Did Amber Portwood and Matt Baier break up FINALLY?

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier break up

More and more evidence continues to indicate that Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood has finally seen the light and split from her super shifty fiance Matt Baier.

All of the Mamber news from the past couple of weeks seems to suggest the two are no longer together and are only “keeping up appearances” due to contractual obligations with MTV — aka, they don’t want to give away spoilers. The most recent evidence included Matt Baier skipping out on the Teen Mom OG Reunion taping in New York City so that he could have some sort of mystery surgery performed. (The Mamber split was reportedly confirmed at the Reunion, but more on that in a minute.)

Soon after the Reunion, there was a HUGE fustercluck when both Matt and Amber bailed on a scheduled book signing at a Barnes & Noble in Indiana. Amber would later explode on Twitter and hurl accusations at media outlets reporting on her no show before eventually issuing an apology to her fans in which she explained that she thought the event had been canceled. (i.e. Matt didn’t tell her.)

Meanwhile, Matt was reportedly in Atlanta on the same day as the book signing where he was playing in a poker tournament with his “pokah buddy” Jeff. He even made an Instagram post from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport earlier in the day.

Last night, Amber added fuel to the split rumors when she posted a live video in which she coyly answered questions about whether or not she is still with Matt by pointing out that her bed was empty (except for pets) and stating that she does not have a man. She also states that she is unsure what she can or can’t say, which seems to jive with the theory that she and Matt are just keeping up appearances for the show.

Matt Baier Amber Portwood split

Another indication that Mamber is no longer a couple is that Amber’s brother Shawn Portwood was apparently in Indiana last week enjoying family time with Amber and Leah — but no Matt. (I still believe that despite how cordial Shawn appeared to be with Matt when they were on screen together, or the vague, non-condemning statements about Matt he posted online, that Shawn was VERY wary of his future brother-in-law.)

“Finally going back to work but had a blast in Indiana last week,” Shawn tweeted earlier today. “Got to hang out with @AmberLPortwood my fam @leah_leann and @ItsGaryTime.”

He then posted this photo:

However, what has the Teen Momiverse really buzzing is a description of what went down during Amber’s segment of the Teen Mom OG Reunion taping in New York City from someone claiming to have been in the audience! Here is the scoop from the Previously.TV forums by user Jaclyn88 — I will include some of the non-Amber portion of her story because I think the details lend to her credibility:

So I went to part 1 of the reunion today .. very annoying because ahead of time they told U that they guaranteed u a spot if u came on time .. yet of course I got there on time and there were 10 of us that had to be on the waiting list and they weren’t gonna let us in because they overbooked and we were last on line .. hours later they finally told us we can go in but will have to stand in a really terrible spot behind the speakers .. so we did it but whatever ..

anyway part 1 was maci and amber .. Maci was her typical boring self and she talked in slow motion .. Mackenzie wasn’t happy with maci and they bickered but whatever

amber was effin nuts as usual and craved all the attention in the world by talking about what a terrible person Matt and calling him out on everything but is but she’s addicted to love so blah blah

I really wanted to see Farrah but knew she’d be on part 2 because the girls bitched her out last reunion for always getting to go first . I did see her walking into the studio though looking more of a diva than ever

oh and might I add that Dr. Drew is much more tolerable when the cameras are off . Once they start rolling it’s nails on a chalkboard

Jaclyn88 was asked a series of questions, including whether or not Amber mentioned the reported sex tape with Vivid, Matt’s pokah buddy Jeff, and “Did any of the Three Stooges bad mouth Farrah?”

No mention of a sex video but omg yes she kept saying what an amazing mom she was followed by saying she never sees her daughter BY CHOICE because she’s so depressed over her break up with Matt so she hasn’t seen Leah in months . They were talking about matts drug addiction and how he stole $120,000 from her so they got Matt on the phone and she was screaming at him the whole time and saying she’s way too strong of a person to worry about him yet they are still living together and he has all access to her accounts .

Maci and amber weren’t asked about Farrah but I only saw half of ambers segment because they had to cut for lunch so they finished her segment up with the audience for part 2… so I didn’t see geeeeery up there but I did see him and Leah when he walked past me in the studio . I kinda got the short end of the stick with guests . I only saw Maci , Mackenzie and Amber . No ttm shirts on Maci thankfully .

Also , who is this Jeff person that everyone talks about in these comments ? Lol

She was then asked point-blank: “Did she and Matt appear to be broken up? I know he wasn’t there but did she say anything about them still being together?”

Jaclyn88 responded by revealing “They are broken up and she said her engagement is definitely off but they are still living together and she said if he gets help and goes to rehab she’ll get back with him.”

Later, in the comments, she added the following postscript:

P.s- Amber disclosed how much Matt makes per season.. She said she broke up with him so he went to Vegas and took $30,000 out of the bank account and when Dr. Drew asked why, he said he makes $27,000 a season so he took 30 grand out of the bank and spent it all in Vegas.

I was actually thinking he made more which I’m glad he isn’t.

Matt Baier paddling through BS

However, another source claiming to have been in attendance at the Reunion taping spoke with ModernTopics.com, and her recollection of Amber’s segment doesn’t seem to match up. Here’s an excerpt:

“[Amber said] that she kicked him out of the house the night before she left for New York because he pushed her to her limit,” says my source, “but then she said he’s back in the house now. Nessa asked if they will reconcile. Amber said she’s willing to give him another try, but he needs to change everything in his life or she’s done, because she can’t take it anymore.”

Oh, but we are not done yet! Amber also admitted that she thinks Matt is a “pathological liar,” and she even believes that he’s lied to every woman he’s dated. Nessa took a poll with Cate and Maci, who both admitted they found Matt untrustworthy but basically said it’s Amber’s business and that it’s up to her to make her own decision. Catelynn said Amber “knows how I feel about [Matt],” so it seems at least Cate has taken Amber aside and told her what’s up.

