VIDEO The Little Couple are moving to Florida, new season premieres Sep 19

The Little Couple moving to Florida in new season premiering September 19 2017

After a lengthy legal battle involving their production company, TLC’s The Little Company is FINALLY returning for a new season! And America’s favorite little family has some BIG changes in store as they will be packing up and leaving Houston, Texas behind for a new home in Florida!

More on the Florida move in a minute — first, let’s watch the preview trailer as Dr. Jennifer Arnold and hubby Bill Klein get us all caught up on how much has changed since the last time we saw the family on TV:

(I dunno – I kinda think maybe Will and Zoey are ready for their own spin-off? Maybe “Will and Zoey Take St. Petersburg?”)

As the trailer reveals, the family takes an overseas trip to England and Scotland. But that’s just the beginning of the extensive traveling the Arnolds will be doing this season. From the press release:

At the start of this season, Jen and Bill take the kids on their first international trip to the United Kingdom when Jen is invited to participate in a conference in Scotland. It’s not all work and no play, however, as the family takes the opportunity to visit a scotch distillery, a castle where Will and Zoey feel quite at home and plenty more adventures as they make their way to London, such as questioning a royal guard and partaking in proper British tea. Throughout the season, the family will continue to expand their horizons stateside, including a visit to Washington D.C. to host an adoption gala, which coincides with Zoey’s fifth birthday celebration! Later in the season, Will also celebrates his birthday during a ski trip to Vermont, where the kids experience snow for the first time.

The Little Couple family photo

Now, about that whole Florida thing… The preview trailer merely teases the possibility of a move, but [SPOILER ALERT] the press release confirms that Dr. Jen does accept the Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital job in St. Petersburg. She took to Facebook moments ago and confirmed by writing “So excited to join Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital as medical director of simulation.” Congratulations Dr. Jen!

I really cannot imagine how difficult the decision must have been for Jen and Bill — they are so involved in the Houston community. Plus, there’s Bill’s pet boutique and store Rocky & Maggie’s! I live in Texas and I confess that I am bummed to be losing this family from our list of kick butt Texans — but of course I wish the family the best. (I was in Houston late last year and the things I was most excited about was finding Bill’s pet boutique and seeing the offices of My 600 Pound Life‘s Dr. Nowzaradan. LOL #TLCjunkie)

The Little Couple returns to TLC for a brand new season Tuesday, September 19 at 9/8c.

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  • kate

    LOVE this family! zoey is already 5? wow. I remember the episode where they went to india to adopt her. I like trashy reality shows and drama and everything, but this show and ‘Outdaughtered’ are like palate cleansers for me. Sometimes I need a break for some heartwarming reality tv.

  • pmo

    finally, I have been chomping at the bit, cant wait to see the kids, and dont forget jen’s parents moved to FLA on one of the last episodes. cant wait to hear the kids speaking in sentences

  • Bruja

    I know Asa was probably rushing through this so he could get to the copy/paste/long scrolling love fest that is the Twitter feud between Simon and Farrah, but really?

    “After a lengthy legal battle involving their production company, TLC’s The Little Company is FINALLY returning for a new season!”

    “The Little Company”

    • jeff

      Classic Asa

    • Renee L

      Heh. And Asa is the only author I know that uses “LOL” in an article. Help her.

  • truckproductions

    YAY! Man I love this family!

  • Rachel

    One of the only families on TLC I geniunely adore. They seem so humble and honest. Want only good things for them and happy they will finally be back.

  • barbinop

    Whose going to buy that custom built house in Texas? It was specifically designed for short people. Welcome to Florida! Your on the Gulf side which is more inclined to get the brunt of hurricanes/ tropical storms

    • Renee L

      Right? The mint green house in a neighborhood on regular smaller houses. It sort of sticks out like a sore thumb.

    • Kathleen Wendel

      they remodeled it for regular sized people before they put it up for sale