Danielle Jbali in talks for new show, is it ‘From Not To Hot’ Season 2?

Danielle Jbali

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star Danielle Jbali may be getting the Mama June makeover treatment! The reality show sensation is now officially divorced from ex-husband Mohamed Jbali, and she revealed in a new interview that she is in talks to star in a new show after signing with the company behind From Not To Hot.

Danielle made the announcement last week that she had signed with GR Media, the publicity firm that handles Mama June and Dr. Miami — and who were the driving force behind From Not To Hot. (GR Media has a formula for most of their female clientele, which usually involves plastic surgery, a rumored sex tape and a meeting with Vivid head Steven Hirsch, a song with Adam Barta, and an appearance on one of those relationship boot camp type shows. See: Sidney Leathers, Tan Mom, Mackenzie McKee, Amber Portwood, Farrah Abraham, Kail Lowry, etc.)

We haven’t heard anything about a rumored Danielle Jbali sex tape or meeting with Vivid head Steven Hirsch, but, as we mentioned above, Danielle did say that she is in talks for a different show. The topic came up during Danielle’s appearance on the Bring Me Your Torch podcast this week. (Full audio included below)

Danielle got on the topic when asked if she had anything to say to the haters. “Well, I can say that because of their hate, I’m going to be starting a new journey,” Danielle says, “because I’ve been so popular with the 90 Day series, I’ve recently signed on with Gina Rodriguez [head of GR Media] to manage me. And she’s the manager of Mama June. So she has some big plans for me.

Danielle is then asked if she is really over Mohamed, and whether or not fans can expect to see her on another season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? “I don’t know if we’ll be back for another season because, like I said, I signed with Gina, and she has another show in mind for me,” Danielle reveals.

She doesn’t mention From Not To Hot by name, but Danielle sure seems like a perfect fit! Of course, it could be that Danielle is referring to something like Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition. That wouldn’t necessarily require Mohamed to be there, and could focus on Danielle repairing things with her family. That doesn’t sound very exciting at all, however, and I doubt an appearance on that show (which takes just a couple weeks to film) would prevent her from doing another season of Happily Ever After?

Regardless of whether or not Danielle will be featured on a new season of From Not To Hot, I feel all but certain the countdown has already started for her first visit to Dr. Miami.

Here’s the full podcast with some more highlights below, including an update on Mohamed’s whereabouts and some clarification about the whole Diamond thing. I recommend listening to it instead of just skipping to the highlights because it is pretty lean without any filler before or after the conversation with Danielle:


Danielle is asked about Mohamed’s whereabouts, and whether or not he has been deported. “He has not talked to me since the day we went to court,” Danielle says, before revealing that she hopes to see him again because he owes her some coin! “I will probably see him again because he agreed to pay me some money, to pay some of my lawyer’s fees, but he hasn’t paid that yet.”

In addition to looking to regain some of her legal fees, Danielle also reveals that she is “suing him civilly too!” She didn’t share any specifics on the civil suit, and the podcast hosts had a little laugh about going after money Mohamed doesn’t appear to have.

Danielle does assert that Mohamed is still in the United States and has not been deported. “Right now he’s here legally,” she says. ‘If they do anything with him, it won’t be until after he goes to remove his conditions, which is coming up in September.” She adds that she believes he is still in Florida.

Where's Mohamed Jbali 90 Day Fiance deported?

One question that seems to come up a lot is why Danielle has chosen to keep Mohamed’s last name Jbali. Danielle says the answer is easy — it’s because she doesn’t want to deal with the time, effort, and money it would take to legally change it back.

OK, that explains keeping the last name, but why does Danielle continue to stalk Mohamed online if she is indeed over him? Or at least that’s what it looks like she is doing on the show. “Because, for one, I’ve been gathering evidence for immigration, so anything that I find it could potentially help,” Danielle explains — which does make sense. “And two, because at the time, when all this was filmed, we were still married. And you don’t see me posting and flaunting my new relationship all over social media because I have respect for Mohamed.” Hmmm… I’m a bit suspicious of that claim. Danielle has certainly kept her new relationship off of social media, but I find it hard to believe that it is solely out of respect for Mohamed.

What about the allegations made by Mohamed’s gal pal Diamond that Danielle wrote a bunch of nasty things about her appearance online in addition to harassing her with messages? “I posted one picture in the group that I run,” Danielle confesses, “and I did not call her ugly. As far as messaging her, I did message her, but it was for only one day that we went back and forth.”

