VIDEO Amber Portwood makes Matt Baier take a lie detector test in Teen Mom OG finale preview

Matt Baier lie detector test Meet the Parents parody poster

Next week’s 90-minute Teen Mom OG Season Finale looks to be a HUM-DINGER! We previously posted a video showing that Amber Portwood and Matt Baier’s relationship appears to be on the rocks due to all of his lies, rumored cheating, etc. — and MTV has just released another preview clip that reveals Matt’s now-infamous lie detector test session will also be shown!

The clip begins with a sign on a door that reads “QUIET PLEASE POLYGRAPH TEST IN SESSION” before we are then shown the test giver asking “Have you had any sexual communications with other women?” as we see Matt Baier (not hooked up to polygraph equipment) sitting in a chair in a small room with his usual “Huh?” face.

The clip cuts to Amber completely freaking out and telling us, well, that she is on the verge of completely freaking out.

Matt Baier polygraph test Amber Portwood freaking out

I should point out that Amber and Matt appear to be wearing the same clothes as the dramatic preview scene in which she screams “YOU F**KING B!TCH!” while being restrained by the same man shown in the photo above. We can assume that the screaming scene occurs outside the building just after the lie detector test is administered — and obviously the results did not favor Matt.

In case you missed it, Amber reportedly had Matt take the lie detector test while the two were in Los Angeles back in early May. It all went down in the midst of cheating allegations by Tiffany Bassett, who was featured briefly in the “Being Matt” special. According to sources for The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, “Matt allegedly did not pass all of the questions, including certain important ones regarding cheating. Amber was so upset that she sent him away.”

UPDATE – We have an extended preview clip in which we get to hear the results of the lie detector test. It seems Matt actually did really well, considering. According to the polygraph, he was telling the truth when he said he had not had sexual relations with another woman since October 10, 2014. He was also truthful when he said he has not had “sexual communications with other women.” The third question was: “Did you make any sexual advances toward **BLEEP**?” [I’s guessing this is Tiffany Bassett] Matt answered “no,” but according tot he polygraph, he was not telling the truth. This is what sets Amber off, and I assume leads to the “YOU F**KING B!TCH!!” confrontation outside. Here’s the clip:

Later, Matt and Amber tried to play off the lie detector results, and they even offered up “proof” that Matt had actually passed. But, just like 99% of everything having to do with Matt, that was a lie too. Internet sleuths quickly proved that the new polygraph results were more than likely obtained by an online service offering fake lie detector results.

As we wait to see Matt squirm and set the polygraph machine on fire during the finale, I will end things with Amber Portwood’s quote from the “Unseen Moments” special, which is all the spoiler I need:

Amber Portwood quote about Matt Baier being a pathological liar

UPDATE – Amber Portwood spoke with US Weekly about the lie detector test, and it seems Matt didn’t quite crash and burn completely:

I was happy with some of the results … it clarified some things. I think people will actually be shocked with some of the results. Some of them actually pleasantly surprised me and made me feel amazing and I think it [will make] a lot of people look really stupid that [have] always been talking s–t.

Amber tells the tabloid that she doesn’t think Matt cheated on her, but she does “believe he’s made gestures [toward it.]” (I assume she is referencing sexting, etc.] “He hasn’t been the best,” Amber says of Matt. “He’s just met a person that doesn’t deal with his s–t. But he’s also met a person that he really is in love with and doesn’t want to let go.”

I’m not sure who Amber is referencing when she says that Matt has met someone “that doesn’t deal with his s–t?” Perhaps it’s Shawn Portwood?

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  • Baby Hooker

    How embarrassing for Leah’s friends and their parents to see Amber acting like this on camera.

    • LoLo

      I thought the same thing. Leah’s teachers, friends, their parents, the cashier at the grocery store etc will see this. So sad that she has let it come to this & hasn’t put Leah first.

      • Baby Hooker

        Right. I came from a dysfunctional, abusive, unstable home as a child. My parents would fight and argue at the top of their lungs while I was a) outside playing wih friends and b) when I was inside and all my friends were outside. Guess what, they would all laugh at me and make fun of me saying my family was crazy. I used to see the neighbors whisper and gossip about us all of the time and I never forget those feelings even now that Im 31. I say all this to say, even at 7 it’s probably embarrassing for Leah and she is probably really self aware like I was at that age.

        • LoLo

          I completely agree. At 7 you can pick up people’s feelings. We’ve seen Leah try to appease her mother. Amber plays minds games, asking leading questions & then crying. Pisses me off. Amber screwed up in life not Leah. She’s making Leah pay for it though.

          So sorry for your childhood. I can somewhat relate. I think we all come from some dysfunction. Some worse than others. It does stay with you but when you have kids you have to move on & not let it affect them. Try to be a better parent then what you had. Best wishes to you.

          • Baby Hooker

            Thank You…

            Im not saying I let it affect my parenting, but it does make me resent my parents to this day for giving us a childhood no child deserves. I make it my mission to give my son the love and support and stability that my parents didn’t give us.

