PHOTO Jenelle Evans and fiancé David Eason reveal wedding date

Jenelle Evans Save the Date

After getting engaged back in March, Jenelle Evans has set a wedding date! She made the announcement via social media when she shared a picture of she and David kissing along side a fence with the phrase “Save The Date 09-23-2017” painted on the side.

“I’m ready to make my life forever with you. ??? #SaveTheDate,” Jenelle captioned the photo.

Joining in on the “Save the Date” photoshoot was E! News correspondent Ken Baker. He was in North Carolina interviewing Jenelle about her upcoming book, Read Between the Lines, as well as touring her new house.


“I let [Ken Baker] and [E! News] on an exclusive tour of my new home and all new details about my upcoming book. Stay tuned to get up close and personal with the REAL Jenelle,” she revealed.

Jenelle Evans Ken Baker E News

“Had a lovely time at home on the North Carolina country ranch with Teen Mom star [Jenelle Evans] and her family today,” Ken shared. “Look for our interview and home tour next week on [E! News].”

As far as the wedding goes, Jenelle is aiming for a “backyard rustic theme” but still wants it to feel “elegant”. And what about the guest list? “Only close friends and family,” she admitted. Jenelle and David are focused on keeping their wedding a “small, private” event.

Be on the lookout for the E! News interview next week, and be sure to check out Jenelle’s book, Read Between the Lines: From the Diary of a Teenage Mom, when it’s released on July 25.

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  • cookie

    Who the eff photoshopped her legs in that picture? They look deformed and fat.

    • Ali.P

      I know that he is much taller than her but I feel like someone could have come up with a better idea. My eyes went straight to her legs. It looks very awkward to me.

    • Kat

      Oh man I really didn’t look much at it until you made this comment . Wow that is horrible. She must have very thick legs ? She rally should have either been sitting on the fence or him leaning down to kiss her .

    • FYO

      Doesn’t look photoshopped. Just looks like she has fat legs, which shouldn’t be surprising since she had a baby recently.

  • Chewy

    A save the date with 2 months notice? Huh?

    • Beezow

      Right? I have a wedding to go to the same day, and I got the save the date at the beginning of this year.

      Of course, the Easter Bunny and a leprechaun have a higher chance of actually getting married than these two.

    • Miss Mandy Lynn

      *cough* shotgun *cough*

      • Lauren

        There’s a rumor going around that she’s pregnant again. I hope to God that’s not true.

  • FR

    What do you think the chances are that she has grass outside the house by the time E arrives?

    The inside is probably already a disaster with bongs and whatnot strewn about everywhere.

  • Cait Sith

    She actually looks really pretty in that last pic

  • Baby Hooker

    Im curious as to how they will be maintaining this home once the show is over. Neither have any marketable skills, they live above their means, and…have at least 4 children to support. Oh how I can’t wait to see where the casts lives are in 7-10 years.

    • FYO

      David is a welder. They make good money and it’s not like the cost of living is a concern where they live. Jenelle does have her Medical Assistant degree when/if she goes to work. I doubt they’ll ever be well-off but if you’re looking forward to them being down and out, you’re probably in for a disappointment.

  • barbinop

    I just hope that for the sake of all the various children involved that these two make it work. Also that they can find a way to make peace with Babs once and for all. Maybe consider letting Jace spend more time getting to know all the other children as family. Time to bury the hatchet.

  • sysmjp

    Aww, she’s the only one that actually believes this will last.