PHOTOS Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2 dads get Father’s Day love


It was all about the dads over the weekend, so in celebration we’ve rounded up a whole bunch of social media shout outs to the papas of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2!

Happy Father's Day we love you ! #vineyards #italy #ribeye

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Chelsea also sent out well wishes to her dad Randy Houska. “I have some pretty great men in my life who make the best dads! Happy Father’s Day to my husband and my daddio! @PapaRandlicious,” she tweeted.

Speaking of Randy, check out this great snap he posted with his dad from 1965:

Leah Messer posted an Instagram message that read, “Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.” Leah then interacted with her fans in the comments section as she applauded how the dads of her children stay involved while revealing that she doesn’t hear from her father:

LM: “I’m really grateful that my girls Dads are very involved in their lives unlike my father. Up until approximately 2 years ago, It was something that was very hard for me.”

FAN: “Wasn’t that your dad that walked you down the aisle on TM2 when you married Jeremy?

LM: “That was the first time I saw him in 10 years. Jeremy and my sister surprised me by flying him in for my birthday. Which was April of that year. We talked a little, he walked me down the aisle in June. He’s now living somewhere in FL. I don’t talk to him….. I don’t even hear from him. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing lol. It is what it is. I wish him the best and hope he’s doing well.”

Isaac’s dad, Joe Rivera, got the love from his lady:

Kaiser’s dad, Nathan Griffith, was celebrated by his current girlfriend, Ashley Lanhardt:

Corey Simms looked like a proud papa as he thanked his wife, Miranda Simms. “Today was great! You all complete me! Ily,” he tweeted.

Which photo is your favorite?

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  • Ali.P

    Of course Janelle had to mention herself somehow. Her message was strange, she tries too hard.
    I don’t like Vee, she seems annoyed at Isaac all the time. Maybe it’s her crappy attitude.
    Figures that Kailyn would not show any appreciation to the two good men she has to help raise her children. Unless it’s just not included here.

    • savannah

      Maybe Kail thought it would be too time consuming to do shout outs to 3 different people…

      • melinehclassy

        Hahahahahahahahaha!!! Good one!

      • Regina


    • Jojo

      Nah Kail is too busy in PR or some other vacay spot treating herself to a much needed pre baby#3 holiday to acknowledge her baby daddies

  • Baby Hooker

    How disrespectful of Catelynn to refer to Tyler as Carly’s dad and “their” children, as if Brandon and Teresa are babysitting Carly for them for the next 18 years. And you wonder why your visits have stopped, because of crazy sh1t like this. How delusional. Instead of showing a pic of Nova and Tyler (you know, your ACTUAL daughter that needs you), you turn this into a subject about Carly. They are downright obsessed and this kid will need to take out a restraining order on them when she turns 18.

    • savannah

      It really is getting to a point that is uncomfortable for the viewers. How many times and ways do B & T need to say “keep conversations of Carly private”? They’ve been more than accommodating, and these two keep taking a mile per inch given. It will probably get confusing for Nova too as she gets older, when they talk about Carly like she’s still theirs…she has a sister that can’t live with her? Etc. All very strange, I think they need better therapists…

      • Baby Hooker

        They are already confusing and damaging Nova. All that “this is your sister, Carly. Can you say Carly?” mess. Carly has a sibling and his name is Graham, not Nova.

        • Bruja

          If I were Brandon or Theresa, I’d be saying to them, “Can you say ‘restraining order..? Re-strain-ing or-der..’ Excellent!

          • Baby Hooker

            I said that too. Carly is going to need to take out of restraining order against the whole Baltierra/Lowell families

        • carmen

          I have to disagree. Nova is her full blood sibling. Their relationship will be their call when they are old enough. My dad and his twin were adopted out at birth and we found his birth parents 20 years ago. They were still together and had 2 more children together. These were my dad’s biological siblings. That didn’t make his adoptive siblings any less important. But it filled in the void in his life. The feeling he was missing something in his life. Biological siblings are just as important as adoptive…. one is not more important than the other. They are all family

    • tina

      they are trash can’t focus on a job a house a child. Cait was high as a kite driving that van to buy yet another house when they just moved. They cross so many lines with carly i would love to see them get a restraining order

  • savannah

    Leah did get lucky with the Dad’s of her kids, she could’ve picked FAR worse.
    Gary…that’s not “Dad Bod”, its diabetes bod…but a good dad nonetheless.
    Michael Abraham…sigh…glad he’s there for Sophia…but how is she going to learn to treat men, when all she sees are Deborah and Farrah running this man into the ground constantly.
    I hope Nathan is at least trying to be a parent to Kaiser, unfortunately I think he might be the lesser of 2 evils.
    And Cole…what a gem. Behind all the baby talk, I think he’s a really really good guy, and I’m glad Chelsea finally saw the light and let go of the idea of A-Dumb. And Aubree has an example of how a Dad and man should behave.
    Happy Father’s day y’all.

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  • Miss Mandy Lynn

    I thought they weren’t allowed to post pictures of carly..

    • Bruja

      Those two have zero respect for Carly’s parents.

      They (Tyler and Cate) deserve to be cut out of her life.

    • Tachel

      Ya no kidding, how many times do they need to be reminded? Bloody disrespectful

  • Bruja

    Jenelle: “teaching my boys how to be men.”

    LOL! Yeah, David gives good life lessons for men. Real treasures like: ‘Don’t you dare cry, you little bitch! Man the phuck up!’

    What a role model.

    • savannah

      They can both teach them all about the court system…considering he’s got no contact orders, domestic violence charges, mixed with all Jenelle’s charges…amazing role models… *slow clap*

    • tina

      and how to knock up women so they can pay their way

  • FYO

    All the photos are nice. I didn’t bother reading any of the comments that came with them cuz who gives a isht.

  • YourMom

    I didn’t realize Catelynn’s grammar & such is about as bad as Farrahs! Geesh! And say what you will about UBT, but I do have to say that I think this is the most “stable”, longest-lasting relationship Janelle has ever been in. I’m not saying he’s great or anything, but at least it seems like she’s stayed out of trouble – for the most part. Yeah, he may be controlling, but maybe thats what she needs. Hey, whatever works! Lol

  • melinehclassy

    2007 called Farah….they want Britney Spears old extensions back.

    • Baby Hooker

      Texas called, they want their big hair back too

  • tina

    sorry Cait looks like a stoned disney princess hooker style on the show tonight get a stylist clothes that fit and grow up you look like trash. As for her semi colin tattoo give me a break loser cry for attention

  • Janak

    Dear Gary,
    That is a BAD BOD, not a DAD BOD.

    Women everywhere

  • Regina

    What is Jenelle wearing…. very confused by the sleeves.