SOUTHERN CHARM Kathryn claims Thomas shaved body hair to game drug test


A new court filing in the custody battle between Southern Charm stars Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel reveals just how bitter and contentious the infighting has become.

Dennis, who recently completed rehab, argues that Ravenel is abusing alcohol and is taking narcotics while their two children have been under his supervision and care.

The 24-year-old mother, who shares 3-year-old Kensington and 1-year-old St. Julien with the 54-year-old former politician, also claims that he “has had illegal substances, including mushrooms and cocaine” at the house when their kids have been home. In addition, she accused him of shaving “all of his body hair prior to submitting to a hair follicle drug test.”

Dennis also argues that Thomas has convinced the children to call their nanny “mommy” and her “Kathryn.”

Dennis is seeking full custody of the children and is requesting that he pay $10,000 for each day that she’s denied visitation.

Ravenel, the former State Treasurer for South Carolina, admitted in 2007 to sporadically using cocaine. During an in-court confession in 2007 he cited his parents’ split as an unaddressed issue that led to his bad decisions. “A divorce is always hard on young children and, through counseling, I am learning that I am no exception to that rule,” he said.


  • Lex

    They were never married so why does this post say that ” A divorce is hard on young children”

    • really?

      Did you actually read the article? He said that about HIS parents divorce. It’s clearly stated that way.

  • savannah

    I don’t even know who to believe here…He’s a 54 year old man-boy…and she’s a lunatic. I think the kids are probably better off with the nanny.

  • RED

    Wait? So at 44 he was “sporadically” using coke to deal with his parents divorce??