Jenelle explains why David wore sunglasses inside on Teen Mom 2

David Eason sunglasses inside

Pretty much every single episode of Teen Mom 2 has at least one scene featuring Jenelle Evans that gets the hatter conspiracy theorists all worked up, and this week it was the strange scene in which Jenelle had lunch in a restaurant with her fiance David Eason and he was wearing some rather large and rather dark sunglasses throughout the meal.

So what reason could David possibly have for wearing sunglasses to lunch? Inside?! Was he high? Did he have a black eye? Was his salad too bright? Was it Jenelle’s radiant beauty?

The current girlfriend of Jenelle’s ex Nathan Griffith even got in on Sunglassgate — right after defending her beau Nathan against accusations that he is an alcoholic. “I have a masters degree in mental health counseling, currently work as a substance abuse counselor… and preparing to get my phd, I think I would recognize if my boyfriend had an alcohol problem,” she tweeted. She then adeptly diverted the shade from Nathan to David: “I do recognize when sketchy people wear sunglasses inside tho ?”

Jenelle responded to the “sketchy” comment by tweeting “Hello sweetheart nice to meet you too. Next time get out of your car and shake my hand or something. Who’s really the brat?”

Hmmm…that didn’t clarify anything! Well, except for the fact that Jenelle and Ms. Lanhardt have apparently never met. Of course, not getting out of the vehicle when Nathan see Jenelle does not always guarantee there won’t be a “meeting!”

Back to Sunglassgate… People kept theorizing and conspiratizing until Jenelle FINALLY did clarify exactly what was going on:

A-ha! They were prescription transition lenses from when David was in school for a short time and he was on his lunch break! Mystery solved! I don’t see how any Jenelle conspiracy theorist could doubt an explanation directly from her, right? 😉

BUT WAIT! we zoomed in on the reflection in David’s super dark sunglasses and think we have have discovered something new…

David Eason sunglasses Kieffer Delp reflection

Is that Kieffer Delp!? (Cue: Barbara quote.) Nah, that’s just some Photoshop silliness. Anything to keep Kieffer’s memory alive in the Teen Mom 2niverse. #Kiefferever

Personally, I thought the whole scene was hilarious. David looked like he was a guitarist from ZZ Beatles as he used a knife and fork to cut and continually push a salad around on his plate. It didn’t occur to me to look for a sinister cover up or anything. (It was pretty bright in the restaurant — I think bright enough to turn his transition lenses dark.)

UPDATE – The newest theory is that David was wearing his normal glasses under his sunglasses, dispelling Jenelle’s explanation:

Jenelle tweeted and deleted this response: “Lmfao no he wasn’t. Why would he even do that? ?”

Meanwhile, we are so proud to reveal that this post has been nominated for a Randy Award for Photoshopping! From Dr. RanD MC himself:


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  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    So now suddenly he’s blind without his Rx glasses? Why doesn’t he wear glasses in other scenes?

    Homeboy also needs to shave that beard and pick up another hairstyle, he looks ridiculous. It’s like a weird looking Bieber cut that went out 5 years ago. It’s so dated looking.

  • Cait Sith


    So in addition to Teen Mom & TM2, there’s also Teen MUM. Based in England, naturally.

    I tell you what, these girls seem to be collectively more mature and responsible (as in, none of them seem to be struggling with substance abuse), but one is batshit crazy. Her Baby Daddy already had a kid with someone else and she got pissed off at him for friending his other Baby Mama on Facebook, gets insanely jealous over him spending time with his other daughter & the mom, and like doesn’t want him seeing them at all nor does she have any desire for them all to get along and coparent successfully.. Not yet , at least. I’m only on the 2nd episode, so that could change.

    She’s beyond annoying and immature.

    • MarvelousBeauty

      She is so jealous. I don’t get it. She got the man was having his baby and is still jealous of a 2 year old. Smh

      • Cait Sith

        Baby AND the mom. She got mad over them being friends on Facebook.

        He’s gonna dump her ass SOON, I promise you.

        It kind of infuriated me, too, that she absolutely -refused- to let Manly bring his daughter to the hospital. I mean, I get not wanting her in there for the actual delivery, but for phuck’s sake, she could’ve let the kid come by a little after to meet her new sister.

        I would -never ever- treat my man like that if he had a kid with another woman. Like I said, that’s just begging to be kicked to the curb and those poor girls don’t deserve to be kept away from each other like that. I am curious to see how Manly’s other Baby Mama handles it all and what she thinks of Mia’s attitude tho fr.

    • It’s me

      I think the idiot living in the “caravan” is worse. Your living in a trailer because you dont have money…ok
      So go out & buy a horse? Then return it, demand an engagement party & trick you fiance that cheated on you into having another baby. Now she is pregnant again. Exvellent choices none of that nonsense cost money.

