TEEN MOM Matt Baier says he will never marry Amber Portwood


It’s time yet again for another round of Teen Mom OG sneak peeks!

In this installment of previews for the upcoming episode, we’ve got Farrah Abraham and Debra Danielsen getting hypnotized, Matt Baier losing his mind after Amber Portwood’s brother intervenes on their Vegas wedding plans, and Catelynn Lowell sharing a joyous moment with Tyler’s mom.


In another chapter of arguably the most detailed unhealthy mother/daughter relationship in TV history (this could be a tie with Jenelle/Babs), Farrah and her mom give hypnotherapy a go to see if they can finally get on the same page.

Swole hypnotist Kevin Stone tells a tearful Debs and a massively eyelashed Farrah that he can fix their problems in one day! Stone obviously isn’t a Teen Mom fan y’all:


We drop in at the Little White Chapel Tunnel of Love in Las Vegas as Amber has a phone conversation with her brother Shawn Portwood. She’s asking her brother if she should go ahead and get married in Vegas and then have a ceremony later.

Shawn says it’s not cool while a pensive Baier looks on. When Amber’s done talking with Shawn, she explains to Matt that it’s important that she have her family, and especially daughter Leah, with her when they wed.

Matt seems somewhat understanding with Amber…but is seen moments later telling a producer that he will “not marry her now, ever.”

He then calls Shawn a “fu**ing fa**ot” and says that Amber wants to marry her brother and not him. He’s inconsolable as he realizes that Amber has embarrassed him on TV.


Catelynn enjoys a nice meal with Tyler’s mom. And, as she’s talking about her future business plans, she gives Kim a handmade gift. Kim’s super appreciative, and also expresses that she sometimes worries she gets on their nerves.


  • Miss Mandy Lynn

    Ugh Farrah your mother tries and you’re just like no no Deborah lick my shoes !

    • DoogieHowser

      Deborah is a manipulative narcissist as well, she is just much better at portraying herself than Farrah is. Deborah isn’t this uber caring person, she is of the same cloth as Farrah. They both use each other, Deborah is playing along with Farrah to be on the show and get the money and attention and Farrah is using Deborah because she is unlikable and it’s hard for her to get people to stick around and film scenes with her. Their relationship is all about business and a little about Sophia. It isn’t poor Deborah, she is no better than Farrah.

      • LoLo

        Exactly. Without Farrah there is no show for Debra. Without Debra, Farrah has no storyline.

  • TrashTV

    Jesus God Amber, how many more clues and proof do you need?
    Whatever he says, you will be fine without him and everything can be solved when you leave him and he starts trouble.

    • LoLo

      I agree. I know it’s hard to admit failure but this relationship is a complete fail. It started off on false pretenses. She doesn’t want to be alone or admit she was duped. I wish she would realize that more people would support her than ever before if she dumped this creepy loser.

  • DoogieHowser

    Matt just doesn’t like it when anyone else can influence Amber in any way. He wants to have some control over her and that pisses him off when He couldn’t make an impulse wedding happen. He wants control over her and her money and knows the longer the wait until the wedding the bigger chance he has of her snapping out of his control. He is a long con con artist and he will be damned if he ends up wasting time on a high risk reward with his being on tv. It sure will be harder to successfully do this to other women now that he has done this on tv.

  • Alice Wisniewski

    Are they not considered married since he has lived there 3 years. Common law. Teen Mom just likes to drag out as much as they can with weddings. It is just getting old. More lie detector tests will prove true love won’t they? Watch out though or you’ll end up in RUMOUR Court. It’s kind of like traffic court or drug court but it’s for people who spread rumours about Matt and Amber.

    • Miss Mandy Lynn

      He passed a second one so idk

    • Lacy

      Most states don’t have common law marriage. Sad part is she already comingled her finances with him, so she is in trouble. (Some interview she said properties were in Matt’s name that they’re flipping.) She needs to put her and her child’s interests first and spend money on getting a lawyer’s opinion on how to handle finances to protect herself and her child.

      • FYO

        Too bad Amber would be offended by your good advice. She needs a crutch and sadly people like Matt (or worse) is all she’s going to get.

      • LoLo

        So true, spot on. I feel bad for her to a degree. She was given a pretty good amount of money without guidelines. Being she was young & on drugs, jail etc she is not on the same level as many girls her age. Then swoops in this vulture to sweet talk her & takes advantage of her. I cannot believe she put anything in his name. I wish MTV would intervene.

