AUDIO Listen to Debz OG’s new song ‘Suga Momma’ with Money Carsin

Debra Danielsen Debz OG song Suga Momma

The Debz OG is BACK! It’s been more than four months since we first heard the eponymous debut rap from Teen Mom hip hop sensation Debra “Debz OG” Danielsen, and now we finally have her second single, entitled “Suga Momma” and featuring Money Carsin.

In a bit of good news/bad news (or perhaps bad news/good news for some), Debra doesn’t actually rap much on the record — those chores are handled mostly by Mon€¥ ¢ar$in. (I hooked up Money with all those currency symbols!) And even more bad (good?) news is that there isn’t an actual music video (yet).

But we do have the audio:

Here’s the song’s chorus, as dropped by Debz:

I’m a fly suga momma
And it’s plain to see
No one does it better
Than Debz OG

All the people hatin’,
I’m gonna let them be
They’re not gettin’ money
Like Debz OG

Debra Danielsen Debz OG Suga Momma lyrics

So whatya think? Is “Suga Momma” hip hop or hip flop?

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  • Bruja

    Little baby Jesus save us all.

    • Cait Sith

      Dude. I think the beat is actually pretty sick. They just totally wasted it on her, though.

  • Val

    What happen to those lady. I’m serious.

    • TrashTV

      Secret ingredient in the family sauce? ;-).

  • Cait Sith

    I see why Farrah is so flucked in the head now. This horrible woman is insane and delusional. I actually really feel bad for Farrah now after seeing the way Debra really acts on the Boot Camp show.

    I don’t condone Farrah’s behavior towards other people, but Debra deserves everything Farrah says to her. It’s appalling how Debra decided that her boyfriend/fiance is more important than her own daughter and fixing their relationshit. I could and would never do something like that to my little girl. She’s always #1, but thankfully my fiance understands and agrees with me. He’s so awesome he actually asked my daughter if he could marry me and us all be a family <3. Obviously she said yes, finally. lol She was dead set against me ever getting married for the longest (and I always respected that 'cuz my kiddo is smart and understands what she's saying) because "I don't want a daddy, mom!" XD- even though she's always loved my fiance. She eventually changed her tune, tho, and has even started calling him "Dad" all on her own. Bless it.

    ugh. tl;dr . I would rather shove an electric drill into my ear and turn it on than have to endure the monstrosity this idiot calls "a song/music".

    • TrashTV

      Don’t forget to include Mike and his past behavior. It took the man an awfull long time to change, when he even has.

      • Cait Sith

        Mike…. Sorrentino? I’m kind of confused lol- I’m so sorry

    • Baby Hooker

      Debz knows that show is nothing more than a paycheck. Id bounce too

  • Cait Sith


    This beat is actually kinda dope. They screwed up so bad lettin’ Debra have it.

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    Sweet Money Carson should quit, he just lost all cred with this disaster. That’s not a good look for Debra, she looks drunk or high in that photo where’s she’s giving the thumbs up.

  • TrashTV

    Suga Momma? When? Who’s?
    Farrah paid for the total teabag to teen transformation among other things.
    Or is her ‘drop – my daughter like a hot potatoe while I’m given a rare oportunity to heal the wounds between us – dead gorgeous fiancee mooching of her now, just like the catfisher was?

  • http://www.iam lucky love

    No, just no.

  • Baby Hooker

    This is Farrah’s payback for embarrassing Deb by doing porn

  • Barbara Gilbert

    She’s making a fool out of herself once more. Someone throw a net over her and take her to the funny farm!

  • Rice

    You hardly hear her! Thank You God!

  • gaylar60

    Oh dear God….really? Im embarrassed for her!!