Teen Mom’s Ryan Edwards nodded off while driving to his wedding with Mackenzie Standifer in the car

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Last night’s season finale of Teen Mom featured an extremely disturbing and dangerous scene with Ryan Edwards and his now-wife Mackenzie Standifer. Before they got in the car, Ryan appeared to have sleepy, glazed eyes, and seemed out-of-it, but they continued with the ceremony. Even though he was obviously not feeling very alert, he got in the driver’s side of the car while Mackenzie sat beside him in a her beautiful wedding gown.

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A camera mounted on their dashboard caught Ryan nodding in and out of consciousness while driving on the highway, putting himself, Mackenzie, and anyone else on the road with them that day in grave danger. “Why are you swerving?” a concerned Mackenzie asked. “My eyes baby,” Ryan replied. “In the sunlight I can’t keep them open.”

The dash cam scene went on for an excruciating amount of time as Ryan struggled to stay awake and keep his eyes open. Finally, Mackenzie turned off the camera, but the device still caught her asking Ryan if he was on Xanax. “I don’t have any. I put that on my kid’s life,” Ryan replied. Earlier in the episode Maci expressed her dire concerns over Ryan’s addiction and was seen telling their son Bentley that he wouldn’t be able to visit his dad for a while.

Ryan kept his sunglasses on for his ceremony and still seemed to have droopy eyes although he didn’t appear to nod or fall asleep while he got married. His mother was seen crying sad tears, not ones of joy, on camera over the circumstances of the small, private wedding.

Shortly after these filmed nuptials, Ryan checked into rehab. His ex Dalis Connell made the claim that it’s not his first time in rehab. It’s very common for people who struggle with addiction to relapse after receiving treatment.

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  • Stacey J

    I honestly had thought Maci was reaching or searching for a story line…watching him last night was sad and disturbing…and why would anyone marry someone in that condition?

    • Bebe

      I agree… I thought Maci was being overly dramatic. But if she’s noticed something was up during their drop offs (I can’t imagine they spend much more time together?), then he must be as bad off as that scene portrays…aka it wasn’t just a one time incident. Nothing but disgust for his new wife and family for their denial.

    • Liz

      Yes! That was scary as sh*t

    • Miss Mandy Lynn

      I may guessing she’s like knocked up or very desperate . she just seems almost too nice if you know what I mean

      • Guest

        Nice? She seems desperate and naive.

        • Miss Mandy Lynn

          Nice as in fake nice

          • Juliana

            She is not only a fake but she’s trying to be just like Ryan’s mother…it’s freaky!!!

  • LA79

    So much is wrong here.

    Mackenzie being more concerned with turning off the camera than getting a clearly strung out person to stop driving was disgusting, and I can’t believe how desperate she is to try to have a shotgun wedding with the groom’s mother sobbing uncontrollably in the background and the groom strung out on who KNOWS what.

    The fact that Bentley is even allowed around Ryan when he is this deep into his addiction is troubling. It makes it even more ridiculous all the antics Ryan’s mom and “wife” have been engaged in publicly the last couple of weeks. The two of them are partially to blame for how bad this is and should be ashamed of their involvement – not trying to knock down everyone talking about it because they wanted to continue to enable him behind closed doors. Ryan is lucky it’s out in the open now because he can’t hide behind his parents and that desperate idiot that wanted to marry him.

    I cannot wait to watch Maci tear this girl up on the reunion. Now all the people that thought Maci was milking this situation for attention or a storyline can have several seats.

    • Lacy

      Maci reached out to Ryan to address his drug use, and Ryan never responded so she won’t let Bentley see him at all. But he thinks getting married will let him get one more day of custody a week? I’m sure he didn’t plan on getting filmed high, but did he think the court would ignore Maci’s allegations of drug use and not test him? There definitely had to be some other reason to move up the wedding so fast.

      • FYO

        Mackenzie said a lawyer told her it looks better if they’re married, when Ryan tries to convince a judge he deserves more time. Unfortunately that lawyer forgot to mention judges like a see a stable marriage (ie: at least 1-2 years married) before using it as a consideration in custody cases. Just showing up to court with a crisp new marriage certificate doesn’t mean shzt.

      • LA79

        I get a weird feeling about it too…like there’s something we are all missing which is the real reason they did it. Mackenzie doesn’t seem bright but even she can’t think a judge would give Ryan more time in the state he’s in.

