Debra Danielsen calls Simon Saran a ‘gold-digger’ he calls her a ‘miserable hooker’ and ‘straight trash’

Debra Danielsen and Simon Saran fight

Farrah Abraham and her family’s stint on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition may have helped out their relationships, but it appears that the rift between Farrah’s mom Debra Danielsen and Simon Saran continues to widen.

The latest spat between Debra and Simon started with some comments Debra made to InTouch during Farrah’s 26th birthday bash in New York City over the weekend. Debra was asked about what kind of man she wants her daughter Farrah to end up with. “Farrah deserves to have the best man available on this planet who cherishes her and my [granddaughter, Farrah’s daughter] Sophia,” Debra said, before referring to Simon as a “gold-digger.”

Simon was none-too-pleased at the description. “I’m a gold digger?” he tweeted and tagged Debra’s account. He then tweeted a screen cap of the article and added this rhetorical question: “Interesting, @ddanielsen when’s the last time you ever pulled out cash or a credit card around me? You dumb miserable hooker!”

Simon Says Simon Saran quote Debra is a miserable hooker

UPDATE – It seems we missed this tweet ‘n’ delete by Simon, which was posted first:

Simon Saran Debra Danielsen feud deleted tweet 108 year old hooker

Simon kept the pedal to the metal with a string of derogatory tweets aimed at Debra and her fiance, Dr. David Merz:

@ddanielsen I can see why Farrah has nothing positive to say about you. You are the root of her problems. #TeenMomOG

@ddanielsen you and that Colonel Sanders of yours weren’t complaining when i picked up your Valentine’s Day tab now did you? Clowns!

A doctor, more like a jobless punk just like Debrah.

well that escalated quickly Ron Burgundy meme

Someone responded by asking Simon “Or did you pick up the tab to prove that your not a gold digger?” Simon was quick to reply: “No picked it up because it’s embarrassing that two 90 years olds have to stare at each other when the bill comes out.”

Debra then responded to Simon’s angry tweets about paying for their Valentine’s Day: “I never asked you to. Haha! Want me to send you a check?” Simon replied: “No it might bounce. Donate it to your Santa. He needs it.”

Another person on Twitter responded to Debra’s offer to send a check by tweeting: “Not classy deb,” to which Simon added: “Typical Debra, far from classy. Straight trash!”

Debra then posted a photo of Farrah’s Teen Mom OG co-stars Maci McKinney, Catelynn Baltierra, and Amber Portwood sitting on the couch talking with Dr. Drew at the Reunion and captioned it with “Strong women are changing the world!”

A confused follower tweeted about Debra’s comment and the use of a photo that did not include her daughter. “@ddanielsen seems like you & @SimonSaran aren’t getting along at the min,but shouldn’t take it out on @F1abraham & just post these 3 in …. Spite , I usually don’t have a problem with you, and don’t have any problems with these OG ladies at all either but would have been better To include your own daughter on this πŸ˜πŸ˜” Sorry for the long post x”

Simon took it upon himself to reply: “Why would Debra include her daughter? She’s wants to be farrah so bad that she’s jealous of her in every way. It’s obvious.”


You Stay Classy San Diego Anchorman animated gif

Oh, and back to the InTouch interview with Debra. If she doesn’t want Farrah with “gold-digger” Simon, then who is someone she would want Farrah to be with? She says The Weeknd would be a good fit. “A kick-ass, ‘I know who I am, what I am’ kind of man with talent. Where she wouldn’t have to work all the time. She works very, very hard. So that’s what I’d like to see β€” I know that he’s with Selena [Gomez] and that’s great, but I would like to see her with someone very much like that. Somebody with a lot of talent that can express himself properly.”

Ummmm….Watch out Selena?

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  • kiki

    ‘I don’t want her with a gold digger because I want her to be the gold digger.’

  • Cait Sith

    Isn’t The Wkndz like a major cokehead alcoholic? And no, he’s NOT talented at all, sorry. His songs might be catchy, but that don’t mean he’s actually talented.

  • melinehclassy

    After reading this entire article I realized I need to get a life. Good grief.

    • Zoe Cooper

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    • Guest

      Me too.

    • savannah

      OMG, after I clicked, I felt a Homer Simpson DOH moment…LOL totally agree with you.

      • melinehclassy

        It’s OK. At least we are not in denial.

  • Liz

    Isn’t she the golddigger/famewh0re? Because if my daughter ever talked to me the way Farrah talks to her, I wouldn’t want anything to do with that ungrateful little B.
    Just saying.

    • Gabriel Coleman

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  • Aussie cathie

    Debra and Simon would make a great couple …. Both are Gold digging Phuked up grubs!!

  • Courtney

    I’ve never agreed with both of them more! Lol Simon and Deborah wh0re themselves out and they’re pathetic loser posers!

  • FYO

    I don’t think Simon is a gold digger. It’s not like Farrah has ever showered him with gifts and money. The guy makes a good living as the GM of a luxury car dealership and as a real estate agent. If anything he probably wants a girl with her own money so she isn’t sponging off of him.

  • savannah

    Takes one to know one Deb…when you’re not milking Farrah for cash, you’re going to your old geezer BF. But Simon, seriously, STFU. Once the Farrah craze dies (and it will) you still need to be able to make money on your own. Acting like a teenage girl on Twitter says a lot about your character. I wouldn’t be hiring you as my realtor any time…

  • Josie

    It seems like Simon is really coming unhinged. Worse than normal. Is it jealousy over Asaf?