Amber Portwood ‘hates people’ after book signing no-show


Amber Portwood went off last night on Twitter following report about a book signing no-show involving the Teen Mom star and her controversial fiance, Matt Baier.

When Starcasm first caught wind of the scheduled event, we anticipated that it might not go well, but we had no idea it would wind up being such a disaster! Ashley’s filed a report last night featuring comments from a fan who attended and was disappointed in being stood up.

The fan said the handful of people patiently waiting were told that Matt had cancelled, but that Amber would still sign copies of her book. Then, just a few minutes later, the group was told that Amber had also canceled. “The employee said that [Amber] was crying and that she was confused and there was a conflict with filming,” the fan said. “Which makes no sense since they both knew about it and advertised it along with Barnes & Noble.”

Starcasm reached out to Barnes & Noble, and an employee verified that the event had been cancelled.

Amber later went all in, arguing that her name should not have been used because it was not her signing. However, promotions leading up to the event from Matt and the store indicated that she would be there also to sign copies of her book.

We included this cap in our previous report:

Matt Baier book signing at Barnes and Noble in Greenwood Indiana

Here’s what an irate Amber had to say to the masses when she addressed the situation on social media:


An “insider” told Radar that the reason that Baier was not there was because “Matt is in Massachusetts visiting family. Matt has been jealous of Amber for going to the Teen Mom reunion in New York without him. They have been fighting.”

Earlier the same afternoon, Matt tweeted back at the fan who later spoke with Ashley’s inviting her to “come say hi.”

As the tweets continued, Amber got angrier:


Matt has yet to respond. Any bets on what “daddy’s” excuse will be this time?


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  • Guest

    It’s gross that she always thinks she’s better than everyone else.

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    I hate to burst her little fart bubble but she should be happy she has fans at all. #stopmakingstupidpeoplefamous

    • Leonardo Dunn

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  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    I really think they are broken up. Hopefully for good this time.

    • bambiglanville

      agreed!! she really does seem like a sweet person. Just surrounds herself with scum.

  • DoogieHowser

    So is it official yet? Both Matt’s book and relationship is a big giant flop. Amber is on the verge of a breakdown, I hope she can stay sober during all of this.

    • It’s me

      Both his books?
      He has more than 1?

      • DoogieHowser

        I meant that both his book and relationships are flops. But he actually did write another book under a different name. I think it’s called Guys don’t eat out other guys or something similar.

    • LoLo

      Stay sober? I don’t think she is sober anymore.

  • SadDawson

    About the episode of TM Who the heck complains about not having extra time on “her” weekend so her retort is to not go to drop her off and give up another 30 minutes of one on one time in the car? This person makes no sense!! I’m mad I can’t have more time so i’m going to give away EVEN MORE??? Geeze

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      This pi$$ed me off so bad!!!!! I’m hurt so let me punish my child. Makes total sense.

    • tina

      and lets not forget I hate to admit when gary is right she went on vacation she chose to give up her time with her daughter. All wamber wants it to look like a good mother which she fails at how many times did she say hooker make up to her daughter last night? the only time she hugs and kisses her is during filming

      • LoLo

        People are defending her saying that it was MTV who made her go to PR. Amber could have said no or not on my weekend with Leah. The other 2 don’t have custody issues so they could have worked around her schedule. If not, & she decided to go then it’s not Gary’s job to give up his time to make up for her lost time. Her entire story is about how Gary holds Leah away from her & that’s not true. He holds her due to Amber’s home life.

        Then Gary gets a new home & wants to surprise his daughter & Amber somehow is mad about that & says he’s doing it to “spite” her. Knocking his clothing & how he will take care of the house. Instead of being happy that Leah will be closer to her & that she will have a nice home. Gary came to see her new home but she could not put her jealousy aside for a few moments for her daughter.

        • tina

          bull if you want to be with your child you be with your child. mtv bends over backwards for them they make the producers use a porter potty at Farrah’s so we are to believe if she wanted to stay home with her child they would say she has to go bull

          • LoLo


      • SadDawson

        And i’m guessing if she would have just asked to switch he would have but i’m sure she cancelled last minute and then had to recover from jet lag the week after so she happily gave it up.

    • LoLo

      All because Gary got a house & chickens to “spite” Amber!!!

      • SadDawson

        Because we know Gary only wants chickens because Amber ate some chicken nuggets once so he must be rubbing it in her face!! She is delusional. And at least Gary Time hasn’t bought a crap load of houses he’s lived in that same one since he showed back up on the show, so good for him upgrading and leave it to Mamber to make it all about her.

        • LoLo

          Exactly. Then he’s bought several homes for rental income. He’s used his money wisely. Flipping houses can make you money but it’s on a home by home sale basis & they don’t always sell quickly. Rental properties will provide him with income for life if things go well. Amber put the house flips in Matt’s name too. It’s like she has zero business sense. I can understand in the early years but by now I would hope she would get an investment planner & leave Matt out of it.

  • bambiglanville

    First off, Amber.. if you don’t want to piss off your “fans” maybe refrain from calling them stupid or a b!tch?! Maybe there is stuff going on in her life, which is understandable given the sorry excuse of a person she is involved with. But at least be honest and truthful. People would appreciate it more.

  • Guest

    I don’t even feel sorry for Amber anymore. Fool her once, shame on Matt. Fool her twice, shame on Amber.

  • It’s me

    Matt knew that no1 would show up for him so he also promised that Amber would come too.

  • LA79

    Why is Amber b*tching at the blogger for saying it’s her event when she is listed on the event through Barnes & Noble? She has to be on drugs because she’s acting so stupid recently.

  • FYO

    It makes no sense that Amber is talking sh|t to random people on Twitter. If what she’s saying is true about her not being involved with this book signing, she could sue Barnes & Noble for `invasion of privacy through misappropriation of name or likeness` and `violation of the right of publicity`. But that’s not going to happen because Amber is full of it and just trying to backtrack after her and her boyfriend flaked.

  • tina

    I’l say it again she is on drugs again and not anit depressants she looks like an idiot all promotions stated she would be there. So now no one shows up and its not her book deal wahhhhhhhhh grow up