MY 600 LB LIFE Penny keeps silent after controversy, but new photos emerge

My 600 Lb Life Penny

Unfortunately for My 600 Lb Life fans, Penny has kept a very low social media profile since her episode aired in early 2014. It seems that part of the reason for her relative silence is the comparative outrage with which her episode was greeted. Because she was alone among the show’s participants in that she lost no weight a year after gastric bypass surgery, Dr. Now called her situation “unfortunate,” and noted that Penny didn’t seem “to want to change,” since “she went back home [to Maryland] where she can be in control of her food.”

Since then, Penny has shared very few public updates, and almost none involving photos of herself. Her Twitter account is now private. And the last time she shared photos of herself on her own Facebook page was December 26, 2015, with some family shots taken during a family Christmas visit the day before:

However, last summer, Penny’s husband Edgar did share another family photo, this one featuring both Penny and the couple’s oldest son Liam. In it, as with the My 600 Lb Life Penny episode and the Christmas photos above, Penny wears a nasal aspirator:

My 600 Lb Life Penny 3

One other thing we do know about Penny and her family is that Liam appears to be doing very well. Most of Penny’s updates involve him in some way, and he looks every bit the part of a happy, energetic, well-loved boy. This past January, Liam celebrated his tenth birthday:

We certainly wish Penny all the best. It’s impossible to know her current weight based on the photo above, but, even though it may look like she still struggles with her weight, it also looks like her family may be in a happier place than when viewers were introduced to Penny several years ago.

The My 600 Lb Life Penny episode is no longer available on TLC’s web site, but the network has made it viewable on YouTube. You can revisit it here.

(Photo credits: My 600 Lb Life Penny via TLC, Facebook)

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  • Baby Hooker

    What exactly was the point of this article? Basically you’re saying “no new updates in penny in case you were wondering”. You showed us one pic from a year ago and one from 5 months ago. REALly need to step your game up.

    • BabyDoll0984~

      LOL your name! ded

    • truckproductions

      the point being that she’s the only participant in a highly rated reality show about weight loss who, because of her own hubris, didn’t lose any weight. I’d say it’s a pretty good story to tell.

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        • MBT

          Awesome! I am going to check that out!!!! Sounds like a win win situation!! Thanks for posting that. I am sure everyone loves posts like that

        • Kel2707

          If so everyone would quit their jobs to do this!!

      • pmo

        hubris, excellent choice of word, remember when she told the nutritionist “I find that a very asinine question” as she lays in her own filth mixing meat loaf with her bare hands.

        • MarianneAlana

          Ugh!! I totally remember her doing that in the episode she was in. Actually, I was so shocked/disgusted that I made one of my friends watch the episode so we could discuss it. Her attitude is just awful. Her husband is completely co-dependent. I feel terrible for her sweet son.

  • Bully

    I like the article. I always wanted to know what happened to this obnoxious woman. All her family and friends donated financially for her weight loss, and she could care less. She was so rude to everyone that tried to help her. LOSER.

  • Kimmayyy

    I don’t feel sorry for her ass one bit! Just like how the others lost weight her ass could’ve too. Not even her son is enough for this woman to get off her big ass and make the ultimate choice to live. “U can take a horse to water but u can’t force it to drink” Wouldn’t be surprise in the future to see another article here of her “inevitable” demise! Smh!

  • motherall

    That is not a nasal aspirator, it is an oxygen nasal cannula. I do wonder who prescribes her oxygen. Her attitude will drive her hubby away and she’ll wonder what happened and why he was so bad because nothing is her fault.

    • MBT

      IIRC Dr. Now told her that she didn’t need oxygen but she overruled him. She was funny the way she rationalized all the bad food choices she made.

    • Karina

      He won’t leave. She has a disability check. They are both leeches of the system.

      • MBT

        Yeah I never thought of that. Have you noticed that most of the people, including patients, enablers and significant others dont work!?!? They must look for the most emotional needy and screwed up people to put on the show

        • CoachWristletJen

          Edgar started a GoFundMe page a few months ago so apparently they don’t feel that the taxpayers are doing enough for them. Penny’s food bills must cost them a fortune! But still, he probably gets reimbursed by the State for being her caregiver so between that and her check that she gets just for being Penny, they should have enough to live on.

  • Guest

    How disgustingly selfish to have a child when she can’t even take care of herself.

  • Aussie cathie

    A selfish disgusting woman happy to lie in her own filth !!

  • cali

    You have to pay to watch the video on YouTube FYI.

  • Carol

    My favorite stupid thing Penny said was nobody told me I had to
    lose weight when I got here. I am glad Dr Now kicked her fat ass to the curb. She is doing this for attention but her husband has given up his life for her and if I were him I divorce her she would then have to fend for yourself.