Are Diamond and Mohamed still together? Is the relationship serious? Will there soon be Starcasm posts about Mohiamond? “There were rumors that she was supposed to move in with him,” says Danielle. “That was back in January.” Danielle says it is her opinion that Diamond is seeing Mohamed just to get on TV.

The Bring Me Your Torch hosts are up on their 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? drama, and they asked Danielle about the public backlash against Anfisa for continually hitting Jorge on the show. Danielle says she sympathizes with Jorge. She says that Mohamed never attacked her physically, but he did call her names, much as we see Anfisa doing. “I think it’s going to take Jorge a long time before he wakes up and realizes that she is not a good person,” Danielle says.

Danielle Jbali quote about Anfisa and Jorge

Danielle then talks about her cast mate Loren, who has publicly stated that she thinks Danielle and Mohamed have brought disgrace to the K-1 visa process. Danielle says she confronted her co-star and made sure Loren knew that Mohamed may not have been in it for the right reasons, but she most certainly was.

And speaking of the right reasons (aka love), what’s up with Danielle’s new relationship with her mystery man? Danielle reveals that they have been friends for a long time, and that he was her friend through the entire Mohamed ordeal — which is officially over. “As far as Mohamed, I am over him because the relationship that I have now is totally different from Mohamed,” Danielle says. “I mean this person respects me, he cherishes me he’s there for me. He loves me for me.”

If you listen to the podcast I think you will notice that Danielle does sound pretty happy — and that is GREAT! It will certainly be interesting to see what GR Media has in store for her as far as a new show. Me, I’ve got $20 that says definitely From Not To Hot Season 2!

Stay tuned.

Oh, and be sure to continue to follow Danielle and Mohamed (and the rest of the Happily Ever After? couples) with new episodes airing Sunday nights at 8/7c on TLC.

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  • DanaD

    Stop giving this woman attention. Please! Any self respecting woman wouldn’t go on any news channel that will have her and cry about a men YEARS younger and obviously wasn’t interested. He grimaced whenever he had to touch her, didn’t even want it shown on camera.

  • FYO

    Can we please just skip to the part where Danielle’s 15 minutes are up? TV has enough trainwrecks on it. Seriously.

    • tina

      Right and rumors of makeover like mama June how stupid can she be they will just use her to make fun of her she doesn’t get it

  • Cait Sith

    Something is very very off about this woman. She rubs me entirely the wrong way.

    This might sound very mean, but I don’t see how she ever thought Mohamed would have ever truly loved her- based on both looks and from what I’ve read online about their whole messy relationship.

    I know that he was just in it for the visa/citizenship, but I also think that she really just liked the idea of possibly being that much in control of another human being and their life.. You know thinking like “Well if you don’t do this this this and that then I’ll reneg on the agreement and have you deported”. I don’t believe for one second she was in it for love like she claims.

    • tina

      She lied about the marriage to her family to immigration she thinks we are all too dumb to remember it’s all on film. She lied on 90 days stating her girls heard them have sex because they were loud. Now it didn’t happen till 3 months after the marriage. She doesn’t know the truth anymore thinks being famous is worth the ridicule

      • Alisson Leech

        I don’t believe they had sex at all.

        • barbinop

          Me either but then how would he know about her stinky crotxx

          • Alisson Leech

            I thought he said he wouldn’t go near it because of the smell! Lol.

        • knit lover

          I think he mustof suffered through it once…to make sure the marriage was consumated for legal purposes aka green card. Id say he earned the green ard by having to even sleep next to her….uh!

        • Candice

          They did. They had to so the marriage wouldn’t be annulled. He did it one time and then talked about how much she stank.

  • melinehclassy

    I dont need to listen to it to know its just going to be a lot of snorting, drooling, crying, awkward giggling…woman has NO idea how bad she is embarrassing her poor daughters!

    • Sweet Venom

      I agree. I’m new to watching this show and the first thing I thought when I saw this woman was that she reminds me of a high school girl, giggling over a guy, not knowing wtf is going on. I didn’t even know she had children. I think there might be something wrong with her, mentally.

      • melinehclassy

        Oh my! Wait till you catch up on all the episodes. You won’t think- you will KNOW something is wrong with her mentally. It’s horrific

  • Juliana

    On her date in Court the Judge would have asked her if she wanted to take back her last name. It’s a choice right then and there and it then becomes legal that day which ever way she decided…..She’s FOS

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      Exactly and the only cost would be the cost of a new drivers license.