        I know she’s in her own custody battle. Maybe she thought it would help there?

        Then again maybe she was just using it as an excuse to trap him and get access to his money before he sobered up and realized her game. You know he was too high to get a prenup or even really comprehend why she was pushing it. I also think it was weirdly ominous his mom was sobbing???

        • Juliana

          Ryan’s father was even acting weird. He did not bother hiding it either. He stood in some spot away from the ceremony and away from his sobbing wife. MacKenzie the moron probably told them what happened in the car………..Why did she marry him after that car ride or why didn’t she get him to pulll over and take over the driving for him?

          Who would marry someone in that condition? Only a really stupid person would do that!!!!!

  • tina

    so much wrong shame on mtv for not stopping him from getting in that car too busy getting the shot and getting in the care behind them. Shame on mtv while following them and seeing that they didn’t call 911. Shame on his worthless parents that have done nothing but make him the spoiled entitled manchild he is today. shame on them for not getting him help and for allowing his son over there. Shame on mack for marrying him knowing he had a drug problem, knowing he was high then, for not telling him to pull over. This was a disgusting show. Maci may be a bitch but she was right and I cannot imagine the fear she lived with. That is not someone who is popping a few xnax and I think his new wife does drugs as well. Good luck with her keeping 50/50 custody because if I were the dad and saw that video knowing she did nothing, knowing because she was so calm it has happened before that 50% would be gone. I do not believe for one minute this quickie marriage had anything to do with a custody battle. AS for amber done with her loser druggie messed up life. She claims to have changed yet she needed security there why so she could throw a trantrum and the could hold her back. let’s not forget the black clown tears she hasn’t worn a water based mascara in years but suddenly she squeezes out two tear drops in black lines. She knew what she was getting by moving in a total stranger. Sick of the poor me I’m the victim act. As for kait and tyler ohhhhh look its tylers turn to be the depressed one this season! Kait is back to horses because its the least work she has to do that invovles geting off the couch. Both lazy self entitled poor me druggies. Buying another house without even looking at it or getting it inspected and right after moving into a new home. Yep perfectly normal. Notice they had to drop carlys name in there again they are so arrogant they think that will not catch up with them . Well its been over a year since you saw her keep it up it won’t happen again till she is 18 if she seeks you out so over these losers get a life and a real job grow up. Bunch of low class trash

    • Josie

      You’re not that over them because you keep watching the show and putting the effort into such a lengthy, dramatic post. TM will never go away until all the fanatic, teen mom haters grow up and quit getting so emotionally involved in the show.

      • tina

        and your reading my posts you have a choice don’t

    • FYO

      TL;DR past the first 2 sentences. BUT, first, the footage in the car is recorded and reviewed later. It’s not as if MTV was watching those cameras in real time. Second, if you notice there wasn’t any outside shots on the car, most likely because there wasn’t a camera car following them – they were probably already at the wedding spot getting set up. And third, these are grown adults. MTV has no authority to prevent Ryan from driving while under the influence. They legally can not stop him.

      • tina

        wrong about that if he killed someone you think mtv would be sued? Yes I’m aware ccameras were at the site there is always a car following him if not they should have stopped him from getting in the car and they were there. Yes he is not a child but if you see someone in that condition you do anything possible to keep them safe and others on the road. Sorry my sentences are too long then don’t read my responses yet her you are again

        • FYO

          No, there is not always a car following. And no, MTV is not liable for what Ryan does while Ryan is driving a car. The only way MTV would have any liability at all is if they provided him with the drugs, or they encouraged him to drive.

          Think about your claim for a second. If you were correct then every car who witnesses Ryan’s swerving would be partially responsible and liable. Don’t confuse your own personal moral obligations with the law. There is no law that says a person has a legal obligation to report “suspicious” driving behavior and there is no law that says a person who doesn’t is somehow magically liable for what happens.

          • Juliana

            I’ve seen you in two articles here saying the crew wasn’t following behind them. Yes there was, it was the van which can actually be seen in the pictures above. Not the white truck to the left but directly behind them is the MTV van with the crew in it. It was seen on the show’s episode too….

            • FYO

              Well isn’t that strange considering MTV said they were not following the car at that time, hence why there’s no exterior shots. And that there usually is not a following car due to the unnecessary production cost associated with it.

  • Guest

    Holy shit, imagine if Bentley had been in the car. That’s so scary.

  • Guest

    Was he even sober enough to consent to marriage?

