Khloe and Tristan pregnancy talk heats up as infertility rumors spread

Khloé Kardashian at LAX

Rumors of a Khloe and Tristan pregnancy have been flying from the moment the two first started dating last year, so it’s perhaps unsurprising that a skipped glass of wine would set the gossip mill churning now. According to the latest take, Khloe, 32, has potentially been pregnant for a little over a month, and the reason we know that is she didn’t drink any wine at a tasting with her sisters back on May 12.

Not long after the detail made its way into headlines, Khloe tried to head the story off at the pass with a seemingly unrelated Instagram update. But savvy onlookers were quick to point out that the bottle of bubbly in Khloe’s hand is unopened:

Thanks @jetluxlife for the awesome experience #jetluxexperience #jetlux ?✈️❤

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Plus,the quote an alleged source gave to Star magazine for their article on the rumor compounded the wine drama. “Khloe wasn’t exactly thrilled when the news [that Tristan’s ex was pregnant with his baby] broke,” that source said. “But watching Tristan with his son changed everything. All Khloe’s ever wanted was to get married and start a family.”

Indeed, Khloe surprised observers several weeks ago when she revealed she was looking forward to marrying Tristan and moving to Cleveland to start a family with him. And both Khloe and Tristan, 26, appear in a hot makeout session on the upcoming KUWTK season finale, with Khloe telling her beau that she’s “really excited” about their future together. But a conflicting KUWTK storyline suggests that Khloe might not be able to get pregnant at all, as this just-released clip reveals:

Given a cliffhanger like that, it seems reasonable to assume we’ll see a boatload more Khloe and Tristan pregnancy stories over the summer. And, given how well the Cavs have fared against the Warriors in the first two games of the NBA Finals, it’s also possible that Tristan’s summer will begin very shortly.

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