            • LoLo

              Good for you I do the same. I recently was speaking to my aunt (my mom’s sister) & we were talking about how hard & mean my mother was to us growing up. She said “well we were raised that way so she doesn’t know any better”. I said “well I was raised that way & didn’t do to my kids”. My mother is in her late 60’s & still is the exact same way…miserable. Good to hear that you chose to be different & make a difference with your child.

  • Cait Sith

    lmao there’s a reason lie detector tests aren’t admissable in court, dummy.

  • SammyG

    She is so pathetic by standing up for and by him.

  • tina

    please so he is the victim again they both are disgusting trash that deserve each other

  • It’s me

    She thinks if she leaves him then all of the haters will win. So just stay with him so you can be a loser & the haters will have nice drama to talk about when he does this every few months

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    She’s hooking him up to a lie detector test now? I mean when do you just cut it off and go your separate ways? This is getting ridiculous.

    • LoLo

      Thank you! When she first found out he lied about how many kids he had she should have kicked him out. If you lie about that, there is nothing you won’t lie about. For a person who supposedly wants nothing more than to have her daughter more she didn’t care that he lied about his kids.

    • FYO

      Not before the MTV paychecks dry up, that’s for sure.

  • LA79

    I have honest to God second hand embarrassment for Amber reading how absolutely stupid she is to think he didn’t cheat on her and that he’s this”misunderstood” guy. I legit am embarrassed on her behalf.

    I shall now wait patiently to “look really stupid” after this test vidicates creepy grandpa!!

  • Thoughts

    Amber is mentally ill and MTV uses her for ratings. That is exploitation…

    • kiki

      Amber uses it too

  • Guest

    Poor Leah.

  • Bonnie

    This is just ridiculous. Amber youre depressed because you live with a fake person. Do something about it. Youd get more time with Leah out of it. Gary doesnt trust matt. No one does. And a liar doesnt quit lying. I hope she rethinks trying with him or shes really gonna learn the hard way.

    • FYO

      She not depressed because of Matt. She’s depressed because she’s an immature adult. She is living out of sync with where she should be in life. She’s depressed because she _should be_ a grown independent woman but instead is scared and dependent. All these are the case whether Matt’s in the picture or not.

  • LoLo

    I know this is all a build up for the Boot Camp show. But, how humiliating & embarrassing. If you have to ask your boyfriend to take a lie detector test a light bulb should be going off that he’s not the person for you.

    • FYO

      Amber is a very dependent person, and Matt is very controlling. In that sense they fit like a glove, albeit an unhealthy one. Amber has repeatedly declare her “real woman” and “boss b/tch” status, yet she has relinquished everything that would make those things true and make her independent, to Matt. Amber simply doesn’t want to grow up. She runs from adult responsibility. Her actions, or lack thereof, speak far louder than her transparent claims of being “real” and a “boss”.

      • LoLo

        So true. She pisses me off with her “boss b**ch” label. Nothing boss about it. I used to feel pity for her but now it’s just anger. I know she has mental issues & depression but she frustrates me. I get so tired of hearing her & Jenelle say the most important thing is getting their child more but then do nothing to make it happen.I don’t know in what world bringing in a loser would help your case.

        • FYO

          The mental issues and depression only get you so far. A lot of people suffer from those things and still manage to become well-functioning people and parents so the buck has to stop with the individual. Amber talks big talk. It’s dumb, holds no water, and everybody see’s it. Maybe some day Amber will do truthful self-reflection and reach a point where she can being turning her life around but the path she’s taking now doesn’t lead there.

          Jenelle is her own mess but like Amber, she hasn’t figured out how to grow up and fully own the responsibility of her circumstances. She does have forces working against her but again, the buck still stops with her.

          I truly feel sorry for every kid on Teen Mom. Less than the best parts of their parent(s) have been documented and broadcast for all the world to see. Social media only magnifies it. I hope they all somehow manage to grow up as respectable young adults with a life leading somewhere other than a cast member on `Teen Mom: The Next Generation`.

    • Baby Hooker

      That’s what got us, like this dude came for a visit and never left. So where was his junk? Was he hiding it behind her house lol or is he that pathetic that he owns nothing and just came with the shirt on his back with nothing to offer? Id be embarrassed to be someone’s third pick too. Not to mention how weird it is for a 45 yr old dude to be watching TM. When I was 27 a guy I was dating secretly watched TM2 but we were 27. Matt was looking for his pay day and got it.

      • LoLo

        Exactly. I don’t fault a guy for watching TM as most watch with their girlfriend or wife. I do find it od that at his age he was watching it alone. I remember reading that one of his girlfriends he saw on Oprah & reached out to her too. She was an abuse survivor & he said he was too & wrote a book under another name. He’s nothing more than a con man.

        • Baby Hooker

          His whole background is sketchy. Id love for more people to speak the truth about him

          • LoLo

            Me too. But, the would fluff it off as “haters” & “jealous b**ches”. He loves to brag about how many women he was with & how many want him. He’s beyond gross.

  • Stacey J

    Soooooo……if you’re at the point in your relationship where you need your significant other to take a lie detector test to determine whether you believe them or not….you just should not be in that relationship.

  • barbinop

    They deserve each other.