      • knit lover

        Yes!!! Because she is no innocent victim in all this…..fir sure!!

    • tina

      Exactly she doesn’t want to hear it she could also do everything online.

    • knit lover

      That is absolutely right!!!

  • Juliana

    Unless there’s a reality show that is doing brain transplants I don’t think there’s any help for Danielle in this lifetime.

    • melinehclassy


  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    I feel so bad for her children. All she cares about at this point is fame.

    • tina

      She dragged them in let them message people on fb. It’s pretty bad when her kids have to lecture her the very first episode.

    • Dyan Shane

      Not everyone has a great job, and from what i see being on TV does help her children financially. Her children love her, it does not appear that they don’t. So if fame brings her money to help them, why wouldn’t she? And please don’t say you wouldn’t do the same. Of course you would. Maybe your just a bit jealous.

      • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

        No I would not do the same. Did you ever watch the show? She had no regard for her children’s feelings in this whole mess.

        • Dyan Shane

          I watched the whole show. Her children also said they were all very close until moe. The woman raised 4 children, and was dying for a man to be close to, lonely, desperate, maybe, but she was NOT cruel to her children, not going to judge her like everyone else is.
          I bet you also would say you would not do anything for a million dollars. BS. For that is what Danielle has just won, the lottery. A golden carrot is dangled in her face, a TV show, great for her i say! Take it while you can! And i bet her kids love getting things they never would have as well! I don’t see them begging her to leave the TV show, or they would refuse to be on, there getting PAID as well.

          • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

            Ok Danielle. Whatever you say.

            • Dyan Shane

              That sounds VERY desperate, just cannot believe there are some fans who support her. Well here i am Mohammed.

              • SWSimpson

                Only people who think the way Danielle does… People forget Danielle lied about things he found out before the wedding. But, a normal person would have walked away, if not sooner, when he wouldn’t kiss her at the wedding. A normal person would have annulled the marriage after a sexless wedding night. Danielle is a little girl, delusional, childish, self-centered- her children are the adults and she is the child.
                I honestly think Danielle has… perhaps a learning disability, perhaps she is “slow”…. or not. But she is exceptionally immature, and has the mentality of “You hurt me, so I’m gonna hurt you back”

          • SWSimpson

            Her kids seem tired of having to parent their own parent. Seeing their desperate and delusional mother, who giggles like a 5th grader when she thinks a boy likes her, demeaning and humiliating herself the way she has repeatedly done, that her own family was cut her off… All the drama and roller coaster ride is Danielle’s fault because she can’t make adult decisions and stick to them. When he wouldn’t kiss her at the wedding ceremony, a “normal” person would have seen through him and cancel the wedding. A “normal” person would have annulled the marriage after the sexless wedding night.

            Danielle’s kids do not have an adult, grown-up, dependable mother. Hopefully they will do the opposite of what their mom did and have decent, adult lives.

      • Sweet Venom

        Not everyone is willing to sell their soul for a bit of coin 🙂

    • Candice

      I don’t. They completely ignored how their mother tried to trap a person and tried to make him a slave to pay her bills and sleep with her. It was beyond clear he was using her for a visa but he would have gladly played the part if Danielle hadn’t lied to him about her bills and her desperation. And the kids took it out on him and threatened him and did all sorts of things. Mohamed at least works. Danielle is trash.

  • tina

    Stop giving this trash and scammer time again if you did your research on her & her friend you will find a very long record for both

  • Dyan Shane

    Wow! That is fantastic! I sure hope they do a not hot show with Danielle! When people were being mean to her i was on her side, girls, how many bad seriously bad choices have we made? Your a hypocrite if you say you never have.
    A show like this would be the perfect revenge, and it would be nice for Danielle to feel special and people not be so mean.
    You go girl! I will totally watch and be very happy for you!

  • HLB

    It may be notoriety but I dont call it FAME.
    This is what we need- more coverage of DennYell…. NOT

  • HorseLover

    Who would watch another crap show with this person? Sorry but her 15 min of fame is long over. She needs to go to weight watchers and back to school to learn some kind of trade…and while at it, improve her grammar. Good God.

  • SWSimpson

    Even if Daneille gets plastic surgery, groomed like a lady… she will still make that strange face she makes when she has the sniffles, and wipe her nose with the back of her had. And, most of all she will still be childish, co-dependent and delusional.

  • knit lover

    That is not true about the name change…it woul only cost money ifyou didnt request it at the time of the divorce so it could b Be entered in the decree. The judge would grant you permission to resume use of your maiden name…