What’s important to note here is that this audience member was in attendance at the taping with Amber, Maci, and Catelynn — which was done at a different time and with a different audience than Amber’s solo segment.

Modern Topics’ source also talks about Amber announcing to the audience that she is no longer engaged, before then answering questions posed by Nessa by talking about how sexy Matt is, etc. It’s pretty obvious by the fact that it was Nessa (and not Dr. Drew) asking the questions that Amber was recording an after show segment — perhaps one that will air before the episode in which Amber and Matt break up? If you ask me, both accounts of the taping(s) in New York City seem believable.

Ooooooo! As I was typing this post, The Ashley’s Reality Roundup posted a very similar Mamber break up story, but with a few extra tidbits that seem to back up Jaclyn88’s account!

The Ashley spoke to a source who confirms that Matt and Amber are currently split, but that he is still living with her. Her source also adds that although they are currently on the outs, “Amber is hopeful that she and Matt can work things out.” The source adds that things are not looking good for Matt.

So why in the world are Amber and Matt still living together if they broke up? From The Ashley:

“There are a lot of legal issues between the two of them that would have to be worked through first for Matt to be formally put out,” the source tells The Ashley. “There is some stuff that would need to be wrapped up before they can officially call it quits. More may come out by next month.”

Since Matt has lived with Amber for several years (and may even be on the paperwork for her house), she can not just kick him out. She would likely have to go through a formal eviction process.

It’s important to note that Matt and Amber did not purchase the house they currently live in, as portrayed on the the show. They rent the property — and the landlord is apparently not too pleased with them. It’s also important to note that Amber has revealed in the past that Matt is in charge of the couple’s money.

So, in summary, it appears as though Amber Portwood and Matt Baier are no longer together as far as their relationship goes, but they are still living together. Amber has reportedly seen the light as far as Matt’s shifty ways, but has not closed the door entirely on their relationship. The two have not confirmed the split publicly because they are waiting for it all to play out on screen.

UPDATE – Amber Portwood is back on Instagram Live and she has stated several times that she is “not with Matt.”

Be sure to catch the new episode of Teen Mom OG airing Monday night at 9/8c on MTV because it looks like we may be seeing the beginning of the end of Mamber — judging from the preview clip at least.

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  • Chewy

    Good! Now let’s hope Matt stays the F away and she figures out she can indeed do WAY better. Not to mention find a younger buck than that free loading “daddy.”

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    I’m still on the breakup train.

    I can’t believe they rent that house with all those animals. Rent on a house like that in that area would be about 2 grand. The house itself is basic but its in one of the most desirable areas around here.

    • Baby Hooker

      Wow are you from Indiana?

      • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

        I live about 30 minutes from these fools. There have been a lot of scenes filmed very close to my house.

        • Baby Hooker

          Oh cool. Id love to see who can spy on them and see what they see lol

          • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

            I wish I knew when they were down here because I’d creep so hard lol

  • Just meee

    She wants to “work” it out!? If my man spent 30k in Vegas…he’d be Walking home! To an empty house…cause my a$$ would be Gone! They’re both crazy. They deserve each other

    • Baby Hooker

      No, I wouldn’t be going anywhere. He would have his $hit packed and waiting for him at the door.

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  • Alisson Leech

    They will work it out. Lol

  • tina

    who cares anymore stop giving these two druggie losers publicity

  • Aussie cathie

    If she had an ounce of self respect she would kick his ar$e back into the gutter…

    • Guest


  • LoLo

    Amber’s brother was pretending to be cool with Matt for the sake of his relationship with Amber. I would bet he would like to smash him in the face if he could.

  • NJJuls

    Soon after the Reunion, there was a HUGE fustercluck when both Matt and Amber bailed on a scheduled book signing at a Barnes & Noble in Indiana. Amber would later explode on Twitter and hurl accusations at media outlets reporting on her no show before eventually issuing an apology to her fans in which she explained that she thought the event had been canceled. (i.e. Matt didn’t tell her.)
    Barns & Noble Headquarters is in a bldg the co I work for manages. (NY). I asked my contact there about this. Turns out the reason they (bailed) was no one was showing up! They had a pre-signup like they do when they have someone whom they think will attract a lot of people. That way it is not over crowed. B&N were told by Matt & Amber’s “people” they were major TV stars & tons of people loved them & hundreds would show. So B&N had the pre-signup. As of the of the day before, only 12-14 people signed up! HAHAHAHAHH! That is the reason they “bailed” Matt refused to go with no one there!

    • savannah

      I kind of figured it was something more like that…

    • Baby Hooker

      Well, it wouldn’t have taken but so long to sign 14 autographs

      • NJJuls

        True, but I bet he was so pissed that only few people would be there, he refused to go.

  • LA79

    Amber please get some self worth and stop talking about “getting back together” with Matt. Dude has cheated on you over and over with many different women, spent your money carelessly, talked massive trash about you and your family on national TV. It’s time to let it go. Only an idiot would even mention getting back together at this point.

    I am happy she seems to have actually dumped him though! What will creepy grandpa matt do for attention now?


    She hasn’t seen Leah in MONTHS because she’s depressed?! I’ve battled ppd and depression after losing several close family members and I never used that as an excuse to not see my children ?
    This is the same one who sits on her couch every season crying about how Gary won’t let her have any time with Leah.
    Oh and that poor overworked couch! I can’t imagine how much overtime that couch has been putting in since she’s so depressed about this Matt breakup ??

  • JS

    I think one of those leaks is from the Dr. Drew reunion part and the other is from the “Unseen Moments” clip compilation. Both were filmed on the same weekend so I guess they’re both being referred to as “reunion.”