REPORT Josh Duggar won’t apologize to sex abuse victims because he blames the Devil for his actions


It’s been two years since Josh Duggar’s secret past was exposed to the public. He reportedly sexually abused five minors, four of whom were his own sisters, when he was a teenager. This bombshell news was soon followed by more recent scandals. He checked into a Christian counseling and rehab center after it was revealed he was cheating on his wife Anna with the help of affair website Ashley Madison.

Now there are reports that he’s person-non-gratis no longer with his family and their reality shows. He’s reportedly coming back to television to open up about his indiscretions. The report also claims that he won’t be apologizing, though, because he feels like “outside” forces made him do the things he did.

“Josh will appear on the next season of his sisters’ series,” an insider told InTouch. “The plan is for him to address everything he’s done. What he has to say will be ratings gold, and TLC — and the Duggars — know it.”

28-year-old Duggar had to step down from his lobbying job with the anti-LGBT Family Research Council over his scandals, and ever since he’s been struggling to find work. Earlier this year there were reports that he got a job selling cars, but “wasn’t doing well at it.” Stepping back into reality television could be a way for Josh to avoid working a 9-5.

“Josh will cover everything and he will maintain the family line that God has saved his soul and guided him back to the right path,” the source said. “But one thing you probably won’t hear is that he’s actually sorry, as he believes that external forces were to blame for his behavior.”

If it’s true that he’s not sorry and doesn’t feel at all to blame for molesting his sisters and cheating on his wife, that definitely leaves an outlet for future transgressions. The belief that outside “devilish” forces make us do bad things is a convenient way to not feel responsible for our own actions.

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  • DVM

    I don’t know what religion these guys are practicing, but they need to stop calling themselves Christian. Being Christian means taking responsibility for when you f*ck up, and saying sorry to the people you hurt.

    • Trash TV


  • DeeDeDee

    F*ck this kiddy diddler and his poor attempts at being victimized. F*ck his parents for covering this sh*t up. And while I know they’re victims, f*ck his sisters for getting on national television and attempting to normalize forgiving your sexual abuser and having a relationship with them after the fact. And just for kicks, f*ck TLC for givinf these f*cking inbred nimwits a platform to spread their bullsh*t on.

    Now where’s that show about the morbidly obese little people?

    • Trash TV

      I don’t mind forgiveness, but having to let that person back in your live without an sincere apology and good treatment with check ups, that is sick.
      And it’s not just what he did in the past, he has hurt his family and showed poor character recently too. He is mentally ill and needs real treatment.

  • jeff

    This family and TLC are just disgusting.

    • Trash TV

      Don’t watch, boycot all the advertisers.

  • Rebecca Morris

    Now hold on a minute… There’s not a sin that can’t be forgiven as long as you truly repent to God & are honestly sorry. Josh Duggar doesn’t have to get on TV & repent to any of you or apologize!
    What he has done is a family matter, it’s none of your buisness. The Duggars are very good respected people. Now I ask all of you, have you ever sinned? Would you like the whole world to judge you for the things you did as a teenager?

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      Folks we got a Duggar leg humper here!!!!

      • FrontDoorMom


    • Bruja

      Really? Sippin’ the damned pickle juice and huffin’ the Aqua Net fumes, I see.

      Get out of here with that shit. Go repent for your sick and twisted support and worship of a family that normalizes sexual abuse and the predators that perpetrate it. You’re truly messed up. Did you read any of this article or just grab your bible and start pounding it on your keyboard?
      That butthole isn’t repenting, he’s blaming Lucifer.

      That’s right, good ole’ Luci made him do it! Tale as old as time. He really needs a new excuse and you really need to pull your head out of the Duggar’s butts.

      • Realistic

        Do you know what really happened? No you know what the TV & magazines say. I’m not saying what he did was okay because it’s not! I am saying that his sins can be forgiven.

        • Bruja

          I know that none of what was portrayed and relayed was a lie. I know that none of this is magical made up bull that the media pulled out of their hineys. There is a police report, you know. The family made statements about the Ashley Madison scandal and the loser went to “rehab”.

          What he’s doing isn’t sinning in the “traditional” sense. He’s blame shifting and making excuses for a crime that IMO, should be met with chemical or actual physical castration. There is no cure for sexual predators. None.

          He didn’t steal a 6 pack of beer, or hell, even a car as a teen. He MOLESTED 5 little girls, 4 of whom he is related to.

          The defense of this monster makes me sick.

          • Realistic

            I’m not defending him I agree it was completely wrong, but I also agree that he can be saved. You’re telling me you’ve never sinned at all, you haven’t disobeyed any of the 10 commandments?

            • Bruja

              Who hasn’t? The question is, are you visiting harm on others? Committing mortal sins? Is it repenting when you blame the Devil? No, I think you’re unclear on what repenting is, because, again, Josh isn’t repenting. He is running from the personal responsibility of his own actions.