        • DoogieHowser

          Even if any producers, sound man, or camera man cares on a personal level, they are under contract not to get involved. MTV benefits when they crash and burn because it’s a shit show for ratings. I couldn’t do their job, it would be impossible for me to not get emotional invested in the outcome for the children. I wouldn’t of been vetted for the job even if I applied. I would of failed the personality test knowing that I wouldn’t be able to let a lot of what had been filmed happen without my intervention.

          • LoLo

            I agree. When production sat there almost encouraging the scene with Jenelle, David & Barb at the reunion taping I wanted to scream. Production totally stood by & then almost encouraged the fight. I too would have a very hard time standing by while Jenelle lies to Jace’s face over & over. They want to keep their jobs but my personal moral compass would not let me stand by.

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      There’s not common law in Indiana.

  • FYO

    Amber, just keep it real.. You called to get your brothers permission and he shot you down. Don’t turn around and use not having Leah there as your excuse. Tell the truth. Your brother basically said no so you’re rolling with no. Then you tell Matt not to talk bad about your brother on tv. Just like you’re a big girl, Matt is a big boy and can say whatever he wants regardless of the motive.

    • DoogieHowser

      It’s a good thing she called him. Her brother has been her voice of reason since before her 16 and pregnant episode. That episode even shows her panicking because he wasn’t there to help her process and cope with her situation. The fact that she felt overwhelmed and called him looming for a voice is reason shows hope that deep down she feels that this isn’t right. Matt was never able to break the ties with her brother. That is hope that she hasn’t gone too far to make it out before she marries him. That is why Matt was pissed, her brother is the last straw holding her back from completely giving in to his scam. I’m not a fan of her brother but I do think he is good for her. I hope their relationship stays strong throughout this even though it has to be hard on him and his family. I feel for Leah.

      • FYO

        Amber isn’t a teenager anymore, it’s time for her to grow up and start being an adult woman/mother. She needs to take charge of her life instead of using her brother as a crutch, and using Matt as a crutch, and so on. She needs to become her own voice of reason and that can happen if she makes herself a priority and stops making excuses for everything she doesn’t like in her life. I know she’s had past substance abuse issues. I know she has mental health issues. I know she’s been and being treated too. I think Amber can get it figured out but she’s got to take charge and take the lead in her own life for a change.

      • LoLo

        I feel for Leah & her brother. I’ve been in her situation where you have to show tough love for someone’s own good or tell them they are making a mistake. It’s not a great position to be in. I hope Matt doesn’t not drive a wedge between Amber & her brother that cannot be repaired.

  • Chewy

    True colors of old man Matt are coming through! How disrespectful to call her brother an effin fa**ot and to say Amber wants to marry her brother. He embarrassed himself on tv, not Amber.

    • sysmjp

      I swear. The only one Amber is humiliating is herself by being with him in the first place.

  • Cait Sith

    If that ain’t the final nail in the goddamn coffin, IDK what would be. He’s mad because she wants her family there!?

    And he’s more worried about her “humiliating him on tv” than making her happy. It’s all about HIM and always has been. He’s all about controlling her and cashing in on her money and whatnot… What a sleaze

  • LoLo

    The signs of an abuser are isolation. He wants to isolate Farrah from her family & friends. The only ones he wants there are the much older couple we see each week. Amber said she doesn’t understand why Matt wants to marry her so fast. She doesn’t see he wants to marry her before someone opens her eyes to how he really is. He needs to get in why she’s under his spell. I would be he pushes no pre-nup too. I love how he says “he will never marry her”. Like he’s the prize in this situation. What exactly did he come into the relationship with?

    • DoogieHowser

      A pack of dogs. He literally brought p*ss and sh*t into her life. Their adult dogs aren’t even potty trained.

      • LoLo

        You are right. As an animal rescuer & adopter, I cannot stand seeing people get pets just to get or save them. Training them is part of taking care of them. In all my years of having & rescuing animals I have never had a dog walk up & pee on someone. They have peed on the floor or plants but never a person.

    • FYO

      He obviously came into the relationship with a plan to use Amber’s dependency (on others) to his advantage. He’s been successful thus far. She isn’t under his spell, she’s simply a weak person without the maturity or spine to take control of her own life.

  • barbinop

    I really had a good laugh when Debra and the ho were in a “hypnotic state”. I never laughed so hard. Farrah actually enjoys degrading and humiliating Debra. All Farrah had on her mind was screwing this dude. Does Debra not see how pathetic she is ? Michael too.

  • Aussie cathie

    Amber you just won the lottery!! Piss that old leech off