    • savannah

      I was thinking the same thing!

    • TA

      How sad that Mackenzie was so desperate to marrying him that she followed through with the ceremony knowing he was high as a kite.
      What a lovely wedding day memory.

  • Jennifer Jameson

    Why in the hell didn’t Mackenzie make him pull over and then get in the driver’s seat herself? She is also responsible as she let him get in the car before that to “get a haircut” which is code for getting his drug of choice. He was clearly high then, too.

    • FYO

      Because she’s an enabler.

  • twelfthnight

    This is probably the best thing to come out of this show. Cold, hard, videorecorded evidence that a child is not safe with him. No court battles, no he-said-she-said. It’s just right there that he is not a fit father.

    • Caty P. :)

      YES to this. ^^

      We’ve also seen some messed up footage of Jenelle w/ her kids (i.e. Kaiser, who was basically not in a carseat for a whole season) over the years, and I’ve always wondered why the father or Barbara hasn’t used it in court against her. Maybe they tried to?

      • Lauren

        Barbara has had so much footage to use against Jenelle. I wonder if she’s not allowed to in her contract or if she truly thought that Jenelle would change.

      • Cait

        I think I’m similar court cases regarding teen moms that it was ruled they can’t use teen mom footage bc there’s always the possibility it could be edited.. or at least that was the ruling in one case (Cory and Leah’s maybe?)

  • Chewy

    The idiots weren’t even wearing seat belts!

  • Miss Mandy Lynn

    Well when no one wants to be at your wedding or you have to rush a wedding gift that kind of a red flag.. also he didn’t wan want bentley there or to find out? Something is not right here js

  • HLB

    It was a HORRIBLE scene. Shame on everyone!

  • cookie

    Why does he kiss his mom on the mouth? Why is he already wearing a wedding band?

    • Miss Mandy Lynn

      I was wondering the kissing thing to

    • FYO

      Not only did he kiss his mom on the mouth, he asked for seconds! Who does that?! Ryan, I guess, can blame drugs for that behavior, but what about his mom?!

      • cookie

        Eww, I’m glad I missed that part!

  • retired and happy

    Anyone else having constant refresh on this page?

  • kate

    Stupid, stupid girl. Do you want custody of your kids? Because if I was their father, I would show this to a judge and make sure you’re never alone with them again. Getting in a car with someone nodding off on drugs? And she won’t be able to say she didn’t know, because she turned off the camera so she was actively trying to hide it. WOW. Screw the other people driving on the road that day, right Ryan and Mackenzie? Selfish and stupid. You deserve each other! now for the love of god, DO NOT HAVE ANYMORE KIDS!

  • Kimmayyy

    But her desperate ass couldn’t wait to marry a half awake n****! Lets see how long this marriage’ll last!

  • Nicole

    This is a joke

  • Lauren

    I’ve always liked Ryan but this is so sad. Shame on Jen, Mackenzie, & MTV for allowing this to happen. If I were them I would’ve dropped his ass off at rehab instead of getting married. What if Bentley was with them? And Mackenzie has ulterior motives if she still went through marrying him while he’s high as a kite & just turning off the camera. MTV is just as responsible. They didn’t do a damn thing when Leah was nodding off holding her brother’s kid or when Amber was going batsh*t crazy on Gary in front of Leah or when Nathan was chasing down Jenelle with Kai in the backseat. Anything for ratings, right?

    • FYO

      I don’t know why people keep insisting MTV is to blame for any of this. MTV is..not..responsible..and..not..liable for what these people do. MTV crew should not ever enter into a physical altercation of any kind because then they do become liable. The best thing for MTV is to document the events with audio & video footage. Nobody should expect MTV to run around acting to psydo-law enforcement. MTV does not have any legal right to physically control anyone.

  • Kaitlyn Salv

    Mackenzie knew exactly what she was doing when she turned off the camera and left on her mic as she asked him about xanax. Ryan was not on xanax, he was on opiates. Apparently she successfully fooled some people.Her intent was to make people think she forgot about the mic, and that Ryans drug issue is xanax (which really isnt much better than heroin,it can still kill you, just not as fast) . Anyone who knows anything about drugs knows that what we witnessed in these scenes was not the effects of Xanax, but opiates.

    • Juliana

      I agree somewhat but Xanax absolutely can make someone this high… I’ve seen it in person on a young girl who could barely stand up on her own. She died of a overdose the following year….she was just a young person too…