VIDEO Lawyer says Casey Anthony ‘blacked out’ Caylee’s death


During a recent interview one of Casey Anthony’s attorneys stated that he believes his infamous former client “blacked out” her daughter’s death.

Cheney Mason spoke with Law Newz and was asked about Casey Anthony’s statements earlier this year in which she claimed that she didn’t know exactly what happened with Caylee Anthony’s death.

Mason said:

“I believe that Casey’s mind, in some dimension, I guess the common word would say ‘snapped.’ She didn’t go crazy by any means — but blackout — completely a blackout — of what went on and what happened… Casey, as we established with an expert witness at the end of the trial, grieved and comprehended differently than anyone else what happened. She went into what I call ‘Casey World.’ She shut it out.”

“She didn’t know what she was doing or what she was saying,” he added. “She knows she did not do this.”

Mason emphasized that Casey was, “close to, bonded to, and loved that child. The child who was perfectly healthy, perfectly clean dressed, well nourished, no instance of any prior injury, no abuse whatsoever. That’s the truth.”

Mason explained that his office still receives communications from people who have conspiracy theories about what happened to Caylee. Mason argued that while those in the court of public opinion use their “imagination” to try to piece together what happened, courts of law use “facts to deal with the truth the best we can.”

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  • DoogieHowser

    Oh wtfever, mention a crazy conspiracy and then in the same breathe relate the truth about Casey killer to toddler to a conspiracy. Yeah no.

  • Bebe

    The best thing to do for all parties involved would be to just stop talking about her/her motives/her life today/etc. Public opinion won’t change.


  • taylor71

    Before Mason joined the defense team, he went on camera stating that Casey is guilty of murdering her daughter. Now he wants us to buy another story from the babykiller? Not in this lifetime.
    She googled “fool proof suffocation” on June 16, 2008 at 2:56 pm via her password protected web browser, while Cindy and George were both at work. Caylee died right after that, with three pieces of duct tape covering her airways.