Miley Cyrus Defends Her “Cuddly” Relationship With Father Billy Ray

In her upcoming memoir “Miles To Go,” Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus responds to accusations that her relationship with dad (and Hannah Montana co-star) Billy Ray Cyrus is a little too close:

“The media has said some stuff about my dad and me being too close and too cuddly for a father and a daughter. For me and my dad it’s not weird at all.”

The public controversy stems from a Vanity Fair photoshoot by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz last year, which included this photo of Miley and pop looking mighty sultry:

Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus in Vogue by Annie Leibovitz

Starcasm recently came into possession of some images that support Miley’s defense. They are leftovers from the Annie Leibovitz Vanity Fair shoot that started it all, and show father and daughter in some more mundane poses, participating in normal, everyday father and daughter activities.

The first is Miley and Billy making some pottery together:
Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus making a a little pottery

Awwwwww! Next is an image of the two of them just hangin’ out in an apartment:
Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus from The Graduate

And last is father and daughter sharing a bowl of spaghetti (probably a birthday or anniversary of some sort, if the candle in the bottle is any indication):

Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus from The Lady and the Tramp

So you people lay off of Miley and Billy! There ain’t nothing weird going on at all!

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  • Cheska

    Haha. I like the drawings.

    Annie should get all the blame. What a beyotch.

  • Oh definitely The Lady & The Tramp drawing is my favorite! It works on so many levels. Now that is true art!

  • Annie Leibovitz is one of my favorite photographers…
    I don’t think we can blame her for what the father/daughter pair are comfortable with. And anyway, what is so wrong with hugs and kisses… I can see why people may find the image here questionable, but at lease he doesn’t have his hands in the wrong places.

    I also didn’t get the fuss/gossip that encircled the image of Miley with just a bed sheet. Looked like art to me. Annie is the best at bringing out the colours in an image.

    I do think these drawings are a classic though… nice finds.

  • Alaura

    all of the above photos send out the wrong message… this is going to ruin both of their carrers if this gets out. and this is not art anyone can draw this type of thing.. putting it on here to ruin their carrers is jacked up!!! this may have been ment for good intentions but most people will not see it that way…. the captions on this web site say that it is innocent but it shows up on search engines and it makes people think that there is incest involved…. I do not agree with the decision to post this…. and i also do not agree with the previous post from Manz… there is a problem with the sheet picture… i dont care who took it… it may look like art in your eyes… but it suggests other things to the younger generation… to do a picture like this (the drawings) you dont do it with a child and father…. it should be drawn with a guy friend but not father….. i hate to see these two peoples lives and carrers ruined because of something so innocent being turned into something so innpropiate… if any of you would like to speak to me about my opinion on this situation then send me an email at and we will discuss this…

  • You’re kidding with this, right?

  • Nat

    Seriously, I think the world has ISSUES. Since when has it been bad for a dad and daughter to be close? So, a daughter and dad that are close mean they’re too “close” all of a sudden? OMG! Really people?!?!?!?! GET A LIFE! No wonder America is so effed up! I hope no one buys into this crap.


    Shes so beautiful