      • 2loo

        I could not believe that shit… That is the dumbest shit I ever seen. She keeps claiming hell she is so happy to have a trailer… Like.. goals of one? That is all you expire too at 18 ??a 2 bed rm trailer ..two kids and a cheating boyfriend? Well you have arrived!!! You peaked at 18 good going

        • Caty P. :)

          I’d want to commit straight up murder if my man cheated on me with my best friend. The caravan girl has way more tolerance (or delusion??) than I ever will.

        • LOL!!!!! I nearly died laughing at this.

    • Caty P. :)

      Teen Mum is AWESOME. Such a trainwreck. I’m sad that there are only 6 episodes though! 🙁 Hopefully more to come!

      How do all these mums afford vacations to Spain??? A gift from the show producers? Ibiza is not cheap….

      • Cait Sith

        They’re not far from Spain though. And it’s part of EU. Not so expensive when you’re on that side of the pond lol

        • Caty P. :)

          Very true, I just double-blinked when I heard one of them (I think Mia) mention Ibiza — I was like, whoa, that’s a pricey spot! Sounds gorgeous to visit, though 😉

          • Cait Sith

            seriously though… I need more seasons of Teen Mum. Screw TM & TM2 now. Teen Mum is my -jaaaammmmm-. They even have a WAY better theme song yo.

            • The 2nd one just started here in the UK, so hopefully you should get it soon. 🙂

              Naomi (Kyanna’s mum) has left and there’s a new girl called Sassi.

              • Cait Sith


                We had a boxer named Sassy lol

      • Cait Sith

        Wait. There’s 8 on my OnDemand I’m pretty sure.

        I also have Fios, so it may be different for you. IDK. I just happened to find it. I’ll have to look again and report back in a bit.

    • Bruja

      I tried watching that show and couldn’t even get through the 2nd episode.

  • Cait Sith

    Dude. If they were transition sunglasses, they wouldn’t be phucking DARK inside of a restaurant.

    Jenelle needs to shut it.

    • LoLo

      Thank you! My husband had those years ago. They lighten up indoors. It’s a no brainer.

      • Cait Sith


      • Baby Hooker

        Right. My brother has transitions and they are dark OUTSIDE not inside lol. Someone tweet that to her

        • 9Ether

          My brother does too. Jenelle’s so dumb smart.

        • LoLo

          I’m sure they have.

  • E

    so it’s just normal to have a beer in the middle of the day while in school? Why doesn’t J care that she wasted her money (because come on we know she paid) for him to go to school, and he’s drinking during the day and dropping out after a short time. She’s prob just happy he’s home so she can watch him and he can watch her kids…

  • LoLo

    David is just creepy & it’s not just the glasses. His combover bangs look stupid. Then he keeps fixing them which makes them look even creepier. I feel bad for Kaiser. We never see Jenelle playing with him or reading to him. It’s always offering him food, yelling at him or putting him to sleep.

  • Lunitics. Period. Paragraph.

  • Bruja

    He looks like an Amish Alfalfa.

  • Oliviajoy

    Um why would his glasses still be that dark while he was inside eating? Pretty sure he was in disguise. ?

  • Baby Hooker

    Those are regular old sunglasses, not transitions. My bro wears transitions. Also, wtf asked you, Randy? Don’t you have teeth to pull? Gawd he is way too old to be involved in this show the way he is.

  • FrontDoorMom

    As a former optician, transitions need uv rays to activate. Windows are uv protected…. those are not transitions lol

  • cookie

    Randy needs to get a life

  • Shanaynay

    You know what bugs me most about this article? Has nothing to do with Janelle or UBT. It’s the fact that the author (Asa) doesn’t know how to f’ing spell HATERS!!!! This is the second article I’ve read where she spells it haTTer’s! OMG!!!!!!!! Do you even have a degree??? What the actual EFF!?!?

    • Cait Sith


      Is there a punctuation police that can be dispatched to take care of you? There’s no need for 65 exclamation points and 34 question marks lol

      • Shanaynay

        Oh, shut up!!!!!! Grammar & punctuation mistakes drive me nuts!

        • Cait Sith

          Punctuation drives you nuts? Is this real? Do you see your irony? XD

          I’m just telling you why it’s spelled that way. It’s in jest and you’re getting all huffy about it.

      • Bruja

        OMFG, DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU DON’T LIKE EFF’ING PUNCTUATION?????!?!?!?!?????!!!


        DON’T BE A HATTER!!!!

        You like how I bolded that shit? Twice as awesome! Lawls. ? ?


        • Cait Sith


  • Ashley

    Just more proof that Jenelle lies out of her behind. Those are so clearly not transitional lenses – not only are they super dark inside, but the frames look like sunglasses frames!

  • BreeMorey

    He has a head you want to punch….. His face just bothers me :[