hair Salon in Las Vegas prior to the event. She even took a little dig at ex Simon Saran by describing her new locks as “Single Revenge Hair:”

What color should I color my hair ? Single Revenge Hair ?? Tell me what color @hottieextensions @vegas @crazyhorse3lv

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Hottie Hair stylist Crystal Frehner posted before and after photos of blonde and red-headed Farrah as well as a photo of Farrah strutting her scarlet stuff leaving the salon:

Farrah Abraham blonde and red hair before and after photos

Meanwhile, it seems that the party peeps at the Crazy Horse III didn’t get the memo on Farrah’s crimson makeover; they had cutouts of Blonde Farrah on hand for the shindig:

#Farrah #Farrah #Farrah

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In our previous post about Farrah hosting the party we had a little fun with the fact that it was a “Backdoor Key” party given Farrah’s infamous “Backdoor Teen Mom” video. It seems Farrah had a sense of humor about the whole thing, too, as she playfully modeled her famous backdoor along with an inflatable key:

Farrah Abraham Crazy Horse 3 party - click for uncensored photo

Given Farrah’s sheer fashion choice, it’s pretty obvious why she opted to have that butt lifting procedure last week! And given the lack of coverage on her front door, it was probably wise to get that vaginal rejuvenation as well. 😉

So what do you think of Farrah’s reddy-teddy look? While you try to articulate your opinion, here is a parting gallery of Farrah letting her inner Crazy Horse out to run at the party:

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  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    So she went from ho yellow to slore red. She is the only person who successfully ended up looking exactly like a cheap blowup doll. Probably one of THE ugliest people both inside and out.

  • sysmjp

    You called it on the butt lift. She looks in desperate need of squats in these pics.

  • twelfthnight

    *Heave* gross. She looks even MORE like a cheap hooker. Single revenge hair? This just makes it more justifiable that he left you. My BF works security and he told me girls with this color hair are the ones you need to watch because they steal things or do meth in the bathroom.

    Nice tan lines. Couldn’t get your hands on some Sally Hansen aerosol?

    She looks awful. Raggy and used up and twice her age. Maybe three times. She looks like Kris Jenner dressed up as extra hoey Kim. Kris qualifies for a senior’s discount, Ferret, in case you were trying to figure out how old you look.

  • FYO

    Looking more porn star than ever. But hey, some people are into that.

  • barbinop

    She looks 10 years older with that red hair. What a disgrace

  • Yikesss

    How nice the gentlemans club name themselves after Farrah!!! Bwaaahhhaha

    • FR

      Close. That would be crazy (w)hores

  • Bebe

    Uh, Peggy Bundy? I really was adamant it was a Halloween wig until I saw the salon post.

    • NJJuls

      I thought it was one of those cheap Halloween wigs too!

  • Regina

    But whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy is her face a different shade than the rest of her body?

  • Billie

    I’m an actual redhead and for some reason I am personally offended, hah! All jokes aside, her left implant (so the one on the right in the photos) look so bigger/more misshapen than the other, no?

    • Crys

      Yes it does!

    • FR

      It’s her arm position. One arm is bent at the hip

  • Mandy Farruggia

    I thought this was Kathy Griffin at first

  • Bob Evans

    That looks like it came directly off the head of Chelsea Houska.

    • FR

      Or Marge Simpson

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      My thoughts exactly.

  • FR

    As with Kail having three babies with three different men, the 16&P girl escorting to support her heroin habit, Farrah’s s_xtoy / p_rn / strIpclub ventures, our society is clearly on a downward spiral to accept this as OK

    Sure, it’s their choice. It’s also harmful to them as women and it’s harmful to their babies. Ultimately, it hurts our society as a whole. A free society allows them these choices but decent people shun, rather than accept, this behavior.

  • Trash TV

    I think it is an improvement, blonde did not look good on her.
    Does she still deny she is a porn star?
    Hun, open a bar or bars with nice ladies in half see trough uniforms that dance on the bar every half hour, serve something men like and go crazy there, the customers will love it and you can let off steam.
    Buy a bar, sign up for bar rescue and fake everything, good advice and PR for free.

  • Shanaynay

    Ugh. So much to say. Her extensions are hideous!! You’d think with all that money, she’d be able to afford hair that at least LOOKS real!!! I actually like the color & style, but it’s on her so its just awful!! Her butt is ugly AF!!!! She paid for that!?!?!? Girl, you need to ask fo yo money back! Who knew it cost so much to look so cheap? Lol

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    At least her extensions match her color this time. That blonde mess did not blend.

  • barbinop

    Ahhhhhh. Don’t you just love Simon? Him and Farrah belong together. Both are narcissistic.