              I think you really need to step down off the pedestal because there is no excuse for any of this and as far as the laws of man are concerned (which the Bible instructs shall be followed) this d!ck is a pedo. I could care less about his immortal soul, not that he has one, anyone who harms a child over and over again is a straight up demon, and he deserves the Hell he created for himself, as do his parents that covered up for him.

            • Glowbug

              Josh Duggar & being saved is between him & his God. No one knows if he asked for forgiveness or received forgiveness from God. Stop with your sinning/ disobeyed the commandments. Stop making what JOSH DUGGAR did about other people. TLC put Josh Duggar on TV & the entire Duggar family on TV. They are now public figures & they will BE JUDGED BY THE PUBLIC. Sorry if that upsets you but I know nothing abut you BUT your life is your own private matter. Not the Duggars who are braggarts about how holy & Christian they are — they are flawed people & often misguided. Why seek so much fame — that is not shameful?
              Look at me — they are no different in seeking reality TV fame than Kim Kardashian, How many weddings & births do they make public. Every wedding & birth is well documented & advertised & they have sites where you can donate to them wedding gifts or baby gifts. Greedy — a bunch of uneducated greedy people. How about Josh Duggar get himself an old fashion (non reality tv) JOB.

    • Glowbug

      If a Duggar breaks the law he owes the public nothing?
      No apology — let alone atonement to the public. The Duggar family decided to make their lives very PUBLIC — so yes, he owes his “fans” at the very least an apology & more.
      He is unrepentant & unaccountable to God & man.

      Josh Duggar is arrogant, an adulterer, committed incest with his sisters, is unable to provide for his family (which is growing in size). That is why he needs to get back on TLC.

      He is out of money. Do no even bring up “have you ever sinned” — that is just BS on your part. Teenagers are tried as adults all the time for “sins” & are sitting in jail right now for being found guilty of “sins” (murder, sexual assault, car theft, battery & assault etc) Sorry if this upsets your precious view of the world of rainbows & unicorns.
      If you want to express real Christian values get yourself to a poor country with starving & diseased children & bring them food & medicines. You are nothing more than an arm-chair Christian.
      The Duggars do not represent Christianity — they are the Christian Taliban & baby birther cult members. The unborn babies do not receive professional prenatal care & are often birthed without a certified professional medical person, Jill & Jessa Duggar both had to be rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment because their birth’s caused a life/death situation for mother & newborn. That is not how you parent a newborn.

  • Josie

    Christianity is the perfect religion for serial offenders. Once you’re “saved” you’re guaranteed a spot in heaven. Screw up? That’s ok. You’re already saved by the blood. Say a little prayer asking for forgiveness and all is well again. My grandfather was a Baptist minister/pedophile so I’m quite familiar with this concept.

    • Realistic

      “Christians” aren’t just baptist. There’s lots of different religions.

      • James A

        They’re referred to as denominations, not religions. Baptists, Catholics, Lutheran, and Assembly of God are just three of the Christian denominations out there.

      • Josie

        Of course not, there are many branches of Christianity, but the religion of Christianity is based on Jesus CHRIST and how he sacrificed himself to save the world from their sins.

  • Fefe428

    If TLC puts this disgusting excuse for a man back on their network I think people AND ADVERTISERS should boycott in protest. I know I will be.

  • Glowbug

    Its so convenient to do evil things when you take no personal responsibility for your actions. The devil made you do it??? He is a piece of unrepentant trash — you committed incest & you absolve yourself by invoking God. You disrespect all women. Did Jim Bob Duggar & Josh Duggar sit down & decide this was an acceptable why to get out of being punished? Josh Duggar must be really hard up for money & needs to squirrel his way back into TLC reality TV. Boycott all TLC — they have no values or ethics. And Jim Bob & his evil son call themselves Christians. These are the same people who voted in #45.
    What does #45 & the Duggars have in common — they are-Liars & take no responsibility for their actions. They truly believe they are above the law of the land & God.

  • Glowbug

    Boycott TLC —-boycott all advertisers — the Duggars do not belong on TV & they can all go out & get JOBS — There are many jobs to be had — retail, service industry (waiter/waitress), hospital orderly, used car salesman, landscaping, arbor landscaping, building houses, farmer. The Duggar has lots of land for which they pay no taxes since their home is considered a church. Give each Duggar a shovel & some seed and start growing your own food. The Duggars are the laziest people around. Stop preaching & provide for your families you Duggar men & the men married to the Duggar girls.

  • Alisson Leech

    I don’t see why the Willis Family were voted off the island so fast, while the diddling Duggars are still there.

  • Susan Bruton

    Convenient excuse! So if someone murdered him for being a pedophile they can say the